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  1. Precision Bass E String Tension Issue

    I have found some strings to work better with some basses than others so changing brand may be an option. How is your E string seated on the nut and tuning post? Do you have a bass playing friend who you could get to try the bass to get a second opinion?
  2. Seeing as you quote my original thread from 2015 it's probably appropriate for me to reply. The main gist of the thread was, from the very beginning, around the price. You announced the product, you announced the price, you made a song and dance of it ant NAMM but no one could touch or feel it so opinions were formed basd on the information out there. That's what happens in the world. It works the same for cars and washing machines too. You went on about the quality components in the product and no one disputes this, but, and I hate to labour the point, the market will react to the price. You may be happy about the number of units you've sold at that price, you may not. Just because you say it's worth it does not mean others agree. I did actually buy one. And I did actually review it positively, but you've skipped over that so I post a link to it here. (formatting got screwed a bit in the migration) I have had no quality issues. I like it. I like it a lot. But not at the RRP.
  3. Are you using the active input? I'm using five strings and have no problems with the low B. Finding the right balance between the gain and volume makes a lot of difference.
  4. I've got one of the white ones of these too (second hand, also for £200). I'm pretty impressed to be honest, especially since I was very critical of the thing at the beginning, although that was based on the original £600 price. I get a better sound out of it when using active basses.
  5. "Please don't buy it off him"

    I guess he spotted a bargain and thought he could make some money, that's all. It happens occasionally on here too! (as does re-using previous descriptions and photos). If the bass isn't worth what he's asking then chances are no one will buy it. I can understand that morally it leave a bad taste in the mouth, especially if you were interested in the bass at the original price, but he's not really done anything wrong.
  6. "Please don't buy it off him"

    Can't work out what's wrong here? The guy bought the bass at the lower price, legitimately and is now trying to sell it at a higher price, again, legitimately. It remains to be seen if anyone will buy it at the higher price. Why's he a crook?
  7. Fender Modern Player Reissue Coronado II bass A lovely example, unmodified and in excellent condition. Binding, blocks, vintage tint. This is a short scale semi-acoustic fitted with flats. Comes with a deluxe Fender gig bag designed for this bass. Sale due to moving house. No trades, would prefer collection from Cambs or Milton Keynes or anywhere inbetween. Weight is 9.2lbs
  8. Lack of location under usernames

    Think it works now? Edit: Location only shows on full site
  9. Advice on which Musicman

    What's drawing you to the Stingray? Sound, feel, looks etc? The HH has a wide range of sounds over the H but still does the traditional Stingray growl so I'd go for the natural two pick up model if I had the choice. (says he with a limited edition Sterling...)
  10. Waste of space

    I get on much better with the new layout - the display is cleaner and the fonts seems to be much easier on the eye, though that could be my age! I'm happy with less clutter meaning fewer threads per page but everyone is different I guess.
  11. Fender Dimension body shape

    Ive got the 5 string so I can't tell you for sure but according to the specs width at the nut for the Dimension is the same as the Precision.
  12. Fender Dimension body shape

    I've got all three and to be honest, the Dimension is different to the Jazz and the Precision but if you had to choose one over the other then I'd go more Jazz purely based on the offset body. The Dimension body is physically smaller than a Jazz, the offset isn't so pronounced and neither are the cutaways. It's a very comfortable body actually.
  13. I'm not talking about putting flats on a precision, or stainless steels on a jazz or choosing different types depending on the sort of music that's being played, but most of us it seems have a preferred make of strings - the one that we'd always go to. as a default. For me this has always been DR Sunbeams. Doesn't matter what type of bass, always Sunbeams. Until now. I put a brand new set on a new Sterling and instantly hated them. Put the same strings on a Precision to check and they're great. Put a set of EB Slinkys on the Sterling and it sounded fantastic. This to me feels odd. Why don't my beloved Sunbeams work on the Sterling? I feel let down......
  14. Fender Standard Dimension Bass IV RW Black

    The American ones with 18v active circuits, twin humbuckers and oiled compound radius neck are very nice. These passive versions I've had no experience with, however.
  15. NBD EB Music Man Sterling 5 HH Starry Night

    [quote name='Oopsdabassist' timestamp='1506958544' post='3382313'] I looked the pics and thought, 'if only it was a 4' then I see Muppets post, and I'm thinking 'Your local shop being?.........' [/quote] MusicStreet Huntingdon. It's a Ray 4 mind, not a Sterling.... I work in Milton Keynes if you ever wanted to check the finish out for real......