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  1. Thanks for the interest all, now sold pending.
  2. Took me months to get around to doing this, but better late than never, Bought an Aguilar rig from Daryl which was in great condition. Easy to talk with and answered any questions I had. We actually met for the transaction after our own respective gigs at 1am in the morning... So he is definitely as committed to a sale as the purchaser is! Recommended
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  4. Ah wrong forum! Can a mod switch it over for me or is it best to repost? Cheers!
  5. Next up... The almighty DB751. Recently acquired this but needs must unfortunately. Comes in Aguilar Hard/carry case. Based in Bristol but can ship as I have a box and protection. Any questions please ask.
  6. Hello all, big changes a foot so I'm letting lots of gear go. Up here is a Darkglass M900. Brilliant amp with great sound clear section, and of course the great overdrive channels, which can save you a few quid on the pedals! A few of these on the market, so not sure how quick this will go. Selling it at the bargain price I bought it on here for, let me know if you have any questions. Pictures will be uploaded when I'm home from work! Based in Bristol, and happy to ship, Comes with Original box, manuals and footswitch. Thanks!
  7. Classic Smith here. BT5 with black headstock. It's the 3 knob version which is more sought after (I believe). Genuine reason for sale. Plays amazingly and have yearned for one for so long, and love playing it. But in all honesty the bands I'm working for call for more *classic looking* instruments, and I'm not at a point in my life where I can justify keeping this solely for home use. Perhaps someone can purchase it off my and I'll buy it back in 10 years? Haha. Anyway. It's currently strung with E-C Tapewounds, but will be strung with steels when sold. Comes with original KS strap and straplocks. A few slight knocks here and there but overall it's in great condition for an instrument that is 29 years old. Now onto the small work it's had done on it. During somepoint in the early 00's (So I was told by the previous owner) The bass received a slight crack in the top of the neck around the 1/2 fret area. This was professionally repaired by SEI basses up in London, who I'm sure most are familiar with. The work is flawless and you can't tell from feel or sound that it's there whatsoever. If anything I'd say the neck as a whole feels stronger now... But I never handled it before the accident... So what do I know! haha.The few gigs I've used it on I've loved it. I haven't got the paperwork from SEI basses showing the work, but will happily contact them if a potential buyer is interested in knowing the full extent of work done, and we can go from there. Based in Bristol and happy to courier. But really with a bass like this I'd like you to come over for a cup of tea and a jam first, but happy either way. Got a fair bit of feedback and have shipped cabs/amps over Europe before. Any questions ask away! Just a few snaps to get you started... More to follow!
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  9. Down to £1050. Really would like this gone this week, so any offers or trades please send them my way.
  10. Bump to £1100. Got some things incoming so need this gone, any offers or trades feel free to make them! Part payment also is fine.
  11. Thanks for the comment Davidak. Apologies, I'm just going on what the previous owner said to me. I can happily change the description though if I've been misinformed!
  12. Hey all, a couple of pm requests for the weight. I will get it uploaded next week when I manage to borrow some scales!
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