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  1. Hi , I am selling one of my Bacchus . It's a 62 RI . everything is original , extremely good condition , come with gig bag . Super Jazz bass sound , entirely hand made . More pictures available . Shipping to England around 45 GPB . For those who don't know about Bacchus , this one belongs to the vintage series they used to build . More about the vintage serie : I own 4 of them , 2 JB62 (one for sale ) and 2 PB 51 . Quality and sound it's unbelievable , lot better than Mex , Jap and even US F....r , the reason for sale is that I've finally found a 75 RI of the same series Vintage . More from Bacchus user here [url="http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=187531"]http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=187531[/url] , price is negociable ,and close offer might get it Don't miss a great JB !!
  2. New year and new born baby oblige , I have to sell . Description : 1 - On the left ,Warmoth JB 5 deluxe , Bartolini pups and 3 band preamp , 2 switch - Coil selector and medium boost frequency selector . Ash with maple top and wenge neck and fretboard . 4 unnecessary hole in the body (Take at look at the video ) Sell for 600,00 GPB Might be viewed and heard at : ( Camescope microphone are not extra , as far as Bass concerned , but it's fair enough !!) [url="http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Dariotoma"]http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Dariotoma[/url] Bass is setted up by my luthier and comes with gig bag and new extra set of DR LOW RIDER 45-125. Shipping not included , around 60/70 € . I live in Paris which is 2h40 from London so you might come by train and pick it up .
  3. Last 2007 bump ..!! ..and I will consider offers just be reasonable happy new year's eve to everybody
  4. ..well just add shipping and custom ...and still I think that you are a little bit unnecessarily aggressive , I don't wanna rip anybody off . Just selling a bass at the price that I think correct , considering also the mint conditions of this bass but anyway if you are not interested ..well just look some other place . I guess the member of this forum are smart enough not to need a " The right price" bobby to advise them ..my friend. And have a very nice new year's eve !! I sure will
  5. Anyway a little after Christmas bump for my MOON , still for sale !!
  6. [quote name='ped' post='109321' date='Dec 25 2007, 10:04 PM']Great to find another Bacchus fan!! I had until recently a Bacchus 24F and a 02Strong 36" Jazz bass. I have pics I can show you if you like! Both incredible basses, and the best wooden necked basses I have had![/quote] Go for the pictures ped , here are 2 of my 4 Bacchus , RI62 JB and RI51 PB, just love them
  7. [quote name='ped' post='109302' date='Dec 25 2007, 08:21 PM']Cool. I know these basses are absolutely top notch - I really like some of Japan's offerings, especially Atelier-Z, Moon and Bacchus. Nearly bought a Moon Larry Graham bass a while back but back then I was unsure about importing it and so on - and yes tax would have been a bit of a kick in the pants. Customs fees here are 17.5% plus a 'handling charge' but in reality it seems to be quite a slow and annoying process sometimes - it depends if Royal Mail are having a strike or not. In Oxford, where I live, that is a 50/50 chance! Last time someone sent me a bass from Europe with DHL it came the next day though which was brill!! Cheers and good luck with the sale - hope you had/are having a nice xmas too mate ped[/quote] I totally agree with you Ped .Just bought two Bacchus RI 62 ,vintage series (a pity thy stop making them !!) best fender clone I have ever lay my hands on . Changed pups (Nordstrand JV ) and knobs (american made) and now I am searchin someone who's got a Fender CS 64 to compare with. I know already that the RI 62 by Fender don't have any chance. Japanese really are top craftsman !!
  8. [quote name='ped' post='108569' date='Dec 23 2007, 03:56 PM']Yeah, just a bit!! Nice bass mate but you might want to research prices of said bass direct from Japan. Can be quite hard to find though, but I think around £700 would be in the right ballpark. Cheers ped[/quote] Well thanx ped and ashevai for the correction and the style . The price of this guitar new is 305000 Yen , approximately 1400 GPB , if you add custom fees ( I don't know in England but in France is about 23% ) and shipping I don't think I am selling it for an exagerate price , but it's a subjective point of view , and this bass is in mint condition. I lowered the price to 1300 € here in France ( My son is born the 17th and I'll need to sell it faster ) and I'll do the same for anybody interested in England , shipping is included and that would be 950 GPB . THANX AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ANYBODY WHO'S READING THIS !!
  9. Hi , I am selling my Moon JJ fretless , bass is in mint condition , ash body and maple/rosewood lined neck. Active 2 band , Moon preamp. Comes with gigbag and shipping is included is selling price . 1500 € wich means 1050 GPB . More pictures if interested. Happy Christmas !!
  10. That's when you do things in the morning before drinkin your coffee. Actually I sell it for 1200 € wich means 860 GBP , I guess. Sorry my mistake !
  11. Hi everybody , I am selling two of my basses . 1- Warmoth JB 5 Deluxe - Alder body - Birdseye maple neck - Basslines pickups - Modified Aguilar OBD1 (Passive tone added ) - Bass is 4 months old - 4 Kg with deluxe gig bag. 1200 € 2- Victor Bailey JB4 - 2003 but rarely played - comes with original Hard shell case- 1300 € I live in Paris , mail me for more picture or shipping fees . Thanx. The reason I sell them is that I bought a PB 73 and a JB 74 , and I am not playing 5 strings anymore. Both basses are well cared (I am a professional musician ) and professionally setted up from my Luthier.
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