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  1. Sorry I don’t know! I purchased it with said bag. I can have a look inside and see if it’s on a label somewhere.
  2. Sorry guys. Lots on. Still available and pms replied too, from what I can see anyway!
  3. 3 Leaf Audio GR2 - SOLD Darkglass Duality - Ripping Fuzz. Got too many fuzzes! £90 posted. Darkglass B3K - Great distortion, not sure what version or model this is but its the silverface. £95 posted! Digitech FS3X - £14 Posted.
  4. Aguilar AG700. Tons of headroom and classic Aguilar tone. Purchased from Guitarguitar as B stock due to the small dent in rear. Has no effect on sound or anything, purely superficial. Any questions let me know. Happy to post and have plenty of feedback. Pics to follow soon.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Easily the best small cab I’ve ever owned. Selling as I need a BF 212 more than I need this! Bought off this forum, selling for the same price. Based in Bristol but happy to post too. any questions let me know! Cheers
  7. Sorry missed the first comment. Will pm you
  8. Bump again guys. £1250. Really after a sale. Some trade offers which I've replied too. Get the best amp going for those upcoming gigs!
  9. Still available guys, after multiple close buys. With the upcoming CAZ zone in Bristol I really need the cash for a new vehicle. Back down to £1250!
  10. Amazing pedalboard and flightcase combo. Have a youtube of them and see what comes up, really amazing boards. Has the modifications of the end jack plates on both sides, and direct ICU power into the board. Professional and easy setup. Comes with 9 connector plates, and Pedaltrain flightcase. These usually retail around £140 alone so feel this is a good price. Any questions please let me know Jack
  11. Also, apologies for the dusty pic! Didn't quite realise how shabby pedals can look after a whole year of no gigs! It'll be scrubbed up before it is sent to the purchaser.
  12. Great and thick fuzz pedal. Just surplus to requirements as I have my fuzz needs met from another pedal. Well looked after but well used as was my main fuzz for a few years. I believe I have the Darkglass box for it in the loft, if that kind of thing floats your boat! Cheers Jack
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