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  1. Currently working on the most important feature: what colour should I make it? Thinking a nice oxblood tuff cab finish with either a black metal grill or black speaker cloth
  2. Will populate this thread with progress pics as soon as I have them
  3. no table saw here so I am hoping for the main cutting to be done by the supplier. Don't mind doing speaker and port cut outs etc myself. I'll get in touch with Timbmet over the next few days to get a quote
  4. Thanks for that @Chienmortbb. Did you opt for poplar for weight on the BC design? Would it be ok at 12mm or would birch be a better bet?
  5. Cheers @Phil Starr, that is a very useful summary of options. Think I'll play around with options and see what seems to work. I can promise you now my woodworking won't be as pretty as the drawings! Now to find somewhere around Glasgow that does suitable plywood. Am I right in saying void free birch ply is the weapon of choice?
  6. Would there be any merit in doing a bit of a hybrid cross brace / spline to spread the contact point with the panel. Something like this:
  7. Being an engineer (and a bit of a masochist) the trial and error is part of what I enjoy, otherwise I would do the sensible thing and build one of Bill's designs or save up for another of Alex's wonderful cabs.
  8. Drew it up with BFM style bracing, looks like it should be easy enough so may well try this first.
  9. It hasn't arrived yet so still that chance it is just a photo of driver in a box 😂
  10. Second Luke's sentiment, your expertise is always appreciated. S12 or S212 would have ideal but the 3015 was 50quid on ebay! Too good to pass up
  11. Not a million miles, Simplexx is 24" x 25.5" x 13.5" (w x h x d), my design is currently 48cm x 64cm x 35cm so around 19" x 25" x 13.75". Realistically it is just a narrower cab however I will be carting the thing up and down to a 3rd floor flat so narrower is much much easier.
  12. Looks like I've got some reading and thinking to do this morning, feel I may have started a bit of a bracing battle. Thanks to everyone for the input and info, great stuff. Hope Bill isn't grumpy about me not opting for the Simplexx, designs look great and I'll almost certainly build an S12 or two in the future.
  13. @Dan Dare that is designed for the LF version, different driver
  14. OK, back to the digital drawing board, cheers for the info
  15. Thanks @Bill Fitzmaurice, don't know why but I am not a big fan of the corner ports aesthetically. I can completely see why they are great for doubling as braces but if I could avoid using them I would like to. Form over function, terrible I know. One other option I was thinking of was to go for a slightly more elaborate bracing design similar to the one used on the mkII basschat 1x12 design, I have drawn up the rough idea below. Would this be better than my initial design or do I need to completely rethink bracing?
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