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  1. Hi there! Over the years I ordered many basses to many great luthiers. One of them was Ritter Roya 5 in 2017. Process ordering was really nice. I remember like yesterday being to his place and chossing the amaizing AAA Quilted Maple top and rest of woods. So I got the bass in 2017 and since then I was playing only home a few times because I also ordered in 2014 an Alleva Coppolo LG5 (jimmywood fingerboard) which was more suited to my music. Bass did not left my home and was all the time in the case.So, the bass is in mint condition, comes with nice case (see photo), all original papers from Jens Ritter including Certificat of Authenticity. (The gold writting, can be easily delated on the back of the headstock if that is a problem. Is not a permanent marker). See specs of the bass in photos! Price 4700 euro + shipping. No trades please!
  2. Hi! I have for sale my Alleva Coppolo LG5, I ordered directly to Jimmy Coppolo in 2013. Bass is in very good condition, no scraches or dents. Bass has a special rosewood fingerboard called by Jimmy Coppolo "Jimmywood" (is a brasilian rosewood species), please read on internet about that. As far as I heard that option is not anymore availeble and I paid like an upgrade for this bass. I have all papers including customs fees I paid in 2013. This bass sounds so good and I did not think I will ever sell it, but the time came. Bass cames with a hardcase and 2 battery/electronics covers. More details in pictures. Please NO TRADES! Price is 4500 euro.
  3. Trades possible, but value for trade will be 6000 euro. Try me with a nice Fodera or a Ken Smith Elite. No 4 strings.
  4. Hi there! I have for sale a brand new Sadowsky Limited Edition 2020 with 5 strings in MINT condition. The bass has a special wood on top (quilted maple) painted in a very beautiful blue, a roasted neck (this necks have very good stability and stay in tune), quartersawn neck, is number 16 from the total of 100 basses were ever made. Bass cost around 3700 euro in stores and is made in Germany by Warwick. Bass comes with new Sadowsky gigbag and certificate of authenticity. My selling price is 2650 euro + shipping. No trades!
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