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  1. Crumbs I’ll change that. If I’m honest I’m not overly familiar with the models. It did say ABZ on the box but might be wrong
  2. Selling my awesome Dingwall AB1 6, bought from Bass Direct about two years ago and has been well looked after. It’s in great condition with a few little marks that are tiny and hard to capture with the camera. Plays like a dream and sounds thundering, the only thing that been changed is the top nut to take bigger gauge strings for drop tuned material. The E A D G C are a five string set with a .152 as the low B . Replacing the original nut is a simple and inexpensive task. Trade wise I’d be interested in a five string Dingwall but let me know if you have any other high end bases and put it to me or an Aguilar DB751.Based in Ipswich Suffolk. British shorthair not included.
  3. Due to my band splitting I’m getting rid of excess gear that’s surplus to current requirements. Mesa Boogie 400+ that’s in really great shape with new Harma 5881s fitted about a year ago. Serviced by Essex amp repairs about a year ago and in perfect working order. Sounds like a sledgehammer through my 8x10 setup. Once you dial it in to where you want it it’s truly awesome. I’ve got a fairly naff flight case I’ll throw in with it but it has kept it very tidy. Collection from Ipswich Suffolk. No longer for sale please remove
  4. Due to my band splitting up I’m getting rid of excess gear. MarkBass 4x10 8 ohm cab in fairly well worn condition but perfect working order. Italian made. Collection from Ipswich Suffolk or could meet within a reasonable distance for fuel money.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I'm looking to trade my Super Twin for a Barefaced 4x10 (8 ohm) with a vintage grill. I do gig probably once a month with this cab but it's pretty much in mint condition as I look after my gear. I'd like the 4x10 to be in similar condition for trade please
  7. My old cab I've currently got a Barefaced super twin gen 3 and there really isn't much difference between them. This will eat everything thrown at it for breakfast. Such a good cab
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