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  1. Check out the amazing Jimmy Haslip too.
  2. I had the very same GAS for a Sadowsky until March this year, when I pulled the trigger and bought a Satin Deluxe 5 from Bass Direct. I'm so glad I did and I just love it. It's prompted me to sell my beloved Fodera (check the basses for sale section) and I've barely played my Fenders since. Mines a NYC model so has a chambered body - love the weight reduction and, IMO, it adds to the tone. And it does cut through in a band situation, more so than any of my other basses. I play in a 'pop' orchestra (a la London Grammar), a rock/funk originals band, a function band and I dep for a few other acts locally and I've had comments on its' tone from each one - more so than I ever had on any other bass, even the Fodera. As always, it's just my opinion based on my own experience, but I say if you've got the money and the GAS then go for it - life's too short. Worst case, it's not for you and you move it on - at least you've scratched the itch! Pic below!
  3. I've decided to move my Fodera on, as it's just not getting the love these days. It's at The Bass Gallery in Camden, London, as they are commission selling it on my behalf - so can be viewed and played there if you want to. https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/fodera-monarch-standard-4 It was purchased from The Bass Gallery new, by me - I'm the only previous owner. It's an early Std bolt on model, before they introduced the current 'flat headstock' style standards with a string tree. It's basically a custom Fodera with a slightly smaller headstock, 2 band 18v Pope preamp, bolt on (but with body contouring at the neck pocket). Beautifully understated bass that plays like butter! I wish I could keep it just hanging on the wall but sadly not an option 😞 Subtle Flame maple front Mahogany body c/w ebony veneer insert 3 piece rock maple bolt on 24 fret neck with tilted headstock and matching ebony veneer. MoP Fodera butterfly inlay. Rosewood Fingerboard with MoP inlays Brass nut Gold hardware EMG Active P/J Pups Pope 18v 2 band preamp - Vol with pull passive/Blend/Bass cut-boost/Treble cut-boost Ernie Ball inset straplocks Fodera teardrop standard hard case It's in very nice condition, but does have one small 'scuff' on the inside of the lower horn and some very small marks on the top of the headstock. Looking for £3,250 Thanks for reading - feel free to PM me with any questions. For price negotiations, trade in talk, etc - please contact the guys at The Gallery.
  4. Sorry to reignite a necro thread, but thought I'd chime in with my experience today. So, I've had the CMD121P for about 12 months and I also have the NYC extension cab for larger stages, having come back to MarkBass after not being happy with the Aguilar set up I was using. I found that I got a much better sound, for me, with the Mark Bass flat than I did with the Aggie. But, the HF/tweeter on the CMD is horrible and I have struggled with that since day 1. I've actually been looking at other rigs lately, thinking that the CMD wasn't quite 'there' for me because of that awful HF. Then, boom, I came across this thread today and thought 'it's a simple non-destructive hack so let's give it a go'. Wow. Just Wow! The difference removing the x-over makes is amazing (to me). It's like I've been playing it under a duvet for the last year and suddenly the duvet is removed! Like the pool water has suddenly drained from your ears! It's now the sound I'd been hoping for originally - can't wait to get it into a venue later this week and see how it behaves on stage. For reference, playing a US Sadowsky 5 into it through a Cali76 bass compressor - the growl has most definitely 'come alive'! Thanks to the OP for a 10 year old hack 🙂
  5. The last 'proper' gig I went to (bought a ticket and everything) was Victor Wooten Trio @ Ronnie Scotts, in October last year. Off to see Jeff Lorber Fusion (Ronnies again) with Jimmy Haslip on bass in April. That's one back-to-front-upside-down player that blows me away!
  6. Nickel for me too - must have tried them all over the years but came back to and settled on DR Nickel Lo-Riders. Trying out the LaBella Nickel RX's on my 5 string on Mark Stickleys' (Bass Direct) recommendation and they've settled in really nicely after 3 days play. Another +1 for Davo's comment on the SS jangle.
  7. 6 Basses, 5 straps (poor old Kala U Bass - always the bridesmaid :P).
  8. Steve_M


    Welcome 🙂
  9. I bought the Mk1 version a few years ago and, while it worked, it was a great pedal - really quacky and responsive. But one day it just gave up the ghost and stopped quacking 💀🦆. Couldn't bring myself to buy another just in case, so now use the Mu-Tron Micro-Tron III, which is feckin' awesome! 😀
  10. Steve_M


    +1 for the Cali, it's awesome IMO and always on! I also have the MXR M87 as a back up & battery powered option (Cali is mains only). Always wanted to try the FEA Labs DE-CL but $275 + shipping is a bit steep to take a punt on. Anyone using one?
  11. I often get misty over my old Westone Thunder 1-A. Or maybe I just miss being an 80's teenager 🤔?
  12. Making my first pilgrimage there on Friday to test drive a Sadowsky. Bought lots of things from Mark over t'interweb but never got in the car and made the effort. It's gonna cost ain't it....?! 😍 🤑💰🚗🏡 🤦‍♀️
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