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  1. +1 Having owned Skyline series Laklands in the past, I was really impressed by the quality - I'd have no problem owning and playing one again and secretly keep an eye open for one I let go of over a decade ago. However, having played one of @walshy's USA Bob Glaub models, I was a really impressed. Had it not been a bass close to his heart, I would have had it off him.... and I'm not a 4 string player! Now it may just be a special bass, but I really like Lakland basses and quality shows across the product range!
  2. +1 for Dave Wilson. His work is great and I’ve see a lot of it over the last 20 years. Used by many people I know and respect - including @walshy. 👍
  3. Can you ask your wife to tell me wife it’s OK if I also buy them? 🙏 🤣
  4. Love the chocolate brown in the DB! Love your cab @Cat Burrito as I have the matching head case, but not cabs. Wish they’d do more of these limited edition colours in the DB series. But I imagine they sell more SL cabs - which makes sense, but I’m DB all the way! 🔥
  5. @Mikey D I love it and congrats on the new cabs! I ran a small poll amongst friends when they first appeared and overwhelmingly, they all approved! My only fear with the limited edition cabs from Aguilar is how well they will sell and what it’s going to be like when I try and find a matching / complementary cab in few years (especially in the UK). You’ve done the right thing by ordering a versatile combination. I’d love to see some photos when you get them! Stu
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I’m having a bit of clear out, and while I love this pre, I’ve held onto it for far too long ‘just in case’ Taken from one my Overwater J5 a couple of years ago and stored safely. I continue to use an Audere preamp in my other J5! Very good condition. A few light scratches to the bell plate from normal use. Audere JZ3 - VB - 3B 3 band EQ with volume, mid/balance stack, treble/bass stack and Z-mode switch. I could talk about how musical it is, but you can read the original reviews and get the full tech spec via the links below. Much more comprehensive than my attempts. While Audere have replaced this model with an updated version, this is still a great drop in unit and more than capable of taking your beloved Jazz Bass and giving it a boost. I ran this with a battery box, but it will drop in to a standard cavity (check specs via link) and I will include a new 9v battery connector to allow it to be used this way. £50 + shipping. Trades preferred. What have you got? Full Specification Bass Player Review If you have any questions PM me. Stu
  8. @Stuart Clayton - can I have the following please. The best of Marcus Miller Chord Studies for Electric Bass
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. +1 For Williams Guitars Haydn is a very good friend of mine and a very expereinced (former Overwater Basses) and talented builder. Check him out: [url="http://williamsguitars.co.uk/"]http://williamsguitars.co.uk/[/url] And on Instagram [url="http://instagram.com/WilliamsGuitars"]http://instagram.com/WilliamsGuitars[/url] My Latest Bass by Haydn Williams
  11. [quote name='Jimryan' timestamp='1380810959' post='2230927'] I like that. Mine will turn out brighter. Hipshot A type too? Nice, that's what I've ordered. Got a black aluminium one coming in from the states. [/quote] Yep. Style A all the way! I have 4 custom basses now and they all wear Hipshot Style A's and Ultra lite machines (elephant, Y's and Lolli's) I know the colour your going for and it will certainly pop. My bass is a candy (gold base coat ) so depending on the light the colour changes intensity. Here's a shot where it looks flat, but you can see the contrast between light and shadow.
  12. Sounds like an interesting project. Orange basses look great (but I may be biased) - here's my Overwater J5 circa 2006 Stu
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