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    Good to know.Thanks for details!
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    Any problem with the neck? Looks like is a crack there....
  3. Interested in buying a Musicman Stingray Special 4H natural ash finish body and maple fingerboard.
  4. "I prefer heavier basses" 😎 ... wow ... 9 lbs. is to light?
  5. Indeed an amaizing bass! Cannot belive is still here....
  6. Not necesary to own multiple basses (because people rarely are buying the same custom model more then one), but to compare them in different circumstances. For exemple, 2 or 3 years ago I was in Frankfurt in one musicstore calked "Session" and they had on stock 2 basses (new made, and same perioad) and I could not tell the diference between them. They had the price at the time around 3200 or 3400 euro if I remember corectly and they been for some time in the store. Looks like in the last a few years prices of these models increase considerable.
  7. A had a second trade with Marc. Very nice guy to deal with, super easy and great communication!!! Thank you Marc!
  8. These high prices for Pino CS are not only in UK. I wish to find one for £2,000 but I don't think that is posible. So, coming back to my question, are there different quality periods in building these basses? I know they are already for some years on market. Anybody noticed a diference?
  9. We don't need to talk hypothetical if seller will sell his bass cheaper, stores also are flexible with price specialy when they sell so expencive bass... also are coming times like "black friday" 😊 There is right now one for sale for £3500 which converted in euros is 4,058 euro which is 40 euro less then thomann has them for 4,098 euro. A bass from store has a few advantages: 1. Money back if you don't like the bass 2. Waranty 3. Shipping included and insurance paid. 4. Is not your responsability if something goes wrong with the shipping. 5. Nobody played that bass in concerts etc... nobody abuse it, and you are sure was carefuly checked before shipping. So is 40 euros worth not to pay? I understood your point you can negociate but seller might refuse a negociation or after seller give you a 100 euro less is still worth buy second hand for so an expencive bass???
  10. Hello all! I don't write here to much but now I have a question that is bothring me. 😎 I have seen recently in topic "basses for sale" a few Fender Pino Palladino CS for sale with the same price like the stores have them. I am in Germany and I was searching at Thomann for that. My question is: Are there different quality periods in building these basses or what is the reason people are selling second hand basses the same price like the stores sells them new? Thanks!
  11. Best jazz 5 strings (vintage sound): Alleva Copollo LG5 Best jazz 5 strings (modern sound): Sadowsky NYC5 with maple fingerboard
  12. This is an amaizing instrument! I bought one bass before from Mick and I met him locally here in Germany. He is just a very nice guy to deal with and taking care of his stuff very good. 👍🏻
  13. I have for sale a Korg Kronos 73 in very good condition. I also bought a new Thon hardcase for Korg to be protected. This keyboard was played only inside the house! Cames with original Korg sustein pedal too. No dents or scraches. Price: £1500 or 1700 euro plus shipping. Link with hardcase: https://m.thomann.de/de/thon_keyboard_case_pvc_kronos_73.htm
  14. I have also a few questions: What year was this bass made? Is there a serial number? What model is this bass? I know Jerzy Drozd has models like Obsession, Excellency, Mastery etc...
  15. I will try one more time.... Back for sale! 😋
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