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  1. For sale: Beautiful 2006 Modulus FU4 Flea bass, very good condition, only some minor scratches on the back. Seymour Duncan pup with Bartolini preamp, Hipshot B bridge. Plays and sounds like a bomb. Weight is 4,05 kg. Comes with the original hardcase. £2300
  2. Thanks guys, this bass has indeed alot of balls. Owned both a Jap and USA, but the USA is superior. I especially love the preamp and pickups of this one.
  3. For sale: Fender American Standard Jaguar bass, limited edition. This USA models were made less than 2 years and currently becoming rare. Built in 2015, purchased in 2016. It's a lovely bass in one of the most pretty colour combination: Olympic white/tortoise/rosewood. Very versatile due to the PJ configuration, powerfull 18V preamp and serial/parallel switch. Play and sounds like a bomb! This is pure lush. Including OHSC and case candy. Condition is almost mint, just some very light bucklerash on the back of the body. The Jag has just been serviced and has new strings. these went new for 1799 euro. Price is 1250 euro SOLD Shipping witihin UK/EU is about 50 euro.
  4. For sale: Darkglass Microtubes M900 amp, great piece of equipment in very good condition. Comes [u]without[/u] the switch and box, but including UK powercord. Fixed price £725 including shipping within the UK and most EU. [attachment=256742:IMG_1484.JPG] TRADED
  5. Dingwall Z1. Traded

    bass porn
  6. Oldman Feedback

    Another smooth deal with Brian, price agreed, payment done and 2 hours later on it's way with the courier. Top notch!
  7. SOLD -- Fender 70's Jazz Bass ('77)

    Any idea about the weight already?
  8. Feedback for nicob4

    Nicolas bought my Pedulla MVP. All's well, great comms, just a smooth transaction.
  9. SOLD -- Fender 70's Jazz Bass ('77)

    Do you know the weight? And are the pickups the original '77s?
  10. SOLD: Marleaux JB-5