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  1. A reluctant sale - but I'm offering my Prunes & Custard for sale... The Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard is a two-stage fuzz and wave-shaping distortion circuit. First there's the a preamp stage, the gain of which is adjusted with the Drive control. The preamp stage is followed by a special waveshaping distortion circuit. Together they give you what Crowther Audio like to call a 'harmonic generator-intermodulator'. Essentially higher harmonics are progressively introduced with increased Drive settings and signal level, so a decaying bass guitar note can sound like a filter sweep. Chuck some double stops or power chords it's way and this pedal starts to get really interesting! Some strong intermodulation effects, rather like those out of a ring modulator, start coming out. But in a more musical and distorted way! Controls; - Level: controls the overall output volume - Mix: acts as a balance between the preamp output and the distortion stage output. - Drive: adjusts the gain of the preamp stage from unity to around 100x (0 to 40 db). Of course with sufficient input/drive, the preamp stage can be overdriven. - LF Retain: takes some low frequency from the preamp. A much sought-after and highly unique pedal. Run this with octaver pedal, and you're in synth heaven. There's a little wear on the graphics, and there's a couple of strups of velcro on the rear, otherwise it's in great shape, works flawlessly, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £5
  2. For sale I have the iconic Darkglass drive pedal - with the much loved ERA control (sadly missing on other Vintage Microtubes units.) Really easy to use, and to capture a broad range of tones - all of them awesome! Whatever style of music you play, this pedal will add character to your tone. Sold in as-new condition (with original box and all associated goodies.) From Darkglass; "The Microtubes Vintage is our tribute to some of the most legendary sounds in rock history. It provides warm tube-like tones with a natural dynamic response that echoes the organic compression of old tube amps and reel-to-reel tape machines." More (inc demo video) here. Pedal is in as-new condition , works flawlessly, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £5
  3. For sale I have my trusty Sansamp Bass Driver DI, which has lived on my pedalboard for years, has seen action all over the UK, around Europe, and the American East coast - always stored on my hardcase-housed pedalboard. Please check the photo carefully, as there are a few superficial scratches to the front of the unit - and there are marks to the rear from velcro application. From Tech 21; "Much more than just a direct box, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Three different outputs to drive power amps, recording desks, PA mixers, or simply enhance your current rig. Controls include Presence for definition and upper harmonic content; Blend to combine the proportion of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry; and active EQ specifically tuned for bass with 12dB of cut or boost." Controls Presence - Controls the amount of definition and upper harmonic content. Drive - Adjusts the overall gain structure and overdrive. Level - Regulates the XLR and effected 1/4″ output levels. Blend - Allows you to mix the direct bass signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry (particularly useful for basses with piezo pickups). Bass & Treble - Are active EQ controls, specifically tuned for bass guitar, that cut or boost +/- 12dB. For studio and live applications, the Bass Driver DI is engineered with three outputs: an effected XLR, and effected 1/4″, and a parallel, uneffected 1/4″. The footswitch activates the Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry. Disengaging the circuitry enables you to use the pedal as a standard active transparent direct box Pedal is powered via a standard 9v input. Pedal is in great working condition, sounds great, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £5
  4. For sale I have a Geiger Counter (Civilian Issue) bit crusher pedal from WMD. With 32 customisable presets, it's far more versatile than most bit crushers on the market - you signal is run through a high gain modern preamp, into an 8 bit computer - giving sounds which range from the nice (warm, tubey overdrive... lo-fi aliasing... searing gated leads) to total nastiness (seemingly unlimited amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital glitching, and piercing sculpted noise.) It has a much more user-friendly interface compared to the original - and covers a tiny footprint! Controls - Stomp Switch - Like all WMD pedals, this pedal is handwired and true bypass, so it won't affect your tone when disabled. When the pedal is on, the red LED will be lit. - Gain - The gain control provides anywhere from a nice clean tone to a ton of overdrive. Tweak this to hit the Function tables harder or softer to produce different amounts of harmonics. - Tone - The tone control can be used to fine tune the harmonic content from the Function tables. Use lower settings for fewer upper level harmonics. - Function - Twisting this knob will cause the number on the display to change. It goes 0 to 9 and A to F. This selects the 16 presets inside the pedal. Push the knob in to activate the Low Fidelity mode for each preset. Each Function recalls parameters from the original Geiger Counter including the Bit Depth, Sample Rate and the Wave Table. The wave tables are displayed in the manual file. As your guitar string swings up and down, the wave table is played left to right from the center. The output is what's vertically on the graph. The more movement in the Function, the more harmonic content you'll get out. - Volume - Sets the output volume of the GCCI which can be up to 5Vpp, enough to really crush your amp's input stage. More from WMD (including a demo video) here. Pedal is in as-new shape, works flawlessly (off of a standard 9v power supply) - offers some WILD sounds with really easy tweak-ability, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £5
  5. For sale I have a now out-of-production Diabolik fuzz pedal from Malekko. There's one small blemish shown in the photograph - a very light black smudge upon the upper edge of the front facing. Pedal is in perfect condition apart from that one mark - and has 2 small strips of velcro (easily removed) on the back. From Malekko The Diabolik fuzz pedal is based on the B:Assmaster circuit and while working with Justin on refining it’s signature sound, we tuned it specifically to allow more low end to pass through both the Clean and Fuzz channels. The result is a pedal that ranges from a subtle harmonic fuzz to extreme, mangled low end squash that’s perfect for bass and guitar alike. It’s three knob design makes for quick and easy dialing: “FUZZ” controls the fuzz volume, “CLEAN” controls the dry signal’s volume and “SQUISH” controls the saturation of the fuzz. The Diabolik’s tone preset allows for singing, bright analog harmonic octave overtones (high SQUISH setting), to biting, aggressive, fast attack tone (low SQUISH setting). Fuzz circuits are notorious for reducing the low end of the signal passed through it. The beauty of this design is that with bass, drum machine, keyboards, guitar even, when you bring in the dry signal (CLEAN control), you effectively have no low end loss. The CLEAN control can also bring back the clarity of the original sound if the fuzz is too extreme. More from Malekko (including a demo video) here. Pedal is in great shape, works flawlessly - some WILD sounds available, takes a standard 9v power supply, and can be posted (tracked) within the UK for £5
  6. Just had the pleasure of selling Stuart a Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer pedal Fantastic bloke - swift payment and great comms throughout - a pleasure to deal with all round. Rich
  7. Just had the pleasure of selling Ian my Wing Bass Classic 4 - an absolute gent. Super-fast payment, great communication throughout - can't recommend him enough! Cheers, Ian!
  8. Haha I actually have a handful more, but I don't wanna swamp the page at the moment. I'm only selling as I'm due to move across the country... they're all amazing pedals, all in really good condition, and have taken years to collect. Rich
  9. I'd also potentially be open to close offers Also forgot to mention - the pedal comes complete with the original box, instruction manual, PSU and all of the goodies from its original purchase. Rich
  10. Just (quite reluctantly!) sold Shep my Iron Ether FMeron pedal Super smooth transaction - prompt payment, great communication throughout A thoroughly decent chap! Highly recommended! Rich
  11. A few have DM'd me asking for the instrument production number - this is Wing Bass #312 (Just in case it helps any others who are interested) Thanks! Rich
  12. @Quatschmacher - Not sure if it's the light/angle of the original pic, or there's some dust or a particle in the air in that original pic, but I can see why you ask - weird! - everything's in it's right place... I've attached another pic, showing the top fret inlay dot - everything's as it should be Thanks!
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