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  1. That would look great with a mint guard
  2. Damn! That looks fiiiiine
  3. Mine's kinda white... ish. Must be an age thing.
  4. I'll take that Mk1 off your hands if its going. Dream bass right there!
  5. Those Mustangs with the stripes are so rad.
  6. I run the DarkGlass B3K into my Tech21 VT Bass. It tends to work, but I'm not that happy with the B3K. I tried the Boss ODB-3, but it can be a little hard to tame. MXR BassOverdrive was nice, but a little dark for me. Boss BD-2 BluesDriver is a surprisingly good pedal for bass. No loss of low-end, and plenty of clarity.
  7. Yellow Dunlop Tortex (0.73mm I think) gives me everything I need. The FLEX series feel a little nicer, but I can't explain why. I saw a PG RigRundown with Juan Alderete and, I didn't realise that while thicker picks give more note attack, slightly thinner picks tend to give you more low-end. To me they just always felt more comfortable.
  8. The best stainless steel rounds I've used are the Dunlop SuperBrights. I used to use DR, but when the Dunlops came along they were just as good in every way, and were about half the price. Win win!
  9. I went from a Seymour QP to a Dimarzio Model P years and years ago, and immediately I had all the mids I needed. Its how a P should sound, really.
  10. Not a hardcase, but Mono Vertigo all day long!
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