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  1. A festival stage manager has asked me what frequency I'd like for my unit. Its a channel 38 Sennheiser G4. He's asking because he's got a number of mics on that channel. I've gone back to him asking him to tell me what to use, does that make the most sense?
  2. I like the look of the Sennheiser receiver, small and stylish and the specs look like a good comparison with the Shure BUT, I just can’t be doing with these bug style transmitters. The great thing about the Shure is the solid metal(old school style) transmitter, and the fact that it takes rechargeable, replaceable batteries that last a very long time.
  3. Not yet, but I have this itchy finger that's not properly wired to my wallet. If/when it gets to £1k or below I'm there......
  4. "I'm a guitarist, I've NEVER liked in ear monitors as it stops me from turing my amp up excessively loud after the sound check because my knees can't hear my £3,500 boutique amp well enough" I've been pushing my guitarist to use IEMs but he has resisted until now. Only last week he came to me with this idea so I'm going to push it for all it's worth. I can't believe Pete Thorn hasn't been in a position to get the absolute best IEM sound available....
  5. I bought my 600 EVO IV RC for £300 but it did need a service by my tech as a couple of things weren't working. Cost me £50 to sort.
  6. What's the maximum relief you can measure at the 8th fret when you fret a string at the first and last frets?
  7. Do Shure provide support for Line6 products?
  8. Common problem. I think TC slowed up replacing them when they sold out to Music Tribe. I do have these knocking around if you're close to MK. I'm in the middle of a house move so can't be bothered to head to a post office at the moment!
  9. Sorry I meant tweeter. I disconnected it on mine (previous version) as did many others.
  10. They've changed it! - the VLE is now " Old School" is it? and the VPF is gone in favour of a preshape. Balanced input has also gone but footswitch has appeared. and a mute switch at long last. Did they do anything about the hissy horn?
  11. Found a photo of the other two. So the Lower amp I know, Bad Lieutenant. What’s the Lowest?
  12. We don’t write enough stern letters to venues with poor acoustics. This is a very good idea!
  13. Oh yes. It has redeemed itself. I apologised to my amp. The previous venue is now in my bad books.
  14. Outdoor gig needed the big stuff to be brought out.
  15. I’ve done mine just like this, with oil soap, wet and dry and then tru oil. Gives a super clean and smooth finish.
  16. I found with the shape activated you have to cut back on the bass. Interesting that the shape cuts the mids and Lozz cuts them even more. That's got to be quite a zingy tone there.
  17. To change the subject, I saw Pearl Jam last night. Jeff Ament was using what looked like a ABM 600 EVO IV RC in a custom housing - alongside a Bad Lieutenant and another amp I couldn't recognise, each sat on a 810.
  18. To be fair, I bought that horrible Darkglass Microtubes 900 V2 thing for £1,100 and it sounded like a billion insects trapped in a Kilner jar. I could only play it if I had a seven string bass, long hair and wore shorts on stage. £300 more gets me Ashdown quality, sound and customer service. Might not be such a bad thing after all….
  19. Just another £400 to go and I’m in…..
  20. Have you checked the output from the DI? At least you’ll know if the preamp is working. If you have the extension cab, unplug the built in speaker and connect to the extension. It might help narrow down the source of the problem.
  21. Yeah this is a good point, could be just that. I’m going to chalk it up to crap room acoustics rather than throwing the ABM from the top floor window….
  22. Could be. I changed every cable I could! I used to gig a Ampeg 610 and the Barefaced is much better ( and lighter!) I'm beginning to think it might be my ears!
  23. Yeah I thought this too, but the VU was showing a healthy input. Just the output is disappointing. I'm hoping it was just a dodgy venue...!
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