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  1. Clacton RedFunnel checking in to confirm no knowledge of the gentleman in question...
  2. Try it with an amp and cab, your amp as a preamp, maybe a separate stomp box type preamp and then Direct and see what works for you! There's no real rules as long as you get the sound you want.
  3. Well I'm a serial festival attender and have been since Monsters of Rock 85. I've done loads, V Festival, Reading, Monsters of Rock/Download, Latitude, T in the Park, IOW, Bestival as big ones. I love them. They're not all muddy, they're not all frequented by yobbish lager louts, thieves, drug dealers, and people with no interest in music. The sounds systems have got better and better and the quality of the bands has improved too. I did IOW this year and it wasn't muddy, the weather was kind, the people were great and some of the young new bands around restore your faith in 'proper' music. I saw no trouble, no aggro, everyone just enjoying themselves and the music. The key thing is to go prepared (camping gear, clothing etc) for the weather, for the accommodation, for the type of music and that actually it can be quite tiring. Don't write them off, then can be a lot of fun.
  4. Run direct to the desk as you suggest and try it. Then your only issue is monitoring.
  5. These little Hercules stands work well too http://herculesstands.com/international/products/fretted-and-bowed-instrument/guitar/single-stands/gs402bb/ the cradle arms that the bass rests on are hinged so can move horizontally to accommodate the offset body shape. Not quite as stable as the larger neck grab stands but they fit nicely in a gigbag!
  6. Agree with this, although the 'Original' and the 'Custom Shop 62s' are two different pickups with two different price points.....
  7. I'm having fewer problems than last year but my biggest issue now is having a sound in my head (or from a recording) and having no idea how to use the editor to get the sound right. I'm convinced the pedal can do it, I am the limiting factor.
  8. I run pretty much this setup too with the Helix going in to a BF FR800. The only difference in mine is that I add a cab IR to the signal going to the FRFR. I leave that off the FOH feed as that effectively mirrors a post EQ DI from the amp head. The great thing with the Helix is that you're not restricted to the traditional pre/post DI options.
  9. I've got a Deluxe Dimension V and an Elite Dimension V. Only difference I can tell is the logo (black vs silver), the hard case and the price. The American Dimensions have always had the compound neck and truss rod wheels.
  10. I have one of these - really great and quite light! Might be better with photos of the original pickguard fitted as it looks a lot better!
  11. Muppet

    Neck Care

    I treat rosewood boards with a little bore oil rather than lemon oil once or twice a year. Oil soap for waxed necks then gunstock wax. All depends what your neck is, I guess!
  12. Muppet

    Neck Storage

    Bubble wrap and stick it on top of a wardrobe?
  13. If your seller was a commercial business I'd be inclined at this point to leave it up to them and ask for my money back. With your seller in Germany and (from the sound of it) not a commercial operation then its to your credit that you are doing as much as you are to get it resolved, as it's clearly not your fault. Unfortunately it's really for him to sort with the delivery agents and claim the insurance. Mistakes happen but the most annoying thing to me is that someone has your guitar and is denying it.
  14. Looking on the Gator website there's no Pro Go X just a regular Pro Go that looks a bit different. Has one replaced the other? If it's an outgoing model that maybe explains the keen price.
  15. I run the three band compressor before it. But I put it where it is because with the Helix I can!
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