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  1. I find the Ashdown Tonepocket very very good.
  2. Muppet


    I went through this too. Sansamp Bass DI, Tech 21 Fly Rig, GK Plex, Tech 21 VT Bass DI, Fender Downtown Express, Darkglass AO Ultra... Eventually settled (for now) on the Ashdown OriginAL. I just love the sound that thing puts out.
  3. Yes exactly this. I have a small section that I keep with the RM800 in it's bag. If I take the amp out of the bag then this grippy matting stops it vibrating off the cab.
  4. Very impressed with mine. Sound quality excellent and any latency unnoticeable. The battery does last for hours and hours - I reckon I can get 14-15 hours worth. The connecting cable does seem rather flimsy though, compared to instrument cables.
  5. Bought a Stomp from Frank. Not only was it a great price, but it came with extras and he even delivered it to my house. Great comms too. A perfect gent and a perfect transaction.
  6. I grew up in Nettleham! Lovely village. Great amp, I have one too 😊
  7. Yeah agree with you there. I’ve still got mine unused in it’s box. I thought I’d keep it for use as a DI as it actually sounds pretty good, but then I got the Ashdown OriginAl pedal which is brilliant and not looked back.
  8. Rebadged Sunn amps that used to overheat If I remember correctly! and it was only 1200w at 2 ohms....
  9. I'd be really disappointed, frustrated and angry. This was my bass, customised for me, not an off-the-shelf purchase that the retailer can send me a second one of. I'd be frustrated that it is the job of USPS to deliver stuff safely and they've lost it. Just lost it, with what seems like no apology or real effort or care for an item that is mine and that they have no idea how much value I place in the item. I'd eventually get the money back and wonder if I wanted to go through the whole process again. Then the bass would turn up.
  10. Is delivery out? I would take it if you could post it!
  11. I put black on both of mine - apologies for double 3 ply-ness...
  12. My drummer always liked the sound of 'the one with the yellow speakers' the best. I owned both and eventually decided the Rumble 210 was the best for me, but I always miss that little CMD121. When paired with the matching NY121 it shifts some serious air though, and remains ultra portable.
  13. Muppet

    Boss SY-1

    I find the Hold function on this pedal is underrated. I'm using it live to hold an underlying organ sound whilst I play over the top, releasing and re-holding at every chord change. I don't have recordings but I'm using it for the intro to Python Lee Jackson's In A Broken Dream...works well.
  14. Beatles. Much to the disappointment and amazement of my current band members who assume I should know every McCartney bassline created...
  15. I had exactly the same experience and I assumed it was the cabs I had at the time - RS212 and RS112. I'd like to have tried it with the Barefaced cabs that I have now.
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