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  1. The headphone out is a tad noisy but you can’t hear it when playing. Dave Green told me not to use quality headphones, in jest mind. I love the sound out of this and it’s my default preamp for recording. I’d like to test different valves too. I have the yellow/gold version but I’m not sure of the difference if any between that and the red one. Mark Gooday mentioned that the difference was ‘More drive’ .....
  2. Have you tried to swap out the valve? I started to give it a go but you can't get to it from the rear or the front of the pedal, so unless I'm missing something a pretty comprehensive dismantle may be required...
  3. Have they changed the name? When I bought one it was called the OriginAL Valve DI and it's still called that on Ashdown's page... Anyway, I have the yellow Norman Watt Roy edition and it's brilliant. Here's a review that @Merton wrote last year which covers pretty much everything. I think at £200 it's a great deal.
  4. Interesting. First glance suggests your EQ settings are partly cancelling out the use of the Shape EQ?
  5. Yes I read that. I can only think it's coming from the sub harmonics. I'm pretty sure I'm not experiencing anything like that. I'll check through headphones later just to be sure.
  6. I posted this photo on the other thread but I'll repeat it here. RM800 EVO II. Something I have noticed with this amp (apart from the notched volume control which I really don't like but I know Mr @Merton does) is that because it is so light and the rubber feet are quite hard, it vibrates itself off the top of the cab. I have to put something on top to hold it down, or leave it in the bag. I'm sure the slippy BF cab surface doesn't help either. The Shape button setting is also different to my ABM600 and my Studio 10 practice amp. On these two, Shape is flat when the button is IN. on the RM, Shape is flat when the button is OUT.
  7. These things often get 'found' a while after the event when Managing Directors or CEOs get involved. Worth continued escalation IMHO. It may not be theft, but just plain incompetent service.
  8. I had two of the four string versions. The build quality was excellent and the neck was superb, albeit too narrow for my liking. I installed a John East DJ Retro preamp which was a great addition. The paint finishes are very deep too. I had a white pearl and a sky blue one which were lovely.
  9. Ordered tons of stuff from GAK and never had a problem. Returning stuff has also been fine and they also collected, repaired and returned a bass to me inside 10 days. I never pay via PayPal. The only music shop I’ve ever had problems with is Gear 4 Music. Twice. You win some you lose some eh?
  10. In the front pocket I can fit a power lead, speakon cable and instrument lead and that's about it. I guess you could squeeze a lead or two inside the amp compartment itself I guess.
  11. From our friends at Ashdown HQ. Once I bought that, I though I really should buy an amp to go in it, else it would look silly, so they got me on that too. That was an expensive trip, seeing as Guy was servicing my ABM600 for free.......
  12. Mine didn't. I did buy the little fleece lined bag for it that opens at both ends for access, so I don't take it out of that now.
  13. PMT had these at £479 yesterday! Today the price has gone up!!
  14. Yep, I've had one for quite a while now. Sold my Darkglass M900 as a result and am now using it more than my other favourite, the ABM600 EVO IV...
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