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  1. I’ve sold about 25 items on Reverb and thought it was really good. Slightly tricky when you’re at zero feedback but you get rewarded for speedy response to enquiries and it’s much superior to ebay for image uploading & navigation.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. @Ted! The term 'bass drop' is universal! And the real answer to the real question is Ripgroove by Double 99. So let's pack up our bass guitars and go home, because the synth wins... One of the comments sums it up perfectly - '2:01 Now that's a drop, the drop of all drops, a real d.r.o.p. Every other so-called drop is just aettention-seeking and meaningless, this is THE DROP." Cheers! A. Nother. Ted
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Interesting thread! Music maker* & sound designer here, work independently from my studio in Kingston. No agent, so the work can be difficult to keep coming in, but it's fun (mostly!) when it does. Kind of grew out of a hobby I've been at since my teens but been at it seriously for about 20 years, however only about 5 years as pretty much my sole means of earning. Graphic design was my proper training and I still do a tiny bit but it's basically my previous career at this point. * my very average bass playing not included !
  6. Good question! - I had a look here: https://raffall.com/faq/hosting Do I need a license to host a raffle on your platform? No. All competitions on our platform are legally classed as 'prize competitions' which do not require a license. Seems extremely susceptible to scammers or chancers, or maybe it is actually a good business idea?!
  7. That's coming next week - £50 a ticket, raffle closes when all 10,000 tickets are sold and he's moved into his new house
  8. This thread is so bonkers I'm wondering if it's even real 🤡 however - here's an idea: Replace the £60 Lego set with the £2000 bass as first prize. Not wanting to put the dampners on the bold idea of the lego set lottery, but in my experience people prefer to shell out on lottery tickets if there is, er, something worth winning at the end of it. 2000 tickets at £2 = £4000, buy two basses, give one away, keep one. Job done. 🤪 Regards Alan Sugar
  9. Lego set lottery... I thought you might be 12 years old in which case I was about to admire your entrepreneurial spirit but the other link says you are 50. So in that case I'll be honest with you - that idea is truly ridiculous 😂 Do you honestly think 2000 people are going to enter a raffle at £2 a pop with the grand prize being a lego set that is worth £63 new?! And the raffle doesn't end until all 2000 tickets are sold? Which is likely to be in the next decade. 😬
  10. I joined Basschat* to sell an Ibanez bass that I bought from my mate as an ‘experiment’! Lived under the bed for years - can’t remember what it was called but Phil Lynot played one apparently- some kind of 70s Ibanez that must have weighed 15lbs! (or near...) Heaviest bass by miles I’ve ever picked up. The guy that bought it worked with granite for a living - perfect! *many years later I have not only taken up the bass because of this great place, but bought and sold about 10 basses before settling on my one P-bass, and have also met many very nice bass players. Often in car parks off the M25... cheers!
  11. Amazing! Isn’t the internet an incredible thing sometimes. Lessons from a legend!
  12. New record fair in Kingston, friend of mine is organising it, £1 on the door. 9.30 - 4pm Richard Mayo Centre, Eden St, KT1 1HZ (see flyer & map attched) Saturdays - 7 March, 4 April, 2 May, 13 June, 4 July 2020 Mostly vinyl but cds & other items!
  13. Here’s a good tip on that, if you don’t do this already then it’s really handy - sequentially number your project versions every time you bounce a mix out eg Your project might be called ‘give me a sine 001’ , save it then bounce the mix and call it the same. Now save the project name as ‘give me a sine 002’ and so on. It means you have a clear reference for each mix and a way to compare and revert to any point in the project. So when your singer says “mix 009 is great but actually I prefer 007” then no problem!
  14. Nice one, sounds good I think the previous links have all changed to the current mix so can't compare, but from what I remember this is miles better.
  15. You're looking for feedback here so I'll offer a few opinions, see if any of them help (or hinder?!). In my opinion pro mixes generally manage to separate the elements so things have more of a distinct space. And for this you have basically eq, reverb, panning, and arrangement (it can be more complicated but in a nutshell that's the biggies) thoughts: - concentrate on the vocal first, it sounds like it needs a bit more presence and top and a touch of nice reverb, vocal plate kind of thing. This is a nice vocal to work with so make it the upfront main thing - - find new kick, this one isn't very nice and it's too mid bassy i reckon (it's like bass and kick at the same time), and take the reverb off it completely (and then maybe add a TINY bit of small room type reverb). If you love this kick then at least take the reverb off and probably high pass it a bit so it sits with the bass better. - cut a bit of bass out of the backing vox - the snare needs a bit more sympathetic arrangement, it's a bit annoying in the verse - be careful with the reverb so things have their own space. Too much of the same reverb on everything is a big contributor to a non-commercial sound. Have say 3 reverbs on the sends, all different (big med small) and add a touch to different elements. big reverb on vox, mid on snare, small on hats etc. - Find something to reference your mix against that is similar (london grammar?) Option B: Bounce the stems dry and pay a mix engineer [edit - I don't mean this as a joke, I have a mate who's a pro mix engineer and sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to mix my own stuff when I should probably just pay him to do a better job of it )
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