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  1. Hi all, I'm selling an EBS HD350 bass amp, which is fitted into an SKB case. The amp is in good condition, the case is quite old and tatty. I purchased this (as shown here) about a year ago, but never found a use for it as I already have another amp! It's just taking up space here, and I'd rather it went to someone who will use it. This is a great amplifier and I used one for about 10 years, before moving to an EBS Reidmar, which is better suited to my needs (home use only). Any questions please ask. This is a UK only sale. Thanks, Stuart
  2. I’m selling a large quantity of bass guitar books. All are in good, used condition and come with any accompanying CDs unless otherwise stated. These are priced to sell at £5 each for the most part, with some larger items priced at £10. Happy to combine books into a single package if anyone wants multiple books. Shipping will be calculated once books are packed and will be shipped Royal Mail Second Class. Pic 1 Bass Heroes (Very Rare) £10 Studio Bass Masters £5 American Basses £5 The Bass Book £5 The Fender Bass £5 Bunny Brunel’s Power Bass £5 The Bassist’s Bible £5 The Fender Bass £5 The Working Bassist’s Toolkit £5 Pic 2 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Hard Rock £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Easy Songs £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Blues £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Rock £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Bob Marley £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Funk £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Easy Rock £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Disco £5 Hal Leonard Bass Play-Along – Motown Bass £5 Pic 3 Billy Sheehan The Talas Years (Rare) £10 RHCP – Stadium Arcadium £10 RHCP – One Hot Minute £5 RHCP – Blood Sugar Sex Magik £5 The Gary Willis Collection £5 The Best of Marcus Miller £10 Primus Anthology A-N £7 Primus Anthology O-Z £7 Queen – The Bass Guitar Collection £5 Pic 4 Funk Bass Bible £10 R&B Bass Bible £10 Hard Rock Bass Bible £10 Bass Virtuosos (Rare) £10 Rage Against the Machine £5 The Who Bass Play-Along £5 Deep Purple Bass Play-Along £5 Metallica Master of Puppets £3 The Funkmasters £10 Pic 5 Tony Grey Bass Academy £10 Funk Fusion Bass £5 Gary Willis Fingerboard Harmony for Bass £5 Gary Willis 101 Bass Tips £5 Slap Bass Lines £5 Note Reading Studies for Bass £5 Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist Book 1 (CD Missing) £5 Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist Book 2 £5 Afro Cuban Grooves for Bass and Guitar £10 Pic 6 Jazzology £10 The Jazz Solos of Chick Corea £5 Jazz Improv Basics £10 The Charlie Parker Omnibook £5 Concepts for Bass Soloing £10 Improvising Jazz Bass £10 Carol Kaye – Jazz Improv for Bass £5 Carol Kaye – Pro’s Jazz Phrases £5 Carol Kaye – Improv Soloing DVD Manual £5 The Jazz Bass Book (CD Missing) £5 Pic 7 Chick Corea Play-Along £5 Classic Jazz Play-Along £5 Duke Ellington Play-Along £5 Sittin’ in with the Big Band Play-Along Vol 1 £5 Sittin’ in with the Big Band Play-Along Vol 2 £5 Miles Davis Play-Along £5 Easy Standards Play-Along Vol 1 £5 Easy Standards Play-Along Vol 2 £5 Alain Caron Rhythm & Jazz Play-Along (Rare) £5 Pic 8 Building Walking Basslines £5 Expanding Walking Basslines £5 Jazz Bass £5 Slap Technique for Bass £5 Tapping Technique for Bass £5 Joe Hubbard – Basslines (Rare) £10 Latin Bass £5 Dean Peer’s Bass Harmonics £5 Funk Bass Fills £5 Pic 9 Fusion Bass Styles £3 Soloing for Bass £5 Steve Bailey Advanced Rock Bass £5 The Complete Electric Bass Player Book 3 £5 The Complete Electric Bass Player Book 1 £5 Muted Grooves for Bass (Rare) £10 80s Funk and Disco Bass Play-Along £5 Glenn Letsch’s Bass Masterclass £5 Harmonic Colours for Bass £5 Pic 10 Rock Bass £5 Billy Sheehan Advanced Bass £5 Reggae Bass £5 Bass Lessons with the Greats (No CD) £5 The Bass Style Resource £5 Odd Meter Bassics £5 Hal Leonard Electric Bass £5 Bass Fitness £5 Chord Studies for Electric Bass £5 Pic 11 How the Fender Bass Changed the World £5 The Bass Bible £5 Berklee Music Theory Book 2 £5 The Bass Player Book £5 Chord Tone Concepts £5 Hal Leonard Bass Method £5 Jamiroquai Transcriptions (Rare) £10 Foundation Exercises for Bass £5 Standing in the Shadows of Motown £10 Pic 12 The Essential Jaco Pastorius £5 Jaco Pastorius – The Greatest Jazz-Fusion Bass Player £5 Jaco Pastorius – Modern Electric Bass £5 A Portrait of Jaco – The Solos Collection £5 Jaco Pastorius – Signature Licks £5 The Best of Victor Wooten £5 The Stanley Clarke Collection £5 Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten Bass Extremes (No CD) £5 Best of Victor Bailey £5 Pic 13 Blues Bass £5 Fingerstyle Basslines £5 Bass Improvisation £5 Bass Master Colin Hodgkinson £10 5-String Fundamentals £5 Level 42 Level Best Piano/Vocal Book £2 Tapestry £5 The Bass Handbook £5 Jamiroquai – Return of the Space Cowboy Piano/Vocal £2
  3. [quote name='mep' timestamp='1510078349' post='3403829'] Oh yeah. Just found the list on the Mansons site. I'll reconsider going. [/quote] I'm sure it will be an amazing show, but I'm afraid I've had to pull out for personal reasons. Gutted to miss it, Mansons always put on a great show. Stuart
  4. Hi all, I've started a couple of new YouTube series that I thought I'd share with you all. [u][b]Bass Lick of the Week:[/b][/u] This is currently on #6 and has proved really popular so far. Like many musicians, I constantly write short riffs and exercises and this series was all about finding a home for them. This will run for a year, but may well continue indefinitely! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MBspU7_Ot4&list=PLl2gOXaTN2c-9e6zZhwzx6-W1BrUKwiTE [u][b]Recommended Repertoire:[/b][/u] I've started shooting videos of tracks that I consider to be good study pieces for aspiring pro bass guitarists. Only two so far, but I'm adding one a month. This has been partly done to help my students at BIMM Bristol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tglf-kez9Ms&list=PLl2gOXaTN2c_DS2FomTovbWn2YWIX1lnE Anyway, all free of course. Hope you enjoy some of them! Stuart
  5. Hi guys, I don't know if anyone remembers, but about ten years ago, Bass Guitar Magazine used to sell issues digitally, as PDF files. I think they did the first ten or so issues. I've lost my discs for these, and wondered if anyone on here has them? Cheers Stuart
  6. Hi Jon, This is an issue we've had with the site for a while. Drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll sort it for you. I'll probably have to delete your account so that you can set up a new one, but could also process your order off-site if preferred. Thanks, Stuart
  7. Hi all, [color=#1D2129]I'm selling my DB embee 210 cabinet. This is a fantastic cabinet: very light, very stylish, and sounds great. The top speaker is angled upwards for improved monitoring and the side handles are angled for ease of carrying. Comes with protective cover, as shown in photos. As I don't use any amp/cab live, this has only ever been used at home. Not selling through any dissatisfaction, just time for a change.[/color] [color=#1D2129]I can't seem to upload images at the moment, but you can view some here: [/color][url="https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/1362978650417547/?sale_post_id=1362978650417547"]https://www.facebook...362978650417547[/url] [color=#1D2129]Cheers[/color] [color=#1D2129]Stuart[/color]
  8. Hi all, I'm selling my Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 amplifier. I've owned this for about 4 years and it's only ever been used at home - as I use in-ear monitors when playing live, I don't use an amp on gigs. As such, it's in perfect condition and comes complete with all manuals, cable and original box. This is a fantastic amp and I'm not selling through any dissatisfaction, I just fancy a change. Price includes shipping within the UK, tracked and signed. Any questions, just shout. Cheers Stuart Can't seem to upload photographs, but you can see them here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/184621401586617/permalink/1362968687085210/?sale_post_id=1362968687085210
  9. [quote name='jassbass' timestamp='1492108997' post='3278076'] Hi what scale length is it? Thanks [/quote] 35" Cheers Stuart
  10. [quote name='HazBeen' timestamp='1491736481' post='3275066'] Yum, as an owner of no less than 3 Bogarts I can vouch for how good these are...... for me they are all I want in a bass. They are quirky, have ultra Fast necks, solid bottom, musical highs. And the fact they are truly hand made by 1 guy in his small shop means they are rare. If only I could validate buying this.... wow, GAS levels are very high. Stuart, your bass is from the early '00's it seems and that would make the preamp a 3 band Noll. If my GAS gets the better of me I might be jumping thru hoops and PM-ing you [/quote] Hi, Yes, awesome basses indeed. I picked this up and played it last night and was tempted to just hang it back on the wall and cancel the sale! Unfortunately I just don't use it enough now I have my Sei bass. The original owner has been in touch and told me that the original preamp went wrong when he had it and was replaced by a Noll. Cheers Stuart
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