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  1. Yes I did think about that but I think I'd just be delaying the inevitable. It's a fun pedal but better with someone who can make use of it.
  2. The gear clearout continues! Decided to sell my old MarkBass SA450 (bought from GAK chuffin' years ago - 2007 I believe). Full working order (just tried it!) - really great sounding amp in amazing condition for its age. Has been sat in my studio as a backup for years. Not used it in anger since I got an Aguilar head in 2015. Comes with Markbass canvas amp bag (a little tatty as the front zip pocket has come undone along one seam - doesn't affect its use as an amp bag - it's still safe and secure). Looking for £320 delivered or £300 if you want to collect. Price drop to £275 + postage Price drop to £250 delivered / £230 collected (collection from Tunbridge Wells, Kent - can be heard working if collected. Also happy to meet up for swap within reason). Moving house so want to get things shifted! These details from the Markbass website: INPUTS INPUT impedance: 500 Kohm, max. voltage: 9 Vpp EFFECT RETURN impedance: 33 Kohm, max. voltage: 12 Vpp CONTROLS GAIN -80 dB to +25 dB range LINE OUT level control on front panel PRE/POST EQ (for line out) switch on rear panel GROUND LIFT switch on rear panel MASTER VOLUME EQUALIZATION LOW center frequency: 40 Hz; level ±16 dB LOW-MID semi-parametric: frequency 100-800 Hz, level ±16 dB HIGH-MID semi-parametric: frequency 700 Hz-6 kHz, level ±16 dB HIGH 10 kHz shelf; level ±16 dB VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) center frequency 380 Hz (cut) VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) 250 Hz-20 kHz cut OUTPUTS EFFECT SEND unbalanced, max. voltage 12 Vpp (pre-EQ) TUNER OUT unbalanced, max. voltage 2 Vpp LINE OUT balanced XLR, max. voltage 25 Vpp SPEAKER OUT speakon, 1/4" OTHER HEIGHT 3.39 in. / 8.6 cm (2U) WIDTH 14.5" / 36.8 cm (with rack ears: 19" / 48.3 cm) DEPTH 11.9 in. / 30.2 cm WEIGHT 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg OUTPUT POWER 300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 500W RMS @ 4 ohm POWER REQUIREMENT 100/120V; 230V; 240V 50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale) The SA 450 is our standard, solid-state, professional head. Versatile and packed with features, this head provides more EQ control than the Little Mark II, a line out level control and pre/post EQ switch. Simple and true. Thanks for looking!!
  3. Hi All Having a clear out of unused kit! First to go is my Future Impact v1, updated to v3.03 (latest update is to v3.6 but it's dead easy to do via midi). Bought on a bit of a whim and very little used. Has original box and paperwork. Controller software is available from Panda Audio (http://pandamidi.com/support). Has velcro on the bottom but will come off if necessary, as you're all probably aware! Good fun pedal - just don't use it so can't justify keeping it tbh. Looking for £200 + postage or maybe a trade against a 3leaf Audio Doom 2 if you have one that you don't want! Thanks for looking
  4. Yes, the black handled ones look like a Fret Tang nipper (for removing the tang from a section of fretwire) and the red look like fret tang crimpers (to make a slight scallop in the tang for wider cut fret slots). The file could be a fret shaping file (if the narrow edges have a radius to them?) but the 2 files in the red bags look like fret files so maybe not. Equally puzzled by the block/clamp and the blue clamp although the blue clamp looks just like a cam clamp. Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him?
  5. Steve_M


    Sold an East J-Retro to Charlie. No hassles, prompt payment and a top chap to boot 👍. Cheers Charlie😀.
  6. Hi Tony If you mean the flat response versus the standard in the J-Retro range - the standard version has a subtle EQ contour (a bit scooped) whereas the flat response version (the one I'm selling) does not. If you're referring to the other models in the range (J - Retro Deluxe or J - Tone) then there's loads of detail on the East website www.east-uk.com Cheers
  7. Depends on the basses you're carrying. It is heavier obviously, but I frequently take mine with a Sadowsky 5 string (US, so chambered and light by default) and my Fender Nate Mendel P (not the heaviest P bass ever made) and it's not horrible. Can be a little more awkward in a tight corridor though 😳! Still quite comfy worn on your back - can be a bit much over one shoulder for extended periods. Certainly better than taking 2 cases and, as others have already mentioned, built like a tank!
  8. Having a bit of a clear out and came across my J-Retro 01. Purchased from Bass Direct back in May 2016, fitted to my USA Jazz for a few months, didn't get on with it so reverted back to passive and popped it in the cupboard in my studio. It's been there ever since! It's the flat response version, so no pre-shape - full details here https://www.east-uk.com/product/j-retro-01/ Comes with original box, still with the anti-static bag plus all the paperwork/fitting instructions. There are some pen marks on the knobs (pictured) where I marked them (with a Sharpie!) for my own reference. I'm sure these would clean off with solvent and a little tlc. This was £195 when I bought it in 2016 and, remarkably, they're still the same price (just checked Johns website) new. Looking for £140 £120 delivered within UK (Royal Mail 24hr Tracked Insured to £100) Payment via PayPal preferred (I'll cover the fees) or £130 £110 cash on collection if you'd rather? Thanks for looking 🙂
  9. Back in the day when my back could take it and band members were more helpful during load in I had a Mesa Boogie 2x10 Road Ready on top of a Mesa Boogie Road Ready 1x15. Played a Stingray through an Ampeg SVT3. Loved that sound/setup. Then Markbass came along....
  10. Good point - I didn't factor that into my reply. However, I do think it's worth spending out on a case that will last and protect the investment inside. I've had several cheap cases over the years which are now in the attic/bin. I guess if it's only for occasional light use then a cheaper bag would probably be ok, but my Mono's have been dragged all over the country for years and are still going strong. They've certainly been worth the cost. They are expensive though, so I get why they may not be best for the OP.
  11. Another +1 for Mono. I use the Vertigo for a single bass and I have the M80 dual for when I need to take a 2nd bass. I have the Protection Racket one too but the zips have let me down on my one. Vertigo is my fave - totally trust it with my Sadowsky and it's comfy to carry on the tube, etc. The other thing for me is the Vertigo is more ergonomic in everyday use. I rarely lay any case down, unzip and remove the guitar. The Vertigo is designed to allow you to pack/unpack your bass vertically and, most importantly, avoiding scratching the body against the zip. The Protection Racket, because of its' rigid sidewalls, was terrible for this in my experience. Just my thoughts/experience - YMMV
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