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  1. The last 'proper' gig I went to (bought a ticket and everything) was Victor Wooten Trio @ Ronnie Scotts, in October last year. Off to see Jeff Lorber Fusion (Ronnies again) with Jimmy Haslip on bass in April. That's one back-to-front-upside-down player that blows me away!
  2. Nickel for me too - must have tried them all over the years but came back to and settled on DR Nickel Lo-Riders. Trying out the LaBella Nickel RX's on my 5 string on Mark Stickleys' (Bass Direct) recommendation and they've settled in really nicely after 3 days play. Another +1 for Davo's comment on the SS jangle.
  3. 6 Basses, 5 straps (poor old Kala U Bass - always the bridesmaid :P).
  4. Steve_M


    Welcome 🙂
  5. I bought the Mk1 version a few years ago and, while it worked, it was a great pedal - really quacky and responsive. But one day it just gave up the ghost and stopped quacking 💀🦆. Couldn't bring myself to buy another just in case, so now use the Mu-Tron Micro-Tron III, which is feckin' awesome! 😀
  6. Steve_M


    +1 for the Cali, it's awesome IMO and always on! I also have the MXR M87 as a back up & battery powered option (Cali is mains only). Always wanted to try the FEA Labs DE-CL but $275 + shipping is a bit steep to take a punt on. Anyone using one?
  7. I often get misty over my old Westone Thunder 1-A. Or maybe I just miss being an 80's teenager 🤔?
  8. Making my first pilgrimage there on Friday to test drive a Sadowsky. Bought lots of things from Mark over t'interweb but never got in the car and made the effort. It's gonna cost ain't it....?! 😍 🤑💰🚗🏡 🤦‍♀️
  9. The Jam for me. Probably 'Start' was my start (!) but played along to This Is The Modern World / All Mod Cons / Setting Sons / Sound Effects albums almost constantly from about 1980 - 82/3. Bruce Foxton was God to me back then.
  10. Yep we're inundated with low end masters in these parts! Always good if you need to find a dep at short notice ;-). The Aggie is a fab rig, although it seems like I might be trading it in now against a new axe - roll on Friday 🙂
  11. Ye, I figured that after I posted 🤦‍♂️. Ah well, it'll find a good home eventually (my want for a Sadowsky 5 will have to be just that!). Also, howdy neighbour from just up the hill 🙂
  12. After trying Pyramids, LaBellas, Thomastiks & Chromes I finally settled for D'Addario Nylon Tapes on my P Bass! I think they sound awesome, they thud like flats but they have a real clear fundamental that still cuts through the mix. I say give 'em a try! 🙂
  13. Thanks Big Smoke. The forums are great - I'm looking forward to contributing. So, the gear.. My #1 is a Fodera Monarch 4 string bolt on which I've had for about 14 years, love it. My 'go-to' gig warrior is a 2014 US Fender Jazz 4 string, Olympic white/Rosewood/Tort with Aguilar HC pups. My beater is a Fender Nate Mendel P Bass, CAR with tort scratchplate & Lindy Fralin pup, strung with D'Addario Tapes (sounds awesome) and #4 is a 2004 Fender Jaco Fretless I got from Andy Baxter a few years ago. Amp wise I've had all sorts over the years but my current favourite is my Mark Bass CMD121 combo & NYC121 extension cab - just seems to suit all the gigs I currently do better than my Aguilar TH500 rig (which I've posted for sale on the forums - but maybe went a bit early with that as no-one knows me so it'll probably stick around a bit). Too many pedals to mention but always on my board is my Origin Effects Cali76 Bass Comp - best compressor I've ever had (and I've had loads!). I'm always in a few bands at any one time but my long term (25 years so far!) gig has been with a rock/funk originals band called The Varlies. We've had varying degrees of success over the years but it's still good fun, which is the most important part I guess. I've also been doing bass duties for The Paul Dunton Orchestra for the last 4 years - loads of good gigs/festivals & tours with them and a much different dynamic to a rock band. Various other projects/sessions/deps & jams are always ongoing! Then there's the family & the day job......... 😉 Hope that fills you in a bit more without sending you to sleep! Steve
  14. Hi from me too, also joined today 😀
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