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  1. Wow, good eyes mate The pics are some weeks older, now it´s strung with Elixirs.
  2. Sold that one last week, sorry.
  3. Up for sale is my Vlček Basses Fineso 5, condition is NM. This precisely built instrument comes from the workshop of the Czech bass builder Miroslav Vlček. The use of selected wood and the own production of electronics, pickups and hardware (except for the tuning mechanics) gives him absolute control in creating the final character of the sound. The instruments are originally shaped for maximum comfort, but also functionality. There is a maple tone block placed between the alder wings, the whole body is covered by a maple top. A neck made of Canadian maple is set in an ash block, the fingerboard is made of Pau Ferro. The specificity of the tone is also supported by the brass nut and the massive steel bridge. The own Single JB Alnico V Pickups are set in wooden housings, and the VBEQ-2 three-band electronics, again from the builder's workshop, offer a wide range of options for sound settings. Color: Natural • Finish: Mat • Body: Alder • Top: Maple • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro • Neck: Maple • Electronics: Active • Number of strings: 5 • Scale: 864 mm • Number of frets: 24 • Nut width: 46 mm • Pickup configuration: S-S • Pickup model: Single JB Alnico V • Tuners: Die-Cast • Country of manufacture: Czech Republic Price is €1.600 or £1.450. Shipping is no problem and is about €50 - €70 (EU/UK).
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This one is a mastepiece, I played it and if I just had the money ... Anyway, GLWTS David!
  6. Hi, was the refinish done by a luthier? Weight? Thanks
  7. Those W&Ts are great looking basses and Quasar79 is a very reliable basschatter. GLWTS.
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