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  1. Just sold a Ken Smith Black Tiger 5 strings to Bastek. He is a very nice guy to deal with. Paid fast and he is a trusty man. I would not hesitate to do business again with him. Highly recomanded!
  2. Nice bass and recomanded seller!
  3. Just a question. I am not sure but I was reading that type of logo (from headstock) is called "transition logo" and was made for 65/66 basses. Is that true? I am sure there are some experts here and can leave some comments about that. Thanks! Beautiful bass!!!! 😍
  4. Bought a Fenders P original 60s from Nick. Bass was good packed, came as he described and the transaction was very easy. Thank you Nick for bass!!! 👍🏻
  5. Great bass, great seller! Good luck!
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