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  1. An admission of a genuine mistake, politely worded, wouldn’t froth me. I certainly wouldn’t want to force the thing on someone who didn’t want it. What would froth me is someone trying to claim it wasn’t ‘as described’ etc.
  2. Mistakes happen, I think it's a question of how you deal with it - I'm not advocating repeatedly changing your mind, or not showing up at a meeting, or stringing someone along for days, pretending you still want it but never paying etc. But a polite simple and honest 'sorry i made a mistake here' for me (as a seller) would be no problem (but once only!)
  3. If you’ve not already paid, then apologise humbly and pull out. No big deal, life goes on, the guy relists it (again).
  4. Sold that one! My current SQ series japanese P is 3.8kg or 8lbs 6oz, and that has the vintage style Gotoh lightweight tuners in (which are great btw and highly recommended!)
  5. This wouldn't last long on Dragons Den... 😝
  6. Crikey 😬 For anyone that wants to luxuriate in the finer details of the bassline and drums without Mr Astley, then here is the actual mastertape, just drum and bass tracks - nice!:
  7. I was casually playing along to Aleem - Release Yourself last night, and I found myself really getting into the details of trying to play exactly like an 80s sequencer - trying to get 'machine like' timing, exact note length, dynamics etc. No fills, no little extra bits chucked in! I really enjoyed playing like that, especially the lack of fills and 'decoration'. I can't say I sounded much like a sequencer tbh but nevermind. I think it might be the future for me. I Am A Robot. 🤖 Anyone else enjoy like playing like this?! Sorry if this a daft question.
  8. I’ve had 6 or 7 Precisions, you don’t need to spend £1500 but for that money you can get a lot of options. It’s not particularly helpful advice but you really need to just go and try a load out - the neck shape and the weight can vary a lot, fret size too (I like old school skinny frets) and not many have a thin neck comparable to your Geddy Lee - I mean NONE are as thin as that (I had a geddy at one point) but the 80s JV Squiers (the 62 models) i have owned have pretty small necks for Precisions, so I’m assuming current Fender 60s replica models may be similar? The 50s style neck is wider string spacing and chunkier from what I’ve tried. I think the current Nate Mendel signature model has a slimmer neck than standard but rosewood board (lots of good reports about that bass though, may be worth a try!). I like older style p-basses, ones that have been kicked around a bit - my absolute favourite is my mid 80s Japanese Squire, cost £450 I’m quite a fan of those CS lightly reliced p’s, but some people think it’s daft. hmmm rambling on here...
  9. I don't want to take the chance that it will be worse than what I normally get, I was hoping to piggy back on the wisdom of someone else's experimentation
  10. I occasionally do parties for 100ish people and I’ve always rented the same kit - either Mackie srm 450s + matching sub, or RCF 322a s with matching sub. These are the only option this particular rental place provides, the sound is fine (rcf are better I think) but I’ve never tried anything else. Does anyone have experience with these and others that could recommend if I could get a better setup please? This is for DJing, not a band. I’m after quality and big sound - think club/dancefloor! I usually pay around £150 for hire. Thanks
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