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  1. I bought Mike's fiesta red Squier CV 60s Precision, in as smooth and hassle-free transaction as it's possible to imagine. Bass arrived exactly on schedule, exactly as described, and in seriously bombproof packaging. A pleasure to trade with you, Mike! All the best! GF
  2. Andy just bought my Squier VM Jazz 5er. He sent me a PM on a Saturday morning and came over to collect within an hour or so, cash in hand! It doesn't get any easier than that. He's a really friendly guy, too, and I'm very pleased to have the honour of starting his BC feedback thread. Enjoy the wonderful world of 5 string playing, mate!
  3. I've just received a pm asking about the weight and how well balanced this bass is. According to my digital scales, this one weighs 4.8kg, so by no means the lightest of basses, but on the other hand this no doubt helps to explain why this bass is extremely well balanced and thus very comfortable to play - unlike a lot of 5ers, it suffers from absolutely no neck dive whatsoever. Hope this helps! GF
  4. Thanks for your interest, chrisd783. I'm afraid I'm not so keen on natural finishes on jazz basses (sacrilege, I know) - more of a block colour dude tbh - so I'll have to pass. Cheers anyway.
  5. Looks to be every bit as good a bargain as the lovely MIM Precision I bought from Lozz last week. Can't see this hanging around for long!
  6. Having just acquired one of Lozz's precisions I now need to apply the "one in, one out" rule, and this genuinely fantastic 5-string Squier VM jazz 5 is first in line. There's lots of love for these on the Internet, and in this case I think the hype is entirely justified - this one plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks, and punches well above its price point. Home and rehearsal use only, and essentially in immaculate condition apart from the inevitable bit of playing wear on the pickguard and a teeny bit of buckle rash on the back. No bumps or dings. This bass is totally stock (never felt the need to upgrade anything) and comes without a gigbag. Full spec here: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/squier-electric-basses/jazz-bass/vintage-modified-jazz-bass-v-5-string/0306760505.html?rl=en_US Priced at £250 posted. Also happy to travel up to 1hr by car to meet you for a handover. You're also welcome to pick up from my home in South Birmingham (near M42 and M5), in which case I'll reduce the price to a bargainacious £225. Payment by bank transfer or paypal. Not really looking for trades, but I might be tempted into another "one in, one out" quandary if you have a nice 4-string Jazz to tempt me with. Please note however that the only bass I would be willing to trade upwards for is a Roadworn Fender J in fiesta red. Thanks for looking!
  7. Bought a lovely MIM Fender P bass from Lozz. Bass exactly as described, prompt and helpful comms throughout and as smooth a transaction as one could possibly wish for. Best of all, as I was down south for the day I got to meet Lozz in person and do a F2F handover, which was a real treat - a nicer guy you will never meet. Looking forward to catching your next West Mids show, Lozz!
  8. Russ just bought a bunch of Gigrig pedalboard power supply stuff from me. Really friendly comms, prompt payment and zero hassle - who could ask for more? Two thumbs up from me! Cheers, mate!
  9. Chris bought a GigRig Timelord high current adapter thingy from me. Great guy to deal with - friendly and prompt comms and fast and hassle-free payment - two thumbs up from me. Cheers Chris!
  10. And one Timelord sold! One more Timelord still up for grabs, plus the rest as described above.
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