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  1. Price drop to £200 shipped within the UK (£220 to the EU, £230 to Rest of World) @clivem - eek! - thanks for the heads-up - I've amended the original post Rich
  2. Volume

    Subaudio's feedback

    I recently had the pleasure of selling Marti a couple of pedals. He's a great buyer - great communication, quick payment, and a really reliable chap - I couldn't ask for a smoother transaction, and can't recommend him enough. Rich
  3. @Osiris - reply incoming @Skezza - The bass comes with a Gator Hardcase, in near-perfect condition, with lockable clasps. I haven't found the black scratchplate yet - but would be happy to ship it on to the perspective buyer once found. Trades-wise - I'm all set at the moment, so am looking for a straight sale at the moment. Thanks! Rich
  4. Price drop to £250 shipped within the UK
  5. A few interested parties, but no definite bites so far.. Bump
  6. Hiya @clivem - the radius is 9.5" - and I'm based in Nottingham Thanks! Rich
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