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  1. https://0xdfx.wordpress.com/morse-device/ Clever switch design allows latched on/off, momentary on, or momentary off operation. Boxed with "the candy". £12 posted.
  2. Belated thanks for a smooth transaction on a hipshot bridge! Good comms and everything. Cheers, Ivan
  3. Found a taker for all the 'normal' strings, but dark lord still available!
  4. Roland EV-5 - pedal only, no box - 30 posted
  5. Dark Lord .175 string (this has been used briefly - it was interesting but my bass wasn't really right for it!)
  6. Nice and friendly deal on my Sansamp. Excellent comms, all straightforward. Thanks very much!
  7. Bought a Voodoo Lab PSU off me - all 100% smooth, thank you sir!
  8. Am I right in thinking it's the second smallest one in http://itinsurrey.co.uk/assets/cache/Dell_OptiPlex_7010_spec_sheet.pdf ? Might not be the drop-in replacement for my (ahem) 'media PC' I was hoping, but looks nifty all the same...
  9. [quote name='dodge_bass' timestamp='1462716017' post='3045105'] Any trades or only sales? [/quote] I'm getting out of the pedal game/generally having a clear out, so not that much I'm looking for TBH...looking for the cash really. Sensible offers considered though!
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