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  1. A discontinued pedal made by Iron Ether. Much better than other reverbs I've used as its specifically made for bass, and has a much darker tone to it. Works really well with synth/octave pedals. Selling as I use my delay more. Not sure how to price this as from what I can tell there haven't been any sold in the forum, so have priced it similarly to other Iron Ether pedals. Happy to post or collection from Bristol. Any questions give me a shout. Also sorry the image is sideways!
  2. Cracking 212 Cabinet made by Bergantino. Deep lows and punchy mids. Only selling as it doesn't get the use it deserves. Comes with official padded cover. Will be getting some more pics up soon, but one I have on my phone from a gig during the summer. Based in Bristol, ideally collection only but we may be able to sort something out. Cheers!
  3. Matryoshka - SOLD Flashback - SOLD Bass synth wah - SOLD BJFE Blueberry - SOLD Boomerang - SOLD
  4. Hi all, selling a few rare pedals and others not so. Picked them up on here and am keeping the ones I'm using. Price includes UK postage. Happy to answer any questions! Have priced the rarer/discontinued pedals with use of reverb and ebay used listings. WALRUS JANUS - £170 BOOMERANG PHRASE 3 SAMPLER - £280 FEA LABS DUAL BAND DISTORTION - £280 DARKGLASS A/O ULTRA - £270 - £255 BJFE ORIGINAL BLUEBERRY OVERDRIVE - £300 - SOLD DARKGLASS DUALITY FUZZ - £130 BANANANA MATRYOSHKA - £150 - SOLD DARKGLASS SUPER SYMMETRY COMPRESSOR - £190 DIGITECH BASS SYNTH WAH £55 - SOLD SFX ULTRA TONE - £85 TC ELECTRONIC FLASHBACK - SOLD *SUBDECAY QUASER* dodgy power connecter, works with a bang. Half price as an easy fix - £70
  5. High end Darkglass compressor for sale, really is great. If you haven't tried a compressor before, this is definitely a good place to start! Happy to post of course, or based in Bristol for collection.
  6. £400, I'd like this gone please as gear incoming!
  7. £415, These amps are truly great, and comes with a perfect sized hardcase.
  8. Sorry all, now back up with a big bump. Cheers!
  9. It's got pino vibes by the bucket! Unfortunately needs must
  10. Cheers Hobbayne, I'll update the ad accordingly!
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