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  1. DB 680 in very good conditions The rolls roice of all the valve bass preamp Just for pure bass sound intenditors. 1200 EUROS Shipping included in EU
  2. Very good conditions, perfectly working, super light super power the Amp Who let Epifani know to the world coming complete of the rack Ears and a Gator gig bag spedition not included preferred to be organised by the future owner Alberto
  3. KUSKU comment on another page
  4. https://www.gallien-krueger.com/mb-fusion-800-specs Always used at home , originally bought as new at Thomann the January 2017 Valve used for 50 hours at Max
  5. You don't have to lift it! You can just carry it like a trolley, the case has wheels. So it's a lot more comfortable than you think.
  6. Accugroove preamp inception in pristine conditions , bought directly to Accugroove in 2019 asking 800€ CASH, open to Trade's offers (new at 1900€) shipping included in EU. https://accugroovellc.com/products/inception-tube-preamp. Custom colour Yellow
  7. https://www.glockenklang.de/en/products/bass_systems/bass_art_classic_preamp.htm Some Tim's sign , using at home to record Final price 650€ +shipping not included Real deep and Cristal sound impressive recording with
  8. DB 680 1200 EUROS Shipping included in EU The rolls roice of all the valve bass preamp . Just for pure bass sound intenditors. DB 728 - SOLD
  9. 4.9 kg, perfectly balanced, like the real 70s Jazz bass, some frequencies and sound pass through a considerable weight body.
  10. Alleva Coppolo LM Deluxe Miller SOUND, the best 70s fender style bass ever had. I grudgingly have to sell it cause of too many basses in my collection weight 4.9 Kg well balanced and frequency responsive
  11. Fbass AC6 in mint conditions Shipping in EU included in the price Description on http://www.fbass.com/models/model/ac Finger ramp easily removable attached with light double scotch tape 4700 Pounds NOW 4400 Pounds or 4600 Euro including shipping in EU countries Possible trades only with FODERA Basses 34" v widget
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