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  1. Specs: - Body: swamp ash - Top: buckeye burl - Neck: maple - Fretboard: (I think) Macassar ebony. Can be Santos rosewood (Pau Ferro) too. I saw on Elrick's internet site that some of the basses have this kind of fretboard and it looks very similar (colour and grain). Anyway... sounds great, I think this is more important. - Tone block: alder - 35" - 4.1 Kg - Hipshot Ultralite tuners - Hipshot A-Style bridge - String spacing: 19 mm now, but can be adjusted + - - nut width 48 mm - Dunlop Straplok Flush Mount - Pickups: Bassculture Motherbucker, in ebony housing - Electronics: Aguilar OBP-3 - 18V. Push/pull volume for active/passive, balance, bass (40Hz), mids (push/pull for 400/800 Hz), treble (6.5 KHz), two switches for serial/parallel/single coil for each pickup Price 2850 euro!
  2. I am interested in fair trades. A cheaper bass is an option if a fair amount of money are added!
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