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  1. Wonderfull bass from a top seller. Good luck with the sale Luc!
  2. nonkel26


    Here they are...
  3. nonkel26


    New years price drop (last one) Now for 2250 GBP (2650 Euro)
  4. nonkel26


    New price, 2350 GBP (2750 Euro)
  5. nonkel26


    Maybe, depends on what you have to offer
  6. nonkel26


    Sorry, I have no samples. According to the serial number it was made in 2000. 18 mm string spacing
  7. hi, i'm looking for a Ken Smith 5-string bass. BSR 5 (Elite,)
  8. Built in December 2006. Alder body with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard The pickup is a Seymour Duncan custom shop. Aguilar OBP 1 pre-amp active/passive with passive tone control. Weight app. 3.7 kg Come’s in the original Protec case The bass is located in Belgium VP: 1700 GBP
  9. unfortunate that the import costs are so high 😞
  10. More pictures of the bass
  11. Because I need a more vintage sound in my current project, I would like to sell or exchange my Adamovic Supernova 5 Custom (NP : 4300 Euro) with an equivalent 5-string American Fender bass or high end Fender clone (Mike Lull, Alleva, sadowski, etc.) with a possible addition of cash to value.
  12. Hallo, is deze nog te koop? Wat is je beste prijs verzending naar Belgie inbegrepen? Waar in Nederland woon je? Groetjes, Dirk
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