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  1. Sometimes it's not the amp itself, but the condition it's been left in by the number of bass players who simply don't care because it's not their gear. What started out as a passable or good amp ends up being left in a terrible condition. Then you find FOH engineers using DI boxes instead as they're more reliable.
  2. Did you ever do a review? I got an email from Ashdown today for these with 10% off. I love the Ashdown sound so this is a possibility for me. I used to use a Tascam BT MP1 which was excellent in it's day, but only 1GB of storage and poor battery life as well as limited tone controls.
  3. There's probably a reason you find a lot of Ashdown combos. They're pretty reliable and don't cause a problem for FOH engineers.
  4. Don't know if this has been posted already or if this is the right forum but Line6 has issued a warning and update instructions for G10 models https://line6.com/g10recall/ Worth noting.
  5. Give me a shout if this falls through!
  6. Smallest I have is the Ashdown B Social which I really like. Then I'm up to a Ashdown Studio 10. Neither is travel portable really. I guess a small pedal preamp with headphone/aux in is an alternative...
  7. I had TE 1x15 7215 SMC combo and the sound was lovely. It was heavy but distinctive. I switched to Ashdown when I went to separates and have ended with the ABM EVO IV 600 (rack version) which I think is one of their best ever models. I can't recall if they did the 600 Evo IV in combo form. I think there's a difference between the EVO III and IV. As you point out, Ashdown are still here and their customer service cannot be beaten, which is just as important!
  8. Yeah no worries, pm your address. I'll cover it!
  9. I just found a Zoom RT234 drum machine thingy lying around. Any use?
  10. The new dimensions mean that it's bigger than the CMD121P, unlike the regular NY121 which is exactly the same size. I guess it's not designed to be paired then....
  11. I think you're going to have to say which is which!
  12. Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Fleetwood Mac
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