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  1. Hi, was the refinish done by a luthier? Weight? Thanks
  2. Those W&Ts are great looking basses and Quasar79 is a very reliable basschatter. GLWTS.
  3. Traded some wonderful highend basses with Rainer recently and must say, that Rainer is really one of the good guys. Very nice communication, fair negotiations and, as a result, a fantastic bass. What more could you want? Thank you Rainer.
  4. It was not mine ... But it´s so lovely.
  5. Just click on "Tonci" and send him a (personal) message. You´ll find the "message"-button in the upper middle of his profile page.
  6. Nice bass ... Is the fingerramp removeable?
  7. Very interesting, those older EBs are awesome basses👍
  8. This one is amazing😍 Love to see some better pics ...
  9. Nice one! And for a good price
  10. Traded my very nice US-Lakland 44-60 for Latifs perfect Fodera Monarch + some cash. All went out very well and I´m very happy with my new bass. Great transaction. Thank you.
  11. It was mine in the past ... Great bass, absolutely recommend it!
  12. Stunning bass, but can you show it without the fingerramp please?
  13. I sell my 1979 Yamaha Broad Bass 1200. This is an awesome bass guitar in a very good condition, just have a look at the pictures. Sounds great, too. Not the original, but a quality hardshell case is included. Important: A fitting truss rod wrench is also included. Weight: 4,4 kg Location is Liberec, Czech Rep. Shipping GB/EU is included in the price.
  14. I know this one ... It´s an awesome fretless!
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