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  1. Are these newer ones backwards compatible with the older ones, so if you have a strap fitted with the older style locks will they fit the newer style buttons?
  2. Sunday evening and @Stub Mandrel's frankly reckless Flea Jazz post gave me GAS, so I posted a Wanted ad. By Thursday morning, thanks to Tony, I had an offending model in my mitts. As previous posts testify, Tony is clearly the Basschat packaging and delivery king, shipping from Belgium faster than I can get to and from the local chippy. One of the best transactions I've had on here.
  3. Hmmm there still shouldn't be such a dramatic difference as you're describing. The new ones could have been wired in wrongly?
  4. I would just check first that the wiring in your problem bass matches the standard wiring schematic for a jazz bass. You could always just check the bad bass against the actual good one to make sure they match. This is a pretty simple job and is a good starting point before you wade in with a soldering iron!
  5. Does that advice stand for the ABM as well?
  6. Both pickups working? Have you taken of the control plate to see if there's anything obviously out of place with the wiring?
  7. Muppet


    '75, '72, 60th anniversary, Nate Mendel, '95, '05. I should stop now.
  8. This is an absolute bargain! Can't believe it's still here. These replaced the AVRI series and are cracking basses.
  9. Option one, mainly because in the original song the bass line supports the string section.
  10. In original condition, case candy etc if possible! can travel to collect. *Sorted thanks to the fantastic power of Basschat*
  11. How small is small? How much do you want to spend? Do you need a XLR DI out? How much tone shaping control do you need? The Fender pedal mentioned above is a lot of pedal for the money - Alex Aguilar designed, I believe - or there's the Xotic BB Preamp, Tonehammer DI, GK Plex, Helix Stomp, Ampeg SCR-DI (although I'd refer this pedal without the Scrambler), amoongst many others. I'd probably start with a Sansamp BDDI though!
  12. I like the fact they've done a version for guitar too called The Newt. Nice idea.... https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/heads/products/the-newt
  13. They are the same size but I don't think you can buy a separate one. If you wanted a silver one then making your own I think would be pretty easy - I took the front off mine and it's four strips of wood, corner pieces, velcro and a bit of grill cloth!
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