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  1. AFAICS the Terror isn't that big an amp. Why not just get another one?
  2. What actual pickup type do you want in your "soapbars"? Unlike on guitars where the "Soapbar" is a particular type of pickup - a fat single coil epitomised by the Gibson P90, in the bass world a soapbar cover can house anything that will fit inside. Knowing what type of pickup you want under than cover will help you to narrow down the choices.
  3. Excellent. Have you tried out the room with some music through the PA speakers at band practice volumes to hear how it sounds? And also to hear how much can be heard outside?
  4. IMO "tone" in a speaker cab is an unwanted artefact. It should be as neutral as it is possible to make.
  5. Shops are fine provided you have mainstream tastes or there are suitable specialised shops in your area. Otherwise not even giants like Thomann can compete with the variety of stuff available once you venture on line. Personally I like to buy direct from the individual manufacturers wherever possible.
  6. MIDI foot switch cover a lot of possible options from simple MIDI program change commands to a full 2 Octave pedal board and lots between. What exactly do you need this footswitch to do?
  7. I've played in two bands that just did covers and one band where half the set was covers and the rest songs we'd written ourselves. One of the covers bands was very much play it like it is is on the recordings. In the other two bands all we really took from the original were the lyrics and the vocal melody, the rest was based on our instrumentation, technical ability and what we thought sounded good. It helped that much of the time I was relatively unfamiliar with the songs we were covering, so I just treated them in the same way as any new song written by other members of the band, when it came to working out what I was going to play. However the bottom line is that as far as our audiences were concerned, no one was upset that we hadn't stuck religiously to the recorded versions, and it didn't appear to prevent us filling the dance floor with enthusiastic punters.
  8. I'm sure that on the recordings it was all sequencer, because even in 1986 it would have been trivial to do and would have taken a fraction of the time compared with trying to get a decent take using the guitar controller. When I saw them live (some time in the 90s) he was most definitely using the GR707 to play the synth sounds.
  9. Play only songs that you have written yourself. If you end up writing an anthem taken up by stupid drunken punters, then at least you can take comfort in the amount of royalties pouring in!
  10. One of the problems for me when it comes to adjusting truss rods is that because I'm mildly dyslexic, one of the side effects of this is that "Righty-Tighty" makes absolutely no sense. After all when I'm adjusting the truss rod with an allen key I'm only turning to the right for 180° of the turn. The other 180° I'm turning to the left. For me clockwise/anticlockwise when looking directly along the axis of the object I'm turning from the adjustment end. That way there's no confusion. On the few occasions when I have need to adjust the truss rod of a guitar or bass I've always tried turning slightly in each direction to feel which is stiffest and use that as my guide. So far it hasn't resulted in any broken truss rods. BTW the only guitars or basses that I have owned that came with any kind of truss-rod adjustment guide, were those using the mechanism that is adjusted from the side of the heel with a geared mechanism.
  11. Bad news... Even if you don't play them, most strings will eventually go off. I speak from experience.
  12. Pop music can be great. IME the people dis'ing it are those who don't have the talent to write anything close to memorable. No-one needs to hire any kind of musician if you want something that simple. A programmed bass line will probably sound better in the final mix, and won't moan about being made to play something they consider beneath their ability, when in fact it is perfectly suited to the arrangement of the song.
  13. Coil them, place them in a large plastic container and wait for the bin men to empty it. Then fit some new strings to your bass.
  14. That's a standard two-way truss rod you're fitting now? Was a replacement Maurszczyk rod too expensive, or were they uninterested in helping you fix this neck?
  15. Pulp are massively over-rated. Sure Jarvis Cocker appears to be an intelligent chap and the singles are very catchy, but the rest of every album? Filler at best.
  16. If I was a pop producer and wanted a baseline that simple I wouldn't't even bother hiring a bassist. I'd program it myself.
  17. IME it's a waste of time, and probably money if you put a value on your time as well. I tried it once. It made a mess of the pan I put the stings into and never felt comfortable about using it for cooking with again. One of the stings broke when I put them back on the bass and had to be replaced, and others lost any brightness I had put back into them before a week was up.
  18. FirWire support has been phased out of Mac OS from El Capitan onwards (that's ten years ago). That means no further development of the Core Audio FW driver and no technical support from Apple. Some FW devices (such as those from RME) will continue to work for as long as the company is prepared to put the time and effort into supporting them and updating any software required. However with all the recent changes to 64bit and Apple Silicon, don't expect that to last forever.
  19. BigRedX

    Wet/Dry rigs

    All done inside a Line6 Helix Multi-effects. Outputs direct to the PA and an FRFR for on-stage monitoring (should the PA foldback not be up to the job). Has eliminated so much clutter from the rehearsal room, band van and on stage.
  20. Back then AFAIWC Rickenbacker were a company that made bass guitars. I can remember being quite surprised when I discovered they made guitars as well! However I do think that Fender basses tended to get overlooked because they weren't as distinctive as a Rickenbacker or a Gibson Thunderbird or EB3. I was very much into The Sweet in the early to mid 70s and I distinctly remember Steve Priest as a Rickenbacker player who occasionally used a Danelecto Longhorn Bass (copy). However looking at their various TotP performances on YouTube it appears that most of the time he's playing a Jazz Bass...
  21. Some FireWire interfaces no longer work with the more recent version of OSX. AFAIK only RME have given any assurances that they will keep their FireWire interfaces compatible for as long as is feasibly possible.
  22. Glad you got there in the end. Pity Apple make it such a convoluted process.
  23. I've been in a band where the money we made from gigging, selling merch and performance royalties pretty much covered all the running costs of the band. That's the best I've been ablate do in 45+ years of playing in bands.
  24. Mac OS 11.5 has been out for almost a year now and AFAICS is mostly bug fixes and security updates, so it shouldn't have any implications for 3rd party plug-ins. However be aware that if you do update it may automatically go all the way to 11.6.5. If you want to just get 11.5 try searching for Mac OSX 11.5 combo update.
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