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  1. Ordered some alternative corners from Amazon since the eBay ones Yodel are meant to be delivering are currently 'delayed' at their depot. I'll be surprised if they ever see the light of day
  2. Cheers. Reckon it is coming in around 17kg from a rough bathroom scales test.
  3. Reckon the two are a nice match. Now to resist the urge to build a second 1x15 🤣
  4. Just corners to go... wherever Yodel have got to with them.
  5. Good to know, never been one for super toppy tones anyway, these days I'm either playing blues/Americana stuff or detuned metal so no real call for horns
  6. Exactly, it's almost as if these commercial cabs are built with the savings inherent with the economy of scale 🤔😂 100% worth it though
  7. Cheers Phil. I knew it shouldn't sound boomy or inarticulate but my experience with decent 1x15 cabs is limited so I still surprised myself with the clarity it's got. As you say it is very nearly a Gen 1 Compact, or probably closer to the lovechild of a Compact and a Greenboy Bassic so all signs pointed to it sounding good. Wasn't a huge amount of money, though the CNC cutting wasn't cheap. If it wasn't for the fact I got the speaker itself cheap then this would have cost nearly as much as a 'shop bought' cab. Of course, money saving was never the objective 😂
  8. Sounds pretty damn huge. Most detailed and clear 15" cab I've used and plays nicely with the midget. Almost expected a little more 'boomy' bass but it is very controlled. Should get bassier with a little breaking in I would guess.
  9. Hopefully get it wired for a quick test tomorrow before the paint goes on
  10. Getting there. Panels all fitted and lined with wadding. Now to finish filling screw holes, drill it out for the speaker bolts and round over the edges before painting
  11. Cheers Phil Fingers crossed it sounds as good as it should. This is my first real foray into cabinet building but I have a suspicion it won't be my last 😂
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