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  1. Cannot believe this one is still here ... Bump!
  2. Very nice bass ... But where is Yin and where is Yang?
  3. Very nice and a good price.
  4. This is a Japanese gem for a very good price ... GLWTS!
  5. Good god! This bass looks awesome!
  6. This one is nice! If I just had enough brains to handle 5 strings ....
  7. Very nice bass and a very good price!
  8. Those 90s Moons are phantastic bass guitars. Loved my fretless one and regrett, that I sold it.
  9. Love those old neck thru BB-Basses, they are worth every penny!
  10. Very nice wood grain ... Those early 80s Squier JVs are amazing basses!
  11. Wow! I need my sunglasses, this bass looks really stunning😎
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