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  1. Wow. What a beauty. Didn't stick around long by the looks of it either!
  2. So I plugged straight in and like you say, I'm gaining pretty much nothing by using my amp in the way that I am. Recording fine but sounding a bit lifeless, time to look at some plug-ins. Been considering the HX Stomp which might be a good solution for me with the amp and cab sims. Thanks for the pointers folks
  3. Yeah it's just the same, so I think it could be to do with the input im using... Just ordered an adapter that will let me plug into that side so we'll see! To be honest Si, I never really thought to even try it like that- just figured that I use this amp for gigging and practicing so thought it'd make sense to use it for this too, am I taking the long way around? Not to mention, my PC has seen far better days haha, crashes every so often as it is, I'm not sure it'd handle me throwing in plugins etc
  4. I'm set to "mic" level on the DI as i'm currently into the mic input on the Scarlett, tried it on "line" one time and it didn't like it haha Just thinking though, I could set it on "line" and get and XLR - Jack cable to plug into Input two, also set on "line"?
  5. So I've been trying to get into a bit of recording as I've had a Focusrite Scarlett Solo lying around since ages... Musicman Sterling > Basic Pedal Board > Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.2 > Scarlett Solo > Reaper DAW I'm finding my signal is way too quiet and I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, I've got an XLR from the DI out on the rear of my amp, connecting to Input 1 (figured that kind of makes sense, XLR - XLR?) Any help much appreciated. Cheers folks
  6. Some beautiful basses in here. I had an older red Euro 5LX for a couple of years and sold it a while back - Sounded incredible but it was a heavy beast and the 5th string was surplus to requirements. Wasn't a big fan of the bridge either - pretty sure there was no intonation screws, but it looks like the current ones do? Gotta admit I'm finding myself looking at the Tiger Eye Euro 4LT a lot this past few days... Ticks a lot of boxes for me!
  7. Ramsay777


    Wow that looks incredible! Between the Thunder III and the Ibanez Musician I feel im GAS'ing for a neck-through 80s bass - despite having never even seen one in person let alone played one. The 80s was (just) before my time. Really cool man.
  8. I didn't realise neck-through Stingrays existed until a few days ago, looks amazing!
  9. Hey folks, some beautiful basses in here! I took this for another thread but here's my 2014 Sterling HH in Trans Gold - Still as clean as the day I got it. Gotta admit I keep finding myself looking at Stingray Specials this past few days...
  10. Ramsay777

    Show us your rig!

    Some awesome rigs in this thread. Here's mine currently; EBMM Sterling HH > under-contruction pedalboard > Genz Benz ShuttleMax 12.2 > Ashdown ABM410. Plenty, though I wouldn't mind adding an ABM210 for modular set up...
  11. Digging up an old thread here but I was doing a bit of searching for myself, I emailed him about this time last year and he got back to me saying he was planning more stock in the new year but I didn't hear anything more. There's currently a T-70 for sale on the forum if you're still looking for something. I'm after a Grand Tarkin, just messaged through the website there to see if I have any joy.
  12. Cheers guys, email sent this evening so we'll see what they come back with!
  13. For those that have been in contact with Sandberg via email, did you use - [email protected]? That's the only one I can find, I'm thinking about giving them a shout once I finally sell my Telecaster and I want to discuss some different colour options....
  14. Think I bought my Am Standard Jazz about then. Got it with 20% off in a closing down sale, possibly Reverb? For about £680 BRAND NEW. Still got it, great bass.
  15. I've never seen one of those before, looks awesome!! Is that a guitar pickup in the bridge? Love the 1+3 Headstock
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