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  1. Didn´t know those "Modern" Sadowskys can look so good. GLWTS.
  2. Not the pickups are custom, the (ebony) covers are. Very useful upgrade btw.
  3. Yes, it´s definitely a lovely place and I absolutely recommend a holiday here, please have a look:
  4. Unfortunately I have to sell it … This is a dream bass! Wal Mk1 Bass from 1987 in ’like new condition’ (for its age), with a wonderfully shimmering Shedua Facing. Nothing is nasty rubbed off or scuffed, no major dings or dongs - please see photos. The only thing that could be criticized is a little bit of pot scratching. It doesn’t get any better! Weight: unbelievable 4.1 kg with the strap! OHSC: yes Unfortunately, this time only sales, I need the money… unless someone offers me a Fodera Singlecut 4/5 1: 1, then I could possibly be tempted. Shipping is not a problem and is included in the price.
  5. NBD! Again, bought an awesome Fodera from Rainer and all went out very well. Very fast shipping, too. Thanks.
  6. I know exactly this one and have to say, this is by far the best and most gorgeous Monarch I´ve ever played. And those inlays are psychedelic!
  7. Hi, can you please add a detail of the peghead with logo and serial no.? Thanks.
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