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  1. Please let me know how this goes, I do want to do it!
  2. Ah you went for the RM? Yeah the green light is fine and the red is interesting if you get there! I also don't like the notched volume control and find that I have to balance the input gain to compensate.
  3. Perfect thats brilliant, thanks. I have to write a tech spec so I will add that in
  4. So I’m running a Sennheiser EW IEM G4 (channel 38 version) with UE6s for the last couple of years with my band. I’m now playing with an additional band that is playing music venues where PA etc is all provided. Clearly I’m going to want to take my system with me and use it. What do I need to do/tell the venues in advance so I’m not mugged off with using the floor monitors…?
  5. 2013 Fender Cabronita bass, in candy apple red, made in Mexico. Few minor knocks with the main ones showing - lower rear edge and a hole drIlled for a thumbrest. Comes with a Fender gig bag. Weight 4.1 kg. Can post but will be extra. No trades unless you have a Barefaced 210s…. Product specifications Fender Cabronita Precision Bass colour: Candy Apple Red finish: polyester body, urethane neck body: alder neck: one-piece maple, screwed fretboard radius: 9.5-inch (241mm) frets: 20, medium jumbo nut: 41.3 mm, synthetic bone scale length: 34-inch (864 mm) tuners: Fender Vintage Style Reverse bridge: Fender Hi-Mass hardware: chrome-plated / nickel-plated steel pickup: Fideli'Tron humbucker electronics: 1x master volume, 1x tone
  6. These used to be mine. That’s exactly what I used them for!
  7. Seriously considering buying these back!! The LF is a rare find…
  8. That’s a great deal, I love mine. It lasts for 20 minutes if you unplug the charger after the green light goes out. If you charge it for 12 hours or more then you’ll get 3 hours out of it. Dave Green told me this!
  9. I have a 210 for that and am looking at another 210 but a 310 sounds fun. Then you could have two side by side....
  10. I've got a Barefaced 610. When paired with an ABM 600 you'll know you'll have a need for it. It's pretty light and much more manageable than the Ampeg 610 I had once upon a time. I can easily lift it in to the back of my car.
  11. I had a noisy DI in my ABM 600. Dropped it in to Guy at Ashdown and it was a loose power unit.
  12. Yes appreciate that, but that’s a bit of an overengineered solution for the very simple problem at hand! The OP only needed ambient stage sound. I’m assuming he gets everything else from the desk or his IEM unit of choice….
  13. Yeah that was my starting point too, but I didn't have a H4n so spending £30 on condenser mics was the lowest cost option for me (given you're only using the H4n for the stereo mic capability), but if you have one, or a similar recorder, I'd definitely give that a go.
  14. I had this problem. I bought a set of two cheap Behringer C2 condenser mics, set them up in a X\Y pattern using the dual holder they came with and mounted this to a short stand, placed mid stage. Works a treat.
  15. I’m a big fan of the Ashdown Tonepocket, now with Bluetooth. Small and great sound.
  16. A deal is in the offing, thanks for that! 👍🏼
  17. I’m rather interested in this, but has that forearm wear been artificially accelerated, or was that how it came? It looks a lot more severe than other heavy relics I’ve seen… cheers
  18. Hi Karl, are you planning on taking back to bare wood? If this is the case, I use fine sanding pads and then fine grade wire wool (masking all electronics first). Then I use Birchwood Casey Tru Oil on the unfinished wood, and finish with gunstock wax. If you’re just smoothing out a sticky gloss finish or taking out dings then I just use wire wool again, but no oil or wax as the wood isn’t exposed. Lemon oil is just lemon scented mineral oil which won’t do any harm. steve
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. It will end when you stop thinking you want a jazz or a PJ and buy this. There’s always a simple solution to seemingly complicated scenarios.
  21. Nah, it’s a workhorse that one, not worth the amount this one is…
  22. Haha good idea, but the rosewood is in ‘players’ condition and nowhere near as nice as this one..
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