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  1. I will try one more time.... Back for sale! 😋
  2. Thanks but I have to keep it since people are not buying it.
  3. Got this beautiful like new condition bass in a trade but I realized I have another bass (Mike Lull pj5) very similar in sound with this so Boldogh needs to go. Details from previous owner here:
  4. Also interested in trades against Yamaha MODX, Moog Sub37 or Moog Subsequent 37 + cash.
  5. Also interested in trade against Yamaha MODX, Moog Sub37, Moog Subsequent 37, bass guitar in 4 or 5 strings or audio interface for the same value.
  6. Price is going.... up! Yep... up.... the prices should go always down? No. 🙃 So now the bass cost 60 GBP more... Price is 2250 GBP. 😋 Probably most of the guys who did some offers for my Roscoe don't know how much will cost right now to order a bass like this.....
  7. I had a nice trade with Joni and all was a good experience. Very fast comunication and trade went really smoth. Thank you Joni!
  8. I sold/trade my Sandberg California 5 to Paul. A very easy transaction and very good comunication! Paul paid as we agreed and also shipped to me a Sonus Play 5 speaker as he said (brand new, unopend box). Speaker came fast and very good packed. Highly recomanded! Thank you Paul for this transaction!
  9. So, this bass is for a while here and got all kind of stupid offers for such a bass...sounds so good..., plus is my YOB so I took the advice from my wife to play it more... so the bass is WITHDRAW!
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