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  1. Hi everyone, I'm selling this Ashdown ABM 210 EVO IV. NOW £120 It has been gigged so it's got a few dings in the tolex which hopefully you can see in the photos, but it's all in good working order. Collection welcomed from my house in Broadstone, Dorset. Thanks!
  2. Ashdown ABM 210 cab. This is the Evo IV model that Ashdown makes at the moment, rated at 300w. It's been well used, and has a fair few battle scars on the tolex from touring, but it still sounds great and works perfectly. Collection welcomed from Broadstone, Dorset.
  3. I've used D'addarios pretty much as long as I've owned a bass. I've got Chromes on my P Bass, and currently NYXL Nickels on my Grabber and Jazz bass. Love them - definite step up from the regular nickels. Regrettably I strayed once and tried another brand's pricey "long lasting" strings, cos some chumps told me that they were better. But the D string snapped on me mid gig, and I've never really carried spare strings cos D'addarios have never snapped on me before. Finishing a gig with no D string is an interesting experience... So I put some trusted D'addarios back on, and have not looked back. So to sum up, I'd love some strings, so me and my basses can stay fresh over the cold depressing winter months to come - where the nights are long, and the gigs are scarce... #brownnose #teacherspet #fangirl #pleasegivemeanendorsementdeal
  4. Love that Nik Huber bass he picks up half way through 😍 https://nikhuber-guitars.com/rietbergen_bass.html
  5. Hello, I'm looking for an Ashdown 210 EVO VI cab. One of the current ones they sell, like this... I already have one, so I'd like another matching one for the bigger gigs. Cheers!
  6. As I said I contacted Ashdown about the bass pot, and they said there was nothing awry about it. As well I had it looked at by a tech who also said there was nothing technically wrong with it. It's just designed to do only 2db cut, which wasn't useful enough for me. Maybe yours is different to ours, EliasMooseblaster. That being said, most of the time when I'm gigging the amp now, I still usually have the settings at noon. Just being able to alter the tone enough to work in different rooms is what I struggled with. And it's not because it's a passive EQ. I used to have an Orange Ad200b that I never thought had a useless EQ. But yeah that mid shift thing is cool for added gnarlyness! Glad to hear you're loving the change with yours though, Artisan!
  7. I knew there had to be others! Happy to help 😊
  8. Hey all, I wanted to share my experience I had with my CTM 100, just in case anyone out there had been pondering this. A few months ago I bought a second hand CTM 100. Went and tested it at the guys house, thought it was lovely, and ended up buying it. Turns out I was a bit dumb, and I didn't really test it as properly as I should have, because when I got it home and played with it a bit more, I found that the EQ controls were not as useful as I'd originally thought. Mainly that the bass control did practically nothing. The sweep on the knob seemed to show it coming on, but nothing beyond that. It was almost like it could be an on/off switch. I couldn't dial out any bass in my tone on my next gig, so I sounded way too subby, and there wasn't a whole lot I felt I could do about dialling in a useful sound. At least not very easily. So I took it to a local amp tech, who agreed the EQ was pretty useless. He called Ashdown and asked them if there was a fault with the amp. They replied saying that's just how they are. I thought if that's the case, then this amp clearly isn't for me, so I did put it for sale on Basschat for a short time. But when I was failing to sell it on, I still couldn't really understand why the amp was like this. So I decided to contact Ashdown myself, with a little video showing me using the EQ of my amp, making sure that this was how they're meant to be. I got an email back from Dave Green at Ashdown, saying yes that is how they are, and that the bass control only has a boost of 3db, next to nothing. But he also said that there is an alternative solution that he thought I might prefer. Dave send me over (free of charge) a new set of replacement EQ pots to put in the amp. The new values of which were - (Bass - A220K) (Mids - A22K) (Treble - A220K). A change from what was in mine originally - (Bass - B470K) (Mids - B100K) (Treble - A1M) The point of this probably unnecessarily long post, is that I now love my CTM! I had these new pots fitted, and now it's infinitely more useful and versatile. Sounds great with everything set at noon, but for those awkward awful sounding rooms we end up gigging in from time to time, I now have confidence that I can easily make the EQ adjustments to compensate. Even the Mids and Treble control have a wider sweep now so have become much more useful too. The EQ to me has become like a normal usable EQ on any other amp I've used. Do no other CTM users have an issue with the EQ on theirs? Because I was baffled that I couldn't find anyone with the same issue when I researched it. I'm also a bit confused as to why Ashdown don't make them like this as standard, but I'm no amp expert. All I know is my Ashdown suits me a lot better now, and I now rumble trousers with big fat valve tone for days. Thanks Dave Green!
  9. For sale is this great all valve Orange head and cab. I'm happy to separate the two if needed: £800 £750 for the head £300 £250 for the cab It's definitely been gigged, but still all in good working order. I've owned it for about a year and have always gigged it at relatively low volume - so the valves are still in good shape having never been pushed too hard. There are a few cosmetic dings and rips in the tolex as you can see from the photos. The head comes with an official Orange cover. Trial and collection welcomed from my house in Broadstone, Dorset. I can drive to meet a buyer at a reasonable distance as well. Any questions please PM me. Cheers!
  10. Digitech Mosaic is the most musical octave up I've had. Much nicer than the Micro Pog for me.
  11. Iacopo just bought an MXR envelope filter from me. Great comms and quick payment - no probs at all. Would deal with again in a heartbeat. Cheers mate!
  12. Diago Gigman for sale. Used but still in good working order. A few scratches and dents in the foam, that you can see in the photos, but still very gig-able. Less than half price of the RRP! Collection preferred from my house in Broadstone, Dorset. Cheers!
  13. Dan bought my VT Bass Pedal. Good comms and quick payment - no probs at all. Pleasure to deal with. Cheers, Dan!
  14. Hello. I'm having a bit of a pedal clearout. All in good working order. Prices include delivery. Fuzzrocious Demon (With Clean Blend) - £100 WITHDRAWN Although these are good for low end retention as they are, I ordered one with a clean blend for added flexibility. I don't think they come up with this option very often. I love this for a little mid boost and grunt. Includes original box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlwITiP0Yus Dunlop Bass Crybaby Wah - £50 SOLD Classic Bass Wah. I've heard these have a different sound and sweep to the new mini Crybaby, so they're still relevant! I added the VOL and Q labelling on the side a while back, to help me distinguish the controls. Easily removed if required! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gXzxKIyy4Y Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor - £100 SOLD Compressor with a clean blend and some other useful options. Includes original box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkzxSWhPsHo MXR Bass Envelope Filter - £90 SOLD Funk in a box. Loads of info around on these already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opKs5ZGqVpg&t=5s Tech 21 VT Bass (V1) - £85 SOLD This is the early v1 model. From what I've heard it's as though the cab sim option from the v2 is always on inside the pedal. I've also heard it does have a slightly different sound to the V2. It certainly sounds slightly different to my VTDI anyway, not quite as mellow possibly... Anyway it sounds great if you wanna make your solid state amp sound valvey. One thing to note is that, a while ago the plate that opens up the back to fit a battery in, snapped. I still have the piece but it doesn't slot in. I covered it over with gaffer tape and put velcro on it as I never use a battery anyway, and now it sits flat on a pedalboard, which it didn't before! Probably an easy part to replace though if you wanted to. Includes original tin box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBKxMaWSKuU Any questions please drop me a PM. I'm based in Broadstone, Dorset if you wanted to collect. Cheers!
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