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  1. alder body with maple top just under lbs 8.8 / 4kg EMG pickups (https://www.emgpickups.com/pjset.html) Spector TonePump electronics neck width on the saddle: 41 mm neck width at the 12th fret 60 mm neck depth on the saddle: 29 mm neck depth on the 12th fret: 30 mm detailed pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vn2tb6pp68383vz/AAC7VE53d7I1v6THgmpVD5noa?dl=0 comes in a brand new soft case by Gator The bass was an experiment for me, but I still prefer to prefer passive basses. Therefore preferably exchange with a Squier JV P or J £730 / 850 € shipping incl.
  2. Do you happen to know what body wood is being used?
  3. Are you sure the 500 watts power amp is Class D? I think it should read Class AB or analog: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/amp-frame-500/
  4. Warmoth PJ - Babicz, Hipshot alder body birdseye maple neck ebony finger board +- 4,2 kg passive EMG Geezer Butler pickups Vol, Vol, Tone neck width at nut: 40 mm neck width at 12th fret: 57 mm neck depth at nut: 24 mm neck depth at 12th fret: 26 mm Babicz FCH4 Z series bridge Hipshot Ultralite (US) tuners w. D-Tuner on E string gold hardware feeling wise and sound wise, this is more of a fat J than a P Bass comes in a used soft case
  5. Looking for a black (alder body)/maple (neck & finger board) P bass for a Pink Floyd tribute thing......
  6. What's the body wood on this one, please?
  7. Ristola Custom (www.ristolainstruments.com) Nordstrand NP4a & BigMan pickup (https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/4-string-music-man-bass-pickups/products/the-bigman-4) 7,9lbs / 3,6kg body: swamp ash neck: maple/bubinga finger board: pau ferro Dunlop Security Locks Hipshot UltraLite Tuner (incl. D Tuner) Hipshot Kickass Bridge Comes in a „well lived” padded semi hardcase. The Nordstrand BigMan pickup is each 2 BigSingles (AlNiCo 5) in one MM case. In this bass they are configured so that each of the neck and bridge halves can be selected as a single coil and both in parallel. Controls are 2 volumes and a tone pot. The rear coil of the pickup is located in the classic 60s jazz bridge position. The bass has a large cavity and 2 battery slots. A preamp can easily be retrofitted. The "Crown" fret markings are stickers and can be easily removed without residue £845 / 920 € shipping from Luxembourg incl. favouring a trade: PJ, JJ or P (alder / maple) eg: Fender Roadworn, Roger Waters ...
  8. Sold my G5 to Graham. Very fine gentleman! Thanks a lot:)
  9. 500 watt at 4 ohms valve and solid stae preamp (blendable) compressor 10 Band EQ + volumen fader (switchable) low and high shelving EQ effects loop (blendable) DI pre/post with ground lift +- 10kg Class AB £190 / 220€ shipping incl. (GLS insured) trade: Gallien Krueger RB700 II
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