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  1. Hi all, really do need this gone... £1300. Not including postage. Thanks!
  2. From my most experienced (gigged) bass I own! Over the years I have just been using it less and less, and I've realised I prefer rosewood to maple necks. Comes with original tuners and 3 screw neck plate. It has one small knock at the 3rd fret, and some general wear to the frets, I've owned it over 10 years. More pictures to follow... Just a quick one with my wide lens to sow the seeds of potential interest! Postage possible. Based in Bristol.
  3. Hi guys. Have had some work expenses come up that I need to cover quickly, and this does pain me, dropping to £2000 for The DB751 and Grey SL410. Or £1440 for the DB751. Buy both and sell them to make a tidy profit! haha. Thanks Jack
  4. For a short time only, as I need the money for work related things - The DB751 and a Dorian grey SL410 for £2100. Easily in my opinion the best rig you could ever grab with a tempting price tag...
  5. For a short time only, as I need the money for work related things - The DB751 and a Dorian grey SL410 for £2100. Easily in my opinion the best rig you could ever grab with a tempting price tag...
  6. Hi all, Been putting off listing this for a while, but needs must. Purchased in 2020 for a booking with my backline company, but due to coronavirus its had absolutely zero use (Apart from in my home!) so needs most. Easily, in my opinion, the best amp going. But if you're interested in buying this I'm sure you already know that. The description from Aguilar... The DB® 751 combines the legendary tube-driven tone of the DB® 750 with greater EQ control. A perfect combination of raw power and excellent tone, the DB® 751 continues the legacy set by the world famous DB® 750. Delivering 975 Watts at 2 ohms and 750 Watts at 4 ohms, this amp has the headroom you need to play any size venue. Im ideally looking for a straight sale. I'd be interested in potential trades with at least £1000 my way. Any questions let me know. Better pictures to follow, but my camera on my phone is bust and that's bottom of the list right now! Happy to post wherever and have history of posting all over Europe. Cheers!
  7. Just the black 410 for sale now. Been sat in my lockup for over a year! Here's what Aguilar say... Powerful neodymium speaker magnets and a tuned plywood housing are responsible for the Aguilar SL 410x's rich, full sound and light weight - half the weight of a traditional 4" x 10" cab. This revolutionary 800-watt bass cab is able to fill a room with deep bass and sparkling treble (44Hz-16kHz) thanks to a quartet of custom woofers plus a phenolic tweeter, and at reduced risk to your back thanks to its svelte size. Recessed molded handles plus included removable casters provide ease of transportation from the practice space to the van to the stage, and rubber feet provide a stable foundation for tube heads and sensitive rack gear. The SL 410x is loaded with speakON and 1/4" inputs for versatile I/O whether you play vintage or modern gear. The weight-saving properties and powerful midrange response of neodymium magnets give each of the SL 410x's four woofers a full sound and the cab a reduced total weight (just 49 lbs.) at no cost in performance. The all-wood 12mm cabinet brings out the rumbling lows and tight mid-range punch of the drivers, while the onboard tweeter with integral phase plug adds clarity, attack, and upper harmonics to your tone. And at 800 watts RMS, the Aguilar SL 410x may be all you need to fill a room - great news for gigging bassists. £800. The current selling price at Andertons is £1300 per cab, and more expensive elsewhere. Looking through previous resale values I feel its good. I'm also selling my backup DB751. Again, needs most unfortunately. I will do a bundle price for all 3, the listing will go live later. Any questions please ask. Happy to post, or meet halfway!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I checked @Quatschmacherand indeed it does have the metal shaft upgrade for the cutoff knob!
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