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  1. ..... wouldn't part with mine!
  2. indeed! This is one of the rare pedals that made it onto my pedal board and apparently it will stay. GLWTS
  3. my favourite amp! ..... and a great seller as well
  4. After all these years these are still of the best sounding cabs available GLWTS
  5. in case you are on fb, look for Torpedo C.A.B. M - Beta testing
  6. This is a fantastic piece of gear!!!! Are you aware that they are dropping a fantastic new firmware with an additional virtual preamp and the possibility of adding a faux mixable DI sound this week?
  7. Had a part trade deal with Si. Everything went fine. Recommended guy. Thanks
  8. Bought a Line6 from Anthony. Very smooth transaction -> thanks a lot!
  9. I am in the process of home recording an album for my band. So far I am using a clean REDDI signal and a driven Tech21 YYZ pedal sound into my Apogee duet interface. As I want to keep the pedal on my board, I was thinking about using the GED2112 19" preamp for the driven sound. Reading the manual I did not quite get if the drive section is full range (just like the 1/4" jack output of the YYZ pedal) or is it hi-passed?
  10. THE HOLYEST grail! I used to own one and it is the best sounding amp I ever had!!!!! GLWTS
  11. You could buy it.... or offer me a part trade with a maple necked P bass
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