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  1. From the Lakland golden era, 2007 USA Lakland Decade with the original Fred Hammon hand-made Darkstar pickups. Amazing, one of a kind tone. Incredible playability. Naturally worn, honey coloured neck. You will not see many like this one for sale. Birdseye maple fingerboard, mahogany body. The bass has been professionaly refinished in Nitrocellulose, Olympic white with matching headstock. Electronics are 2 stacked knobs (tone and volume, one per PU) and a 3-way switch (mid-boost, neutral and bass boost). Tonal possibilities are endless, especially for a passive bass. Confortable weight at 4,2 kg, OHSC included. Price is 2500 Eur. No trades, Thanks.
  2. The bass is temporarily unavailable until a deal is closed. If the deal is not closed in the end, it will be available again.
  3. Hello, the bass is still available.Sorry, I don't play 5 strings. I can hardly play 4
  4. Im sure the buyer of that bass will be very happy, as will the buyer of mine.
  5. I am curious now. If a Fodera Monarch Standard sold here for 2k, then the World is probably really coming to an end😋 This bass here is a jewell and from what I know, very low priced. Thanks bks for your comments.
  6. I am not aware of that. This bass is still for sale, Thanks.
  7. 3200 EUR. Cheapest Fodera Monarch in the world right now.
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