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  1. Johngh


    Did you get it from Bass Direct by any chance, if so its my old Bass.
  2. To be fair to Guitarguitar they were brilliant, they actually compared my photo to the bass advertised in your photo and agreed it was not as advertised, had it been the one you have shown there would not have been a problem. I just couldn’t understand how Lakland thought my bass was ok especially as it had an endorsed players name against it.
  3. The thing is I did take photos and send them to Guitarguitar, but I since deleted them. The Lakland went on the guitar stand and just looked very odd. There was no feeling to actually pick it up and play it. I used to own six basses before I packed up playing, I’ve started again and decided to limit myself to 2, so this one had to be right. I’m also a Quality Engineer, worked in all manner of trades including automotive and currently in Aerospace. 😁
  4. I actually thought it was this one I was buying, they had 2, I must have had the other one obviously
  5. TBH that’s not far off how mine was only on the other side of the body
  6. Exactly Ped, this one should have been painted for sure
  7. Be amazed then ! Sorry no photos
  8. If you think it’s acceptable to pay £1200 for a bass that looks rubbish then fine, in 40 years of playing bass it’s the worst one I’ve seen by a mile.
  9. I recently bought a new Lakland Darryl Jones Natural 5 string from Guitarguitar. When it was delivered I took it out of the box all exited like, as you do. The body was it turns out made of 2 pieces, the book matching was awful. For a £1200 bass it was shocking. Never even plugged it in, sent a mail to Guitarguitar and got a phone call within 5 minutes of sending the mail. They were brilliant, took the Lakland back and I’ve had a new Fender Jazz ultra bass American 5 string which is awesome. God knows who’s in charge of Lakland quality, it’s shocking.
  10. Going on a bit of a nostalgia trip at the moment. Bostons first album plus Follow up Don’t look back Anything Rush plus Geddy’s my favourite headache, very much underrated record
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Tinnitus. The amount of Basses I got through was frightening now I look back, Had a least 5 custom made Status Graphite's made 4,5 and 6 string. I had a Shuker 6 string headless made, had Dingwalls, Alembic Mark King x 2 one only lasted a week as I couldn't get it set up right. Ricky's, Stingrays, Warwicks, Yamaha, Sei, the list goes on, all in the name of trying to find the perfect bass. Didn't own them all at once you understand ! Used to smuggle them into the house at one point :-) I also owned the Status S2 Classic "Miss Myrtle" that is beyond doubt one of the nicest Status S2's ever made. Sold it as I couldn't get it setup how I liked it. Last bass i owned up till recently was a Fender Jazz Deluxe 5 string. Then I ended up with bad tinnitus that I've now had 24/7 for the last 5 years. The Jazz sat unused for 2 years so I sold it. Not played at all for 3 years, but recently bought an American Jazz Deluxe 4 with an East Pre in it. Now I'm back on here trawling the basses for sale forum again, so God know's what will happen.
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