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  1. No, the Darkglass is superb through the Super Twin, it’s just that the sound in my head Is an Ashdown type of sound rather than DG and tonally the two amps are quite different. The great thing about the cab is that it can do clear with the DG without being too toppy or it can do warm low middy with the Ashdown, I just love that cab.
  2. Merton beat me to it with the Ashdown OriginAL. Exceptional sound from the DI and a valve overdrive that can add some lovely warmth or some nasty grit.
  3. My ABM 600 sounds awesome through the super twin. So does my RM800. Ashdown and Barefaced seem to be a very good match....
  4. The original Wizard Thumpers were made by Andy Blake but he retired and passed on the Thumper to Hot Rod Pickups who now seem to have merged with Eternal Guitars, though you can still get the Thumper. It's just not Wizard anymore. https://www.eternal-guitars.com/product-page/pb-thumper-precision-bass-pickup Excellent Precision pickups with a tone of low mid and a softer top end. I've got two sets in different guitars and they're my favourite by far.
  5. A beautiful example of what could be unofficially regarded as a @Lozz196 spec USA Precision from 2005/6 😄. Black, with maple neck, and 3 ply BWB pickguard. This model originally had the S1 switch fitted but I removed it, seeing as it was next to useless anyway. It has the anniversary button on the headstock as seen on all 2006 models from this year. This does NOT make it an anniversary model; they are different. This has had upgrades fitted - BadAss III bridge, Hipshot D Tuner and more importantly, Fender Custom Shop 62 pickups. It's virtually unmarked as far as I can see, one tiny scuff that I have photographed. No fret wear. Weight is 9.3lbs. Comes with Hiscox hardcase. If you really want me to swap out the upgrades back to standard I will do, but the price is the same. Original parts not included. Strings are barely used Fender 7250s 45-105. I have had it since new, though I did but it without original case. I will put the original strap buttons back on. Prefer collection, I am near M1 J15 but buyer can arrange delivery. Please no trades or offers. This is a very good deal.
  6. We've played two gigs since outdoor gigs were 'allowed'. In both cases we returned the fee at the end of the night. This was because we knew the pub and the landlord, appreciated their efforts and it was clear that despite being as full as it was possible to be, they were still not going to making huge profits out of it. We've been asked to play for free since the rules were relaxed but have turned those down.
  7. Happier with that - I can't get it to clip then in that case, but I can see why tone wise it wouldn't be where the ABM is ...
  8. Can you get the green light to flash? I can quite easily on my RM800, way before the needle gets to the red. I assume the green flashing light indicates clipping but I'm not sure... Will depend also on the input level after your pedals I think . I run my ABM gain at about 2 o clock but the needle only goes in to red zone occasionally.
  9. I think we deduced that a while back, in fact, with my initial question. I asked the OP what he did get with it, seeing as he pointed out only what he didn't get. He's yet to respond.
  10. This is the 60th anniversary 60s Jazz Bass isn't it? 62 pickups, U shaped neck etc? You should at least have a limited edition embroidered hardcase and certificate with it. If you paid full or near retail price I'd drop a note to Fender Customer Services asking them what extras it's supposed to have....
  11. I've got the 210 extension too. It's a bit of a beast of a rig for 4 10" speakers and bit OTT for a lot of gigs but outdoor they're perfect. Only thing id say is that I think the 15" cab is a different size - the 210 stacks better.
  12. Hmmm, ok I'll have a check of mine but you've thought o everything I would have checked! I agree it's unusual as these are dead silent normally. Did you get a chance to talk to the DG boys?
  13. So the only way you've been able to test it is with headphones? Have you go the cab sim engaged? Have you plugged it in to the Darkglass suite and updated the firmware?
  14. Brilliant thanks for that!
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