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  1. More pictures of the bass
  2. Because I need a more vintage sound in my current project, I would like to sell or exchange my Adamovic Supernova 5 Custom (NP : 4300 Euro) with an equivalent 5-string American Fender bass or high end Fender clone (Mike Lull, Alleva, sadowski, etc.) with a possible addition of cash to value.
  3. Hallo, is deze nog te koop? Wat is je beste prijs verzending naar Belgie inbegrepen? Waar in Nederland woon je? Groetjes, Dirk
  4. The DB stays but I will look into D-class amps and try them out ... Anyone experience with the EBS Reidmar 750?
  5. Thanks for all your input. I think I'll keep the DB 751. The GS 412 is not a problem because it has wheels and is easy to put in and out of the car. Weight is here no problem. The DB is in a sturdy 4 units wooden flightcase together with a wireless system and a racktuner. Maybe I should split it up to lower the weight...anyhow, I also think I will regret selling it.
  6. Thanx guys, the more I read the more I think about keeping the DB and take the weight for what it is.
  7. I dont think The tonehammer has that amount of power. Some people recommend me the Trickfish Bullhead 1k to be a worthy replacement ...
  8. Hi, sorry to bother you with another D-class amp question but I really need some help. I would like to replace my Aguilar DB 751 with a lightweight D-class amp. I like the sound and the power but he is just getting to heavy for me. So I ‘m thinking of replacing it with a good D-class amp. Thinking about a Trickfish bullhead 1K, a EBS Reidmar 750, a Glockenklang Blue Rock, … I know a digital amp is not comparable with a hybrid amp like my DB 751but I don’t want to give in on power and would still like a good sound with a little warmth. I think I keep my Aguilar GS 412 cab to use with the D-class amp. Because I am not in the possibility to give these amps a try, I want to try this way to see if someone has any experience with (one of) these amps. Is there anyone among you that could share his experience with these - or comparison of these amps? Any input is most welcome!
  9. Would you consider any trades?
  10. Pricedrop : now for £1050
  11. Hi Robbie, shipping is no problem. I can ship via Bpost or GLS...
  12. Thx, they are very stunning indeed, plays like butter. At the moment it is strung with flatwounds but the original Elixer's can be put on again.
  13. For sale is my Furch B62 SW-5, high end 5-string acoustic bass with cutaway. I sell this bass because we stopped with our acoustic project. The bass is like new. Has only been played on a few rehearsals, no gigs. The bass is situated in Belgium and comes in original Gigbag £ 1100 Now for £1000 Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Back / Sides: Black Walnut Colour / Finish: Natural Finish: Matt Pickup: LR Baggs Anthem SL Soundhole-Mounted Strings: 5-string Including: Gigbag
  14. Wonderfull bass, if I had the cash cash I would buy it immediatly. Judt received my custom W&T Zoid. Enrico and Eric of Wood&Tronics basses build fantastic instruments A bump for a fantastic bass
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