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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Gary Bevan Garbev100 has died suddenly and unexpectedly. I know he was a regular visitor on this site so if you knew him please keep him in your thoughts
  2. Bought a pickup from Keith, just as described, fast delivery. Great transaction. Cheers.
  3. garbev


    Cheers Verb, very happy with pickup great condition, fast delivery.
  4. I've had some interest with shipping, so i could look into it. Cheers, Gary.
  5. Hi Marcus, I'm in South Wales but frequently using the M4/M5 Cheers.
  6. Part two of Cab clearout! 2X12 GK MBE 2, speakers replaced with a pair of Celestion BN12-300S Neo's wired at 8ohms, 600watts. Great sounding cab, very lightweight around 36 lbs, with Roqsolid cover.£225 1X15 GK CX 115 8 ohms 300watts with horn. Works well as a stand alone cab weight, 35lbs no cover. I was using it with the 2X12 , lovely combination. £175. I'll take £350 for both Gallien Kruger cabs. 1X12 Genz Benz Focus 112T 8ohm 200 watts, with Roqsolid cover, only done a few gigs, used at home for practice. Got an EBS combo now so surplus. £150 The Cabs are in excellent condition, marks on the 115 grille are just dust, now gone. Based in South Wales. Don't want to post these, but meeting up along M4/M5 corridor is fine. I'm happy to split fuel costs. Cheers, Gary.
  7. Bump and update, looks as if the 410 and 115 traveler are gone and an additional trade would be a Sonos Play 5. Bought some play 1's and I'm hooked. Be great to get a 5 with an aux input, opens up more possibilities. Gary.
  8. Both great amps Gareth, TA501 is my fav. The comp is very good, and the the input signal goes through the valve even if there's no compression applied, warms it up a treat, Gary.
  9. Hi, Looking to sell my Markbass gear or looking for a Markbass Combo Preferably a Cmd 104 or maybe a Standard 102 HF Cabinet. All the equipment is in very good condition, always transported by car and looked after. Change of car and cutting down on gigs means smaller gear required and not so much of it! I'm in South Wales and could deliver along M4 M5 corridor for fuel, or pickup and any trial is welcome. Markbass TA501 with bag £350, SD 800 with bag £350, Gone Standard 104HF cab £325, Gone Standard 151HF cab £275 Now £250 Traveler 151P £300.Gone Thanks for looking, Gary.
  10. garbev


    Bought a Markbass cab from Xavier today, for a great price. Really smooth transaction he even got it down the stairs for me! Plus he let me have a noodle on his Smith Six string. Many Thanks.
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