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  1. For sale, this high quality fretless neck, CarbonTech series from Vox Humana. Fender specs, jazz bass profile and nut width (38mm) Some light marks from roundwounds on the fretboard, but overall in great condition. These are new about £280 Asking £120 plus shipping (about £15)
  2. Final pricedrop before parting out.... £675 delivered at your door.
  3. Final procedrop £1050 delivered. Bargain!
  4. It was (needed) before fixing it, or else you wouldn't get the best fix.
  5. I prefer a straight sale, but please PM me your offer, thanks.
  6. Thanks, it really is a fine bass, but it doesn't get played and I need the funds for a new house.
  7. Thanks, yes the streamer is all original. Indeed the repair was a pro job and will give no problems at all.
  8. Thinning the herd due to other expenses, so here we go: Very early Warwick Streamer, serial number 067 so this should be from 1984. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Condition is very good, used but not abused, see pictures. Had a professional neck/headstock repair, hence the lower price. All original tone monster, and also a lightweight of only 3.7kg. Cherry wooden body, neckthrough construction with a superb wengé neck. £1150 PRICEDROP £1100 delivered FINAL PRICEDROP £1050 delivered Price including Protection Racket flightbag and also including shipping within UK/most of the EU.