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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-USA-Vintage-1970s-Precision-Bass-Guitar-Case/264824147255 Doesn't look like any of my 70s cases. Interior looks wrong, plastic handle. Logo would equate to late 70s I think....
  2. I live near J15. Saturdays are absolutely fine in the main. There are smart motorway works between J13 MK south and J16 Northampton North/Daventry with lots of average speed cameras.
  3. Babyshambles gig at Cambridge Junction, January 2006. On stage two hours late, played eight songs. Pete Doherty was in jail two days afterwards.
  4. The filter section on the fly rig are not up to much really so I'd not get it those effects are appealing to you. The chorus is ok but there's no variety and the compressor is passable but not a patch on the TC Spectracomp. The fly rig IS a great idea if you need a basic functioning rig in a box and size and weight are an important consideration and are happy with basic versions of the effects it comes with. You could get a small pedal board with Spectracomp (its tiny) your current tuner, A preamp/DI of your choosing like the VTDI mentioned above and still have space for a chorus pedal?
  5. How much do you want to spend and how big or small must it be? Do you want desktop size (PJB Double Four, Cub, Ashdown B Social, Yamaha THR) or something a little bigger (Roland Bass Cube 30, Fender Rumble 15, Ashdown Studio 8, Orange Crush Bass 25). I don't know if amp features come in to play with your decision either , such as aux in, headphone out, bluetooth, drive channel etc.
  6. Another Hey Jude here. Which we had made our own locally, until another band started to do a very similar version, so we're looking to swap it out now.....
  7. Yes. USB connected to PC. my DAW recognises it as a generic input device and works fine.
  8. Love mine too - unbeatable. One thing they don't tell you - the green charging light. One would assume that when this goes out the battery is fully charged. Nope. When the green light goes out, you'll get about 30-40 minutes of play time. You need to charge for around 8-10 hours to get the full playback time. The battery is a 9v rechargeable on so can be swapped out when required and it makes an excellent tiny audio interface too, complete with that Ashdown signature sound. Mine came with a little stick-on belt clip too and a nice velvety pouch. mmmmmm
  9. For a kitchen table I would use anti-bacterial worktop oil. It is water resistant but wears off through use eventually so normally needs an annual treatment, or whenever liquids stop beading on the surface.
  10. They're my string of choice - I love 'em! Works really well with my Precisions.
  11. Yeah I get it now - a full wrap around solution makes perfect sense for a cab that can be used in different orientations. You don't want to see the underside scuffs if you then used it vertically. Good job!
  12. The design looks great and I'm a big fan of Hotcovers but when you say "used vertically" do you mean stored vertically? Obviously when you're using it you're taking the covers off... So this design gives you full protection if you want to store your cab horizontally or vertically then? What about the feet? If they're covered, won't they push through the fabric and tear it?
  13. Haha don't worry I did similar. I will not admit to emailing Darkglass asking why I couldn't hear my cab sims through my expensive cabs, though. no I won't admit to that.
  14. I've got the M900 v2 and Mr Fretmeister is correct, the cab sims only output to headphone and DI. I did try with cabs too, just to make sure!
  15. There still needs to be social distancing measure in place though so audience numbers will be severely limited. Will it be viable for a venue to put on any event?
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