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  1. Bit confused - you've just posted a link to the thread that you've just posted in which is in fact this thread.
  2. I get a lot of background 'hiss' when using the headphones with the RM800. Not noticeable when playing or with music in the aux feed, but on its own it's quite annoying. I just don't use it with headphones any more.
  3. Yes good point, I forgot about them. I even had one of the 210s and the 115HP before that. Neither set my world alight unfortunately.
  4. I think now Yamaha are running the show they've got some good business guys in who've identified that there's a pretty big market segment that they were missing out on with their previous hefty combos. They've joined the party now and I'm sure they'll sound great. Just a shame it's taken a while. And as far as price, wow....!
  5. http://www.ampeg.com/rocket-bass Just seen these. Ampeg are a bit late to the party here I reckon and are turning up with nothing special on the face of it. Could be a reasonable competitor for the Rumble (although that’s moved on now) or the Ashdown studio range. Depends how good the Ampeg sound is replicated.
  6. Same here, with no problems. Although the RM800 through a BF610 is lovely....!
  7. Bucking the Ashdown cab trend with either a BF 210, 610 or Supertwin, depending on my mood..
  8. Is this through a cab or also with headphones? I'm off to try it!
  9. I've got a Rumble 500 somewhere. I'll dig it out and try this.
  10. I had a chrome red 2007 jazz. There was a sticker in the neck pocket that gave the colour code.
  11. I've always sworn by Hiscox cases and even when flying my guitars have arrived safely after being in the hold.. I do have a couple of the current Fender Deluxe ABS cases too which are really nice and seem pretty rugged.
  12. Yeah I know, it's just such a small thing! I don't like being forced to set the knob in a particular position, however miniscule. It certainly won't stop me from using the amp at every opportunity mind!
  13. I hate it. It's the only thing I'd change!
  14. The headphone out is a tad noisy but you can’t hear it when playing. Dave Green told me not to use quality headphones, in jest mind. I love the sound out of this and it’s my default preamp for recording. I’d like to test different valves too. I have the yellow/gold version but I’m not sure of the difference if any between that and the red one. Mark Gooday mentioned that the difference was ‘More drive’ .....
  15. Have you tried to swap out the valve? I started to give it a go but you can't get to it from the rear or the front of the pedal, so unless I'm missing something a pretty comprehensive dismantle may be required...
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