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  1. Why on earth are you selling this great synth?! Modern classic!
  2. Mac suitable for A Level Music Tech and then Uni

    [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1507283779' post='3384455'] Hello folks My daughter is just starting A Level Music Tech, with a view to going on to uni to study something similar - she has her eye on Music and Sound Recording at York at the moment. She's been told to think about getting a Macbook running Logic Pro, but new prices are crazy, so I was wondering which older models folk would recommend, and where decent used Macs might be found? Condition is less important than performance in this instance. Should add that I work in a Uni myself and qualify for the Apple discount, but even then a new basic Pro is coming in at £1124 and an Air at £854! Thanks Gareth [/quote] I would look for second hand macbook with [i]at least[/i] 1 year of Apple care left on it, which means it will be less than 2 years old (3yr Applecare). I wouldn't buy secondhand otherwise personally. Macs are annoyingly expensive to buy and fix and they do break. Unless it's a 100% requirement I would say hold off buying anything for the meantime and see what will be genuinely useful as the course progresses - eg. a large screened iMac is miles easier to use Logic on if you don't need portability, or alternatively there are some amazing music apps for iPads which might be as useful, although they are a bit of a different animal!
  3. Mastering software/plugins

    Another alternative is to use online mastering - I have had excellent results from here: https://ariamastering.com but as in standard mastering, the better the mix the better the master.
  4. Mastering software/plugins

    Demo Isotope Ozone for free, it's really good. You'll eventually have to buy it if you like it (about £200). For quick and easy mastering I find you can pick a preset and just adjust input gain to suit and generally not touch too much else. If you want a cheap and easy way just to get your tracks [i]louder[/i] then Waves L2 limiter/maximiser is about £60, also free to demo, and L1 is cheaper still.
  5. Room Treatment

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1509031017' post='3396180'] Remember that something like Sonarworks should only be used after you have done as much as you can with traps and diffusers. Plus using an EQ curve to correct room problems only works for the position at which you measure your room (i.e. where the mic is) and any change to the room including having other people in it will change the effectiveness of that correction. [/quote] I totally agree re. doing treatment first. Re. Sonarworks the 'sweet spot' is quite wide - it measures from about 30 points in an area about 4 feet wide and three feet deep, and presumably averages those. Bear in mind that that you mix in one position anyway. I was quite sceptical, but I have to say I am very impressed.
  6. Room Treatment

    [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1505741541' post='3373909'] I can't recommend the Gearslutz forum enough for this kind of thing... [url="https://www.gearslutz.com/board/studio-building-acoustics/"]https://www.gearslut...ding-acoustics/[/url] ... lots of pro audio folk on there who are happy to help. Other than that, there are basically two ways of approaching this: 1) The easy way, which is to assume that your room will need bass traps in every corner, side panels next to where your desk is and a 'ceiling cloud' panel above it. Pretty much 99% of home studios will need that exact treatment. [/quote] Bit late to this thread, but I agree with this, and would also add 'difussion' which is anything from shelves full of books to specialist panels. I built my own bass traps using Knauf ECOSE , I think it was the 45 weight (i'd have to check) and put them in all coreners, 600mm depth. The side panels and cloud, from thinner panels, also make a difference - you can buy those in many places, although I also made mine. Once you have put some essential treatment in I would [i]definitely[/i] recommend Sonarworks - it's a software room correction. You get a calibrated mic, it walks you through the measurement, and it creates a custom EQ curve - essentially an inverse of your room, boosting the dropouts and cutting the peaks. For £250 ish quid it is amazing - I have a lot of room treatment and expensive monitors and Sonarworks makes the sound MUCH better. One of the things it does which you can't do any other way is send a different eq to left & right speakers (if it needs to) - in my room, which has a problem with being asymetrical, I now get a solid central image which just sounds hazy when Sonarworks is disabled. Highly recommended!
  7. WTB: Yamaha NS-10m studio monitors (horizontal model) Let me know if you're selling! Cheers Ted
  8. Bright Onion Bypass Looper SOLD

    sorry sold
  9. Moulded Earplugs - Changing Filters

    I got ER15s made ages ago and went to see a few gigs but I found the reduction too much so I kept intending to order the 10dB filters but never got round to it. . .
  10. Liam - where did it all go wrong?

    [quote name='Colonel36' timestamp='1498666539' post='3326232'] I thought it was a good performance from Liam. He's got what it takes. [/quote] +1 In early Oasis he was one of THE best rock singers EVER in terms of sound, looks and attitude! I thought he was pretty good at Glasto but all the decent songs are from his old band so it's a bit of a hopeless task. I've no doubt that he's a terrible twat in person!...
  11. [quote name='sammybee' timestamp='1496171961' post='3309356'] Any (partial) trades on this? [/quote] Unlikely! But: Lexicon PCM81 / Lexicon PCM80 / Lexicon PCM70 / Eventide gear / vintage outboard FX
  12. Still here and sounding great! Only selling as I have bought a smaller Princeton.