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  1. 1988 Music Man Sabre, lovely bass with a stunning birdseye maple neck, Great condition, plays and sound really good. Two minor issues: there is bucklerash on the back of the body, previous owner tried to "repair" with clear laquer without luck. The other thing is the volume pot is crackling a bit. Otherwise the condition is very good. The neck is without dings and dongs. Frets in good condition, truss rod works in both directions. £1175 / 1300€
  2. Indeed! Now it hangs on a wall doing nothing in Florence, Italy...Hard Rock Cafe. What a waste...
  3. Indeed, the circuit is passive, but installing a preamp is easier having this battery box already installed. Pickups output level is equal to standard jazz and/or precision pickups.
  4. Loaded Precision body, solid alder. Neck pocket fits nice and tight Fender/Squier/AllParts/Warmoth necks. Used, but good condition. Original black finish, String-through option and 9V battery compartment on the back, loaded with 2 Bartolini BB4C humbuckers, Custom made pickguard, new top loaded bridge in black, CTS pots & orange drop capacitor, flat dome knobs & thumbrest. Controls and volume, tone and a 3 way switch for pickup selection. Each pickup has a 3 way toggle switch for single/serial/parallel mode. With the neck attached the bass weight was 4.0 kg. Shipping £15
  5. Aero71


    The neck was just sold, so the loaded body is still available. Will make new pics tomorrow.
  6. Aero71


    A G&L L2000 would come close, sound- and optionwise, although the Barts do have they own character. You could say; in single mode it's like a jazz, in parallel mode it's like a precision and serial mode a precision on steroids.
  7. Great condition, about a year old, BOSS GT-1B, very compact multi FX with great sounds. £138 incl. shipping within UK & most EU
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