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  1. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words Happy to help! Although these are a definite two man lift 😝
  2. Acoustic tiles / bass traps / rockwool panels etc are not for soundproofing, they are for treating the acoustics to improve the listening conditions inside the studio. They may have some effect on transmission to the exterior, but very little I would have thought. Soundproofing is a totally different thing (and one which I don't know much about other than seal all the air gaps!)
  3. ATC SCM 50ASL Pro active studio monitors- mint condition - warranty till 2023. Bought brand new from Funky Junk Feb 2017, latest ATC tweeter model, 6 yr warranty till Feb 2023, mint condition, light use in non smoking studio, original boxes and packaging. Sound phenomenal. Downsizing studio forces sale. Collection preferred from Kingston SW London. PLEASE NOTE Price is £7800 + vat (£9360 inc vat, vat invoice provided) pics on request
  4. I’m looking for an online walking bass course to improve my (terrible) theory, fretboard knowledge etc, plus I really like walking bass. Electric bass, intermediate level, etc. Happy to pay. Any recommendations welcome!
  5. Do it It’s fun and so much better than having a file on Spotify. If you haven’t already then set up a band page on Bandcamp - you can sell the 7”s, badges, tshirts, downloads etc. and it’s somewhere to gather your audience’s details so you can mail them news of new releases. Put your Bandcamp url on the sleeve of the 7. Sleeve looks cool. Good luck
  6. http://curvedpressings.com/ in hackney, I think the pressing plant is there too, and the mastering engineers come recommend from friends of mine. ps I would go £9 for a 7”
  7. Record fair! Saturday 7th September 2019 and every 1st Saturday of the month thereafter, 9.30-4pm Richard Mayo Centre, Eden Street, Kingston, KT1 1HZ. Located just around the corner from Banquet records. Come and check it out, should be good.
  8. An admission of a genuine mistake, politely worded, wouldn’t froth me. I certainly wouldn’t want to force the thing on someone who didn’t want it. What would froth me is someone trying to claim it wasn’t ‘as described’ etc.
  9. Mistakes happen, I think it's a question of how you deal with it - I'm not advocating repeatedly changing your mind, or not showing up at a meeting, or stringing someone along for days, pretending you still want it but never paying etc. But a polite simple and honest 'sorry i made a mistake here' for me (as a seller) would be no problem (but once only!)
  10. If you’ve not already paid, then apologise humbly and pull out. No big deal, life goes on, the guy relists it (again).
  11. Sold that one! My current SQ series japanese P is 3.8kg or 8lbs 6oz, and that has the vintage style Gotoh lightweight tuners in (which are great btw and highly recommended!)
  12. This wouldn't last long on Dragons Den... 😝
  13. Crikey 😬 For anyone that wants to luxuriate in the finer details of the bassline and drums without Mr Astley, then here is the actual mastertape, just drum and bass tracks - nice!:
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