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  1. Hey Folks Looks like Mike Biegel labs just released the next flavour of the classic MuTron 3 - looks pretty impressive: [url="https://mu-fx.com/shop/pedals/micro-tron-iii/"]https://mu-fx.com/shop/pedals/micro-tron-iii/[/url] I have one ordered and on its way to me, will post a full review when I get it but looks pretty tasty - nice small footprint, 9v DC, and sounds very close to the original MuTron 3 from what I can tell.
  2. Thanks ms folks - good to be back at it Ped
  3. That micro mini looks nice! Might wait it out and grab one of those. The Aguilar looks good too...
  4. Anyone know of any? I have a robotalk filter that sounds awesome but I quite like the sound of a reverse sweep, imagine a kind of "ow" type sound without the typical "mwah" you get from a filter. Something like the old muttons used to do but not costing a zillion £££. Oh, and preferably one that doesn't suck the life out of your low end. Go!
  5. I gigged the sire yesterday - very pleased, sat well in the mix: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWi1KDYhd89/
  6. Popped into Andertons yesterday and had a little okay on a sterling ray 34 - lovely bass! The neck profile seemed much better than what I had expected and certainly comfortable enough, but I still can't find a nice sound out of those markbass amps (the one they had for me to jam through. Still, a lovely bass!
  7. Still amazes me how much Bass you get for your money with these!
  8. Thanks Dave! Tbh i generally set my amp flat and adjust my sound straight off the bass, as all my basses are active this works for me as is but appreciate the info
  9. Nice work, I'm sure you will love it - I'm contemplating changing the knobs on mine tbf, they don't look that good BUT they are solid, I haven't noticed any functional issue with mine. I did have to look up the controls bit I'm used to it now.
  10. I agree with Bubinga above, the preamp makes it for me - I'm able to Dial In pretty much anything from a jazz bass tone with it. Can't say I hear any difference but I do find the rosewood fingerboard is a little less aggressive than the maple board version
  11. Well, it's very light to me - compared to my Warwicks
  12. Two weeks since I bought my first sire - a lovely v7 5 string in white with rosewood fingerboard and block inlays. I can't put it down, it's a keeper. Love the preamp, love the lightweight body, looks ace and the fit and finish is way above what I would expect of a cheap instrument.
  13. I always loved the sound of a ray, but I could never get on with the neck profile. Do you find the neck is chunky, especially higher up near the neck join to the body?
  14. The only bass I would buy back would be the vigier passion series III 5 I got about 8 years ago from Ped, and then sold on to fund the purchase of my Warwick streamer stage 2. Nine of my basses now are any I would consider for a sale but still, that vigier was pretty special.
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