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  1. That's a very kind offer man, will keep thatbin mind if im ever down tha way! DINGWALL NG2 IS NOW SOLD CHEERS.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion mate but like with the Aftershock I think there's just too much tweaking there for me. That look very interesting indeed! Thanks man i'll have a look in to these.
  3. Hey folks, looking for some suggestions. I'm after a 2-channel overdrive than can also give some beastly distortion, with the idea that I could run >Clean amp >Dirty >Filth and stack the 2 channels if possible. I use active basses and play fingers 90% of the time, currently a USA Jazz with a J-Retro and a EBMM Sterling 3 band. Source Audio Aftershock looks like it'll do this well with the external switch but tbh I think I'd get bogged down with that pedal, not keen on the computer side of things would rather keep it simple. The larger Darkglass pedals would also look to do this but they're on the pricier end of the scale. The COG Knightfall66 looks to do this and I was keen to go for it but I'm struggling to get a hold of them, most of their site is out of stock so are they even still making pedals? Not too keen on the idea of a preamp-style pedal as my amp has 2 and both of my basses have onboard preamps so that's plenty surely? 😁 Any ideas very much appreciated! I guess I could just get 2 separate pedals...
  4. Sorry mate, looking for a sale on this so I can get a deposit down for an Alpher I think! A lot of nice gear for sale just now at great prices too.
  5. Hey folks, up for sale is my Dingwall NG-2 4-string which I bought form Bassdirect a couple of years ago. It's an earlier model with the more "square" pickups, I've no idea if they're different to what's currently offered. This is a great bass, I'm just looking to free up a bit of cash for an upgrade and it's a "Last in, first out" type thing! Good condition, no chips or dings to the paintwork, just the usual light swirl marks in the finish. The gold text on the pickups is starting to come away and there's scoring on most of the frets that I've tried to photograph - I've read this is quite common on fanned frets...? Currently set up with a low action and there's no buzzing across the fingerboard. The Darkglass pre is great, this isn't just a metal machine - I currently play in a rock cover band and always get compliments on my bass sound. It came fitted with a Hipshot X-tender which annoyingly is a different finish to the rest of the hardware - satin black while the rest is black chrome... But I soon forgot about it. Hopefully priced to sell, struggling to find any on here or ebay that have sold recently to compare to! Currently looking at £1575 for a new one on Bassdirect. I've not got any selling history on here but I have bought a couple of pedals, my ebay account can be seen here where I have 100% positive feedback - https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/stuartramsay11 Indoor night-time photos I'm afraid but I wanted to get this listed. Will get some better photos at the weekend. Hopefully I've covered everything. Any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a shout. Stuart
  6. Thanks for the confirmation on grounding the bridge I had looked at the East Pre in the past, can i use it with the stock fender pickups that i currently have? Bassdirect recommend Nordstrand pickups with it... this could get pricey pretty fast if that's the route i go down.
  7. Hi folks, I have an American Standard Jazz Bass that I had refinished last year some time, while it was away I took delivery of a Musicman Sterling USA and the poor beast's not had a look in since! (maybe I've been a bit lazy with it too...) So I'm now looking at putting it back together, it was originally Candy Cola and I've had it done in Pearl white, looks lovely and it's got a maple fretboard. Years back I rewired it to have an on/off switch for each pickup and a master volume for no real reason other than I wanted to mod it, and I'll probably keep it like that. I always had everything on/full anyway and never noticed much noise with that configuration. I'm wanting to upgrade the pickups to something that will make the bass sound more lively like the Sterling, I was looking at the delano JMVC 4 FE/M2 (the ones with the big pole pieces) - anyone tried these? Any other suggestions? There's so many to look at once you get in to it. I'll be buying without trying as I live hundreds of miles away from decent music shops. And for grounding the bridge, is it just common practice to strip back the insulation on the wire and jam it underneath the bridge?
  8. Here's my USA Sterling HH that i got about 6 months ago through Bassdirect. It's a bit of a beast; really light and the neck's lovely to play. Anyone else have the issue that every switch position is a lot quieter than the bridge coils only? EDIT: Well that was a fail, on my phone so will get a picture up when im back on my computer!
  9. Aww man. I've got a Sterling USA 4HH on order and this thread is killing me!! Translucent Gold, maple board, black pick guard. I. Can. Not. Wait. Some lovely basses in here!
  10. Bought a Boss CEB-3 from Neil recently, excellent comms and very quick delivery, he even sent me the pedal to try out and make sure I was happy with it before me paying him, and I'm hardly a well-known member on here! 10/10 mate, cheers! P.S, sorry this took so long, took me a while to work out how to leave you some feedback on here.
  11. Hi folks, I ain't too familiar with valve equipment and I'm wondering if anyone can share their experiences with this preamp I bought it used a couple of years ago and haven't really had it as part of my rig, plugged it in for a test run as I was planning gonna sell it, and it's a bit "hissy" - Which I've read can be a sign of the valves needing repaced. It still sounds pretty damn good though! Currently it has; (1 being far left, 5 being far right when looking at the front face.) 1 - Groove Tubes 12AX7C 2 - Ruby 12AX7A 3 - Ruby 12AX7A 4 - Electro Harmonix ECC82 5 - Ruby 12AX7A Does this look right? I would have thought they would all need to be the same type, no? Thanks
  12. Also I forgot to mention that I rewired it; Master volume and a kill-switch for each pick up. I always ran it with everything on "full" and got bored one night so I broke out the soldering iron! I sent away the body to Spectrum Guitar Finishes back in early February and received these pics today, delighted with it! Pearlescent white with ghost pearl bloom. Phil says it looks awesome in person, I imagine it's pretty hard to photograph.
  13. Hi folks, my main gigging bass the past couple of years has been an American Standard Jazz that I got on a pretty sweet deal from Reverb when they closed down, £680 new if I recall. I love this bass. Plays great, comfortable weight and a lovely neck, but I've decided to change things up a wee bit, starting with a refinish. Here's a couple of poor "Before" shots I changed the pick guard from White to Black and added a Hipshot Xtender not long after getting it.
  14. Does it include the original box and manual? Im interested pending some photos, quite fancy a chorus to have a play about with
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