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  1. Withdrawn

    Hi Daryl, what is the weight of your bass?
  2. Done

    Regards, Dirk
  3. SOLD : Adamovic Saturn 5

    Thanks Geert!
  4. SOLD : Adamovic Saturn 5

    Still for sale!
  5. SOLD : Adamovic Saturn 5

    Still for sale!
  6. SOLD : Adamovic Saturn 5

    Hiscox case included!
  7. SOLD : Adamovic Saturn 5

    Hi, Up for sale is my Adamovic Saturn bass, completely hand built by Nikola Adamovic. It is a wonderfull bass and it is in a very good condition. The bass was recently tuned and fully serviced by Nikola Adamovic himself. The bass can go because my new Adamovic Supernova is ready and the Saturn is too good to hang unemployed on the wall. Price: 2500 Euro No trades! [b]Body[/b] Body wood : Mahogany Top wood : Flamed maple Veneer : Wenge maple enge [b]Neck[/b] Main neck wood : maple Secundary wood : wedge paddock Fingerboard : Coco Bolo Scale Length : 34” [b]Electronics[/b] Pick-ups : Adamovic Bassbars by Heaussel Electronics : Glockenklang Pu modes : series/singlecoil/parallel switch per pu Pick-up covers : Coco bolo Knobs : Aluminium [b]Hardware[/b] Bridge : Hipshot style A-style 3-way adjustable Tuners : Hipshot Ultralites Nut : Coco bolo Jack : Barrel jack [b]Finish[/b] : Cherry burst gloss [b]Weight[/b] : appr. 4 kg [url="http://www.adamovic.nl/1B/Basses/Saturn/sa003%20Cherry%20Burst.htm"]http://www.adamovic....rry%20Burst.htm[/url]
  8. Feedback for albinokiller

    Sold my bass to Mario. Good communication, smooth deal. I can only recommend dealing with Mario. He is indeed a friendly and honest guy!
  9. Sold

    Mine is a M5V, not a V5. Could be different...
  10. Sold

    Hi, sadbass I don't know. Where can I see what brand the pickups are?