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  1. I bought Rogers 1984 Steinberger XL2. Very smooth transaction and all was as described and ... very well packaged! I am very happy with the bass, so thank you Roger for this great deal 👍
  2. I add some pics of the inside for the curious ...
  3. There are now Thomastik Infield Jazz Flats on the bass. The photos are a bit older. Anyway, those DR Sunbeams 40-120 were great on it too.
  4. Time for something new… Since my custom Fbass BN5 is sufficient for me as a fretless bass, after careful consideration my Wal Mk2 can move on. So I am selling my 1991 Wal Mk2 Bass in perfect technical condition and with the following specifications: Classic wood combination (walnut / mahogany / ebony fingerboard), Chrome Hardware, Comes in the original blue dogbone case, Electronics service / update from Paul at Wal in summer 2019! New Schaller Chrome Lights tuning machines are installed and the old original Schallers are included. Weight: 4.9 kg ’Cash is king’ but a partial exchange would still be possible (Fodera Yin Yang Deluxe, Alembic Stanley Clark or similar or old Fenders such as a 60s Mustang Bass). Shipping within the EU is not a problem.
  5. I want to get back to 4 Strings ... So would like to trade my unique 2011 Fodera 33" MG5 Elite Buckeye Burl for a nice & clean Yin Yang Deluxe 4 or a highend Alembic 4 (shortscale prefered). Pre 70s Fender Basses are welcome, too. This is the perfect Bass. MG-specs. Unique and stunning Buckeye Burl top. Weight: 4.6 kg Can ship to Continental Europe and Ireland (EU-Countries).
  6. IMHO this is unfortunately not a "Made in Japan"-one. The serial no. starts with "S" for South Korea ... Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Easy trade (Fbass vs. Fodera) with Giacomo, very nice guy and absolutely trustworthy! Many Thanks.
  8. I´d buy it, if there was not such a thing like Brexit.
  9. Didn´t know those "Modern" Sadowskys can look so good. GLWTS.
  10. Not the pickups are custom, the (ebony) covers are. Very useful upgrade btw.
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