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  1. Yeah that was my CTM! I love it now that I've had the EQ mod, it's still my only gigging amp. I don't understand why they make them the way they come - the EQ was essentially useless to me. I would've sold it if I hadn't been able to change it. But now it's my favourite amp that I've ever used. While I'm here, I've since come to realise too, that the power valve driven DI is also a hidden gem in the CTM. I'd love to A/B against a Noble DI or a REDDI or the like - I reckon it'd give them a run for their money. Sound guys are always full of praise. Anyway yeah, check out the thread I started above if you're interested. Also I've had an old EB150, had an ABM 500 rig that I used and loved for many years. I only moved it that one on because I got the CTM. I'm an Ashdown fan!
  2. Up for sale is this MXR bass compressor. Used condition, but still in good working order. Comes with original box. Price includes postage. Collection also welcomed from Broadstone, Dorset. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Up for sale is my lovely surf green Maruszczyk Elwood 4p. Medium scale length, 32". I ordered this bass from new, and it came to me in December 2015. I wanted something a little easier on the hands and shoulder to get me through longer function type gigs, which this is great for. Nice and light at 3.5kg. It has the headstock taken from one of their Jazzus basses, which is obviously a nice and small 2x2 design, so the bass has zero neck dive as a result. It also means it fits in a regular guitar size gig bag. Comes with a Maruszczyk nylon gigbag. I have gigged this bass a reasonable amount, but it's always been looked after. It's never let me down reliability-wise in any way. I think Marusczcyk comfortably has a reputation by now for making good quality instruments. Lately I've been playing my full length P bass almost exclusively, so I'm only selling due to having not gigged this one so much, even pre-lockdown. Plus sadly I could do with a bit of cash release in these times. I paid €1200 for this nearly 5 years ago, so hopefully I'm fair in asking for £800. Collection welcomed from Broadstone in Dorset, where you're welcome to try before you buy. I can also drive a reasonable distance to deliver / meet halfway somewhere. Thanks! Specs: 32" Scale 20 Frets 3.5kg Maple Neck (Satin Finish) Rosewood Fingerboard Ash Body (Gloss Finish) Delano JC 4 Pickups (Alnico V) Passive Electronics Vol, Vol, Tone Maruszczyk Standard Bridge and Tuners (2x2 design) Schaller Straplocks Nut Width - 43mm Nut Depth - 23mm 12th Fret Width - 54mm 12th Fret Depth - 25mm 12" Radius C shape neck profile Pics:
  4. Hello, Way Huge Pork & Pickle for sale. Very versatile 2-in-1 drive. It's basically a Pork Loin overdrive and Russian Pickle fuzz in one box. This one has never been gigged, and includes the original box. Price includes mainland UK postage. Collection also welcomed from Broadstone in Dorset. Cheers!
  5. Mission SP1-L6H expression pedal for sale, designed to go with the Line 6 Helix or HX Stomp. (Now £95) As new condition, with box. Never gigged. It has two outputs, and a toe switch, meaning you can switch between two different expression pedal modes on the same preset. So you could have a wah and volume, and be able to switch between them in the middle of a song. Either that, or you can just use one output and use it like a regular expression pedal. Price includes mainland UK postage. If you'd like to collect it instead, I'm down in Broadstone in Dorset. Thanks!
  6. Spoonman


    All sold now thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, NOW £125 SOLD Up for sale is my EHX Big Muff. All working perfectly. Sounds huge. I think it's early 2000s, Russian made V8 model, 4 screw version. I believe this is the last model that was made in Russia. This one also has the 9v power supply mod, so it's pedalboard friendly. I even have the original box and warranty card! Price includes postage. If you'd prefer to collect, I'm in Broadstone in Dorset. Cheers!
  8. Spoonman


    Yep I'd consider it. Send me a DM about it 😊
  9. Spoonman


    Demon now sold. Just the Wah remains!
  10. Spoonman


    Price drop on Wowee Wah and Demon!
  11. Spoonman


    Wah and Demon still for sale.
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