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  1. A limelight I recently picked up in a trade. Moving it on as I need the funds for other things. Really nice light relic compared to others. Resonant with loads of sustain. Nice and light too. To be honest if I wasn't after the cash I wouldn't sell this, it sounds fantastic. Comes with a gator hardcase. Any questions please ask. In terms of trades I'm only interested in 4x12 Marshall cabs or a jcm900. Potentially pedals also with cash my way.
  2. He reimbursed me with a pint and promised to not play drums whilst I tune from here on out.
  3. The killer synth pedal. Didn't think I'd ever sell, but my filters for sale haven't moved yet... So needs must! Priced includes postage with UK. Pictures to follow this afternoon.
  4. Interesting trades and offers so far. But nothing certain! Really need this gone. Drop to £1500.
  5. Two filters up for sale. based in Bristol. Price includes postage. Emma - £105 Wonderlove - £145
  6. With a stupidly heavy heart and after months of wanting this bass I'm having to let it go as soon as I've acquired it. The honest reason for my sale is I'm having a campervan converted, and it's gone way over budget. Something has to go and this is worth the most and is the newest in. An amazing bass to look at and play. A 1956 replica P by Moollon. Great feel and flat neck. Cracking looking headstock. I've currently changed the volume and tone knobs to small Sadowsky ones as I prefer the feel when playing gigs. Have the original Moollons which the bass will be sold with. No biggies apart from one knock it picked up on the one gig I played with it 😒. The drummer knocked one of his stands over and it clipped the side of the horn. Nothing major but worth noting none the less. Also the drummer has reimbursed me so I've lowered the price a little to account for this. In the picture just to note its the top marks, the lower one is light reflection from this lovely weather. Trades wise I'm interested in lots but would be looking for £700 minimum my way. Ideally a straight sale though. Based in Bristol. Cheers.
  7. WITHDRAWN. After some recent realisations this has become my favourite bass and won't be going anywhere for now. Thanks for all interest and trade offers!
  8. Hello all, Just wondering if a set of Tapewounds exist in E to high C tuning. Can't seem to find any out there myself!
  9. And still available bump, down to £100
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