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  1. Haha, I just thought "If only it had one string more"… 😉
  2. This is an absolute amazing instrument for a great price! F**k Covid, in better days I would really think hard about getting it back! Good luck Goran!
  3. Hi! Regarding the second toggle switch I have now information by Ken himself: "That was before Glockenklang offered the "boosted” version of their pre-amps and I wanted the capability to give it some. This is a boost unit from EMG and the trim pot on the top regulates how much boost between 5db to 20db. Turning it clockwise turns up the amount of boost so I always set it at the furthest counterclock-wise so it was reasonable. " So you can trim it from subtile boost to VERY MUCH. Hope that helps! Cheers
  4. Don't wanna be rude, but: Any questions regarding my superb Kenneth Lawrence Chamberbrace 5-string? 😉 Lets maybe move that chainsaw-conversation to a private conversation. Happy to introduce you there to my buddy we just call the "tooth fairy" 😂🤣
  5. Sander De Gier builds really great basses! But I am very sorry, just selling my Ken Lawrence 5 as I have something else with Ken in planning. And I am very much a 6-string guy. Have you seen this one? https://www.luthiersaccessgroup.com/product/kenneth-lawrence-chamberbrase-ii-6-string-bass/
  6. Wow, that sounds rough. Maybe coffee instead? 😅
  7. Well, ehm, öhhh, – NO! 😉 I guess keepers until I have to stop playing bass… Sorry!
  8. Haha, I see! Cheers, thanks for the bump! And be careful with the word "forever" 😂.. For example I have bought and sold an Aguilar DB751 3 times and even consider to buy it a 4th time… 🙈
  9. No, I know Rainer very well for a lot years and a lot of bass deals, but I am not Rainer 😉
  10. Haha, you are Right!! I also have a „note-not-found“ bass with serial #404. (sorry, I could not resist. And it’s true ;-))
  11. Thanks a lot! No, the name "Jonas" is just coincidence with Jonas Hellborg. Siggi Jäger (the masterbuilder behind Human Base) has been building basses for Kai Eckhardt (among other fantastic players), but not for Jonas Hellborg AFAIK. If I get the story right Siggi started with a partner somewhen in the 80s. At some point they wanted to add a neckthrough custom model. Siggi developed the "Jonas" shape and his partner a model called "Max".
  12. Cheers, thanks a lot Robert! Hope to talk and hang again soon
  13. Cheers, thank you! One toggle switch is for the blue LEDs (on / off). The other one is a booster. Haven’t used this feature, a custom spec that Ken used sometimes. I guess the booster can be trimmed (I will verify that). Played the bass most of the time in passive mode though. Weight is coming asap
  14. Thanks for the kind words! And yes, I totally agree 😉 just consider selling as I have 2 other Chamberbraces (a 6-string and another 5 that Ken custombuilt for me).
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