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  1. https://0xdfx.wordpress.com/morse-device/ Clever switch design allows latched on/off, momentary on, or momentary off operation. Boxed with "the candy". £12 posted.
  2. Belated thanks for a smooth transaction on a hipshot bridge! Good comms and everything. Cheers, Ivan
  3. Found a taker for all the 'normal' strings, but dark lord still available!
  4. Hipshot FM1 A style bridge, brass, black 19mm (0.75 inch) spacing 3 holes - no screws
  5. Roland EV-5 - pedal only, no box - 30 posted
  6. Dark Lord .175 string (this has been used briefly - it was interesting but my bass wasn't really right for it!)
  7. Nice and friendly deal on my Sansamp. Excellent comms, all straightforward. Thanks very much!
  8. Bass driver back up for sale
  9. Bought a Voodoo Lab PSU off me - all 100% smooth, thank you sir!
  10. Am I right in thinking it's the second smallest one in http://itinsurrey.co.uk/assets/cache/Dell_OptiPlex_7010_spec_sheet.pdf ? Might not be the drop-in replacement for my (ahem) 'media PC' I was hoping, but looks nifty all the same...
  11. [quote name='dodge_bass' timestamp='1462716017' post='3045105'] Any trades or only sales? [/quote] I'm getting out of the pedal game/generally having a clear out, so not that much I'm looking for TBH...looking for the cash really. Sensible offers considered though!
  12. [quote name='project_c' timestamp='1462435131' post='3042925'] Does the H1 include the psu? [/quote] I don't think SFX pedals come with an OEM PSU but I can include a decent one (Harman/Kardon) if you need one.
  13. Digitech hardwire RV-7 reverb - boxed, excellent condition with all the bits - £60. SOLD Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe - Boxed, comes with Free 'Option Knob' for foot control (brilliant for the speed function!) - £90. SOLD EQD Ghost Echo - Boxed with bag, excellent condition, comes with Free 'Option Knob' for foot control - [s]£85.[/s]£80 SOLD Bright onion passive looper - will throw in for £5 with anything else here. SOLD SFX H1 headphone amp - top quality headphone amp for your pedalboard - £90. SOLD Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 - Good condition - £60 SOLD Tech 21 Bass Driver - Good condition with tin - £110 SOLD Voodoo Labs Pedal Power ISO 5 - Boxed with all the bits - [s]£75[/s] £70 SOLD T-Rex Fuel tank JR - boxed with all the bits - £50. SOLD Hama mini mixer - a 'video' mixer but powers off 9v centre -ve - will include for £5 extra with anything else here. Pulse Stereo mixer - very similar to ART Powermix III - £25 - SOLD Midiman Multimixer 10 - £25.SOLD Prices assume paypal gift and include postage. No trades thanks. Any questions, let me know!
  14. I still have it - do you want it posting your way?
  15. A bit tatty - will post it if anyone wants it before it goes to actual recycling!
  16. Redundant now as I only have a P. When I did have it on a P/J, I noticed that physically tapping the pickup could be heard in the audio output - may want repotting or something if that's even an issue, or something unexpected? (I am not an expert) Sounded great apart from that - £25 posted. SOLD thanks
  17. Light use - have been cut for a Short scale squier jag. In box. £13 posted.
  18. Do you not have a wall you can mount it to?
  19. Got in touch with me to offer an item that I'd been chasing for some time, comms and transaction both fast and friendly. Much appreciated and many thanks!
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