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  1. Cracking cab, selling as I recently acquired another cab that meets all my needs and this can go to a better home! Been gigged lots before I bought it and Ive played around 25 gigs with it. A few marks here and there but it's got the sprayed rubber finish so is super hardy. Unbelievably light and goes very loud. Can arrange postage or collection from Bristol. Dont have a cover, but again the finish keeps it looking fresh. Pictures to be uploaded tomorrow in the morning. Any questions ask!
  2. Ohh and sorry price is £425 not £470. Can’t seem the change it!
  3. The one person shuffle is my strongest method so far. Stand the case up then wobble it left and right until you lay the case flat and gravity does the job. Hey presto.
  4. Easy enough on your wallet, the opposite for your back. 810 and flightcase. It was used by Busted for many years, and I purchased it off there ex tour manager. Well used and its seen plenty of gigs. Theres some spraypaint on the sides of the cab and it’s marked here and there. but its to be expected for the type of cab and the life its lived, it was there main touring rig. The front grill is in very good nick though. I will be trying to remove the spraypaint when I have some available time next week! Been in storage for years. I’ve used it on hire for festivals etc. Pricewise its difficult, some used examples on reverb for £400 without a case in much worse condition. Facebook market theres some in better for around £7-800. Similar condition around £500 without case. so feel these price is good, but let me know if you have some more knowledge! Any questions ask, just some photos of the flightcase for now and the cab to follow! Jack Oh obviously collection from Bristol only - posting this thing would cost me a months wages.
  5. Still pending so will keep you updated Henry 👍🏻
  6. Should also add its in ridiculously good nick for its age and use. also re trades as someone asked, sale only please
  7. An absolute beast of a pedal. From thick synth fuzz to grizzly drive. Only selling as I need the cash and have a fuzz that I’m happy with on my main board. Pretty rare to find these now. Discontinued way back when. £5 postage from Bristol. cheers
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