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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Turn it upside down. Then it's coming out of the bottom. The metal belt clip is reversible.
  3. Nope, sorry, can’t make out what you’re recommending here……
  4. At the risk of sounding boring, another vote for the GLXD16. Great battery life from the rechargeable batteries, very good sound quality and I've not noticed any drop outs.
  5. I’m in this position but the 1200 is just two x 600 power units that can’t be bridged for a single cab and I’m running a single 4ohm 610 so the 1200 is of no use to me. 750w of Ashdown ABM sound in a single power section is of great interest though!
  6. All excellent points. I agree 750 doesn’t seem that big a step up, especially as the RM800 is advertised at 800w (let’s not get in to the class D vs Class A/B..) but I love this nonetheless. I’m sure the price will come down to around the £1,100 mark and then we’ll still need to decide if it’s worth it. BUT price aside, I’d want to know the differences between that and the EVO IV. It’s going to be very difficult to beat the EVO IV in my opinion, but I love the look of this and I’m very tempted!
  7. Anyone got a ABM1200? I know it’s two x 600w but can these be bridged? I used to have a Ampeg SVT4pro and you could bridge the two power sections for increased headroom at 4 ohm….
  8. I take a second bass, a head, and various spare leads. Never needed any of it. I know the first time I leave my back ups at home will be the first time I need them.
  9. I used to get mine from Dave OBBM on here but he has retired (I'm prety sure he has anyway) from cable making so I get mine now from Designacable.
  10. Exactly this too. Or sometimes a ABM600 EVOIV. I use the RM also with the 210s and the 610s. Ashdowns and Barefaced just seem to work great together. I couldn't get the same match with my previous Markbass or Darkglass heads.
  11. Agree completely. I was using an Ashdown Tonepocket which is still a great bit of kit but these headphones are just brilliant. I like the spatial or whatever it is effect and the sound is very natural. It’s got me looking at the new Boss Katana practice amps too…..
  12. Excellent condition, tiny scuff on bottom. Power supply and USB cable included but no box. Comes in a pedal train nano bag for protection. Running latest 3.15 firmware.
  13. I have when using headphone only, but not when it's connected to a cab.
  14. Could come in handy! He's replied that it is still available...
  15. I'll try with the MK one - I'll tell him I can pop round now.....
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