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  1. Nope, it's a Diamond bass comp
  2. Currently trying comp first in chain and hpf last which is working well. Will try other arrangements but that's working for now.
  3. Cheers Phil. When I get time I will chuck the design files in here on the off chance someone wants to have a go or wants to use it to inspire their first build. Who knows, maybe someone else will be luck and find a driver on ebay like I did
  4. The pedal I'm building is HPF only, that said, if I like it I may well build a Vong that has both. I am running a Markbass head though and use the VLE to tame high end a little
  5. Interesting, my comp is first in my chain. Didn't play nice with previous dirt pedals when I tried it the other way but now I think about it I've not tried with my new Fuzzrocious setup
  6. Cheers, matches with my plan but good to know you tried all the permutations first
  7. Apologies if this has been asked before, I did do a cursory search. I am going to be building a Schalltechnik_04 HPF and I was wanting to get opinions on where it would be best placed in my signal chain. The intention is to allow me to best get some punchy and heavy sounds whilst still allowing my amp and speakers to run efficiently. I am running a six string through a board that has, amongst other stuff, a couple of drives, fuzz, chorus and reverb. My plan was to run it last in the chain as pedals like the always on drive I use (Oh See Demon) can add quite a bit of low end and I think it could be tamed a little. What are people's thoughts and experiences? Should I run it first so all my effects are seeing a nice filtered signal or last to tame the effect of my effects? Or, as I suspect, is this just a suck it and see type deal where it is completely application specific and I should just try both?
  8. Ran the full stack at volume at practice for the first time yesterday and it was great. Loud band with 3 guitarists and a drummer who's an absolute machine so strong clear bass is important. Have regularly struggled with 8x10 or 4x10+1x15 stacks in the studio but this setup was perfect. Also took drive, fuzz and modulation effects without losing clarity. One of the guitarists complemented me on how he'd never heard the bass be that loud and full without being boomy or indistinct. The fact he even noticed what I was doing when he was trying his new Sunn model T means it must have been good.
  9. Ordered some alternative corners from Amazon since the eBay ones Yodel are meant to be delivering are currently 'delayed' at their depot. I'll be surprised if they ever see the light of day
  10. Cheers. Reckon it is coming in around 17kg from a rough bathroom scales test.
  11. Reckon the two are a nice match. Now to resist the urge to build a second 1x15 🤣
  12. Just corners to go... wherever Yodel have got to with them.
  13. Good to know, never been one for super toppy tones anyway, these days I'm either playing blues/Americana stuff or detuned metal so no real call for horns
  14. Exactly, it's almost as if these commercial cabs are built with the savings inherent with the economy of scale 🤔😂 100% worth it though
  15. Cheers Phil. I knew it shouldn't sound boomy or inarticulate but my experience with decent 1x15 cabs is limited so I still surprised myself with the clarity it's got. As you say it is very nearly a Gen 1 Compact, or probably closer to the lovechild of a Compact and a Greenboy Bassic so all signs pointed to it sounding good. Wasn't a huge amount of money, though the CNC cutting wasn't cheap. If it wasn't for the fact I got the speaker itself cheap then this would have cost nearly as much as a 'shop bought' cab. Of course, money saving was never the objective 😂
  16. Sounds pretty damn huge. Most detailed and clear 15" cab I've used and plays nicely with the midget. Almost expected a little more 'boomy' bass but it is very controlled. Should get bassier with a little breaking in I would guess.
  17. Hopefully get it wired for a quick test tomorrow before the paint goes on
  18. Getting there. Panels all fitted and lined with wadding. Now to finish filling screw holes, drill it out for the speaker bolts and round over the edges before painting
  19. Cheers Phil Fingers crossed it sounds as good as it should. This is my first real foray into cabinet building but I have a suspicion it won't be my last 😂
  20. Please note the top is just balanced on, the gap top right will be gone when properly fitted
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