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  1. I am interested in fair trades. A cheaper bass is an option if a fair amount of money are added!
  2. Nice bass right there! Good luck Flavius! 👍
  3. It has 4.1 kg and space strings is 18 mm. at bridge but can be adjusted to 19 mm or less to 17.5 mm
  4. Is 34 scale and standard tuned BEADG. Tomorrow I will check weight and string spacing.
  5. For sale Ken Lawrence I - 6 strings. No trades please! Pics and link with details from previous owner:
  6. I have for sale amaizing bass Adamovic Halo 5 handmade 2019.It has 4.1 kg., 18 mm space strings at bridge (can be adjusted from 17.5 mm to 19 mm and is 34 scale. Details with more specs in pics. Comes with original Hiscox hardcase. Perfect condition bass and hardcase! Price 3500 euro plus shipping. No trades! PRICE DROP! 3300 EURO!!!!!
  7. A very similar bass with mine for those interested how the bass sounds:
  8. Great bass and great seller! 👌👌 This was mine and plays really nice.
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