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  1. NOW REDUCED TO £450. Based in mid-Norfolk. June 1980. Amberburst colour with unique burst going up the back of the next. Only ever seen another one of these before. Set neck. I believe this is quite rare according to the Aria Pro 2 facebook page chaps. Has new Kent Armstrong custom built pickup which is a replica of the original, cost approx £120. I don't have the original pickup. It has a missing switch which is easily replaceable and can be connected to the pickup to switch off a coil I believe. New strings. I don't know the weight, I will get this sorted ASAP although it doesn't feel heavy. It comes with a gig bag. I could potentially post this if buyer wishes to arrange pickup.
  2. Price drop. Now £260. Pickup from mid Norfolk. No trades thanks. Also for sale is a my cmd102p combo in separate advert. 400w at 8ohms. Great condition. Adjustable tweeter
  3. The NY151 cab is also now for sale at £260. Will sort a separate advert our for that.
  4. Thanks Bill. Really interesting reads! I always suffered at gigs with hollow wooden floors and got a muddy sound. After a post to a forum last year I got lots of replies claiming an isolation pad will sort it. "Night and day" difference etc. I borrowed some high density foam and tried it and it did nothing. I think really I just wanted to raise my amp up a bit and save space by using my pedal board case! Was a bit worried the gap might be bad, but I guess not after all.
  5. PICS AT BOTTOM. Now sold No part exchange. Pickup from mid Norfolk. Will not travel to meet, sorry. CMD102P 2 x 10 combo. 500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohms. Still has original front sticker and comes with velcro top part (usually missing on these amps!). Perfect working order. Any inspection welcome. Also comes with markbass velcro bass holder! The NY151 cab shown in the photo will possibly be available for sale too. Excellent condition. SPECS: This front-ported 2x10 combo is a great option for gigging bassists who want to cut through the mix without a big rig. The more aggressive tone of the 10” speakers means you can often get by just with this combo, but it does also stack with any 8 ohm Traveler or Standard cab, for more volume and headroom. The CMD 102P combo just might be our most versatile combo! It's perfect for any situation. The angled cabinet design allows the unit to be used either as a floor monitor or in standard vertical position. The built-in VLE and VPF filters help create a warm and natural sound. SPEAKER: 2x10" TWEETER: piezo BASS PORT: front IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms SENSITIVITY: 101 dB SPL SPEAKER POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard) AMP OUTPUT POWER: 500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohms FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz to 18 kHz CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz WEIGHT: 38.14 lbs / 17.3 Kg WIDTH: 23.03 in. / 58.5 cm HEIGHT: 18.5 in. / 47 cm DEPTH: 18.7 in. / 47.5 cm
  6. I have a VERY chunky metal pedalboard flightcase that just gets put to one side at a gig. It has a small amount of foam in it for protection purposes. I stuck my combo on top of it the other day to raise it up a bit so I could hear it better. It fitted perfectly. I wondered how this would effect the sound? Could I buy some dense foam to put in the case and use it as a riser/isolator for gigs with hollow floors? I read that isolators made a large difference and stopped the bellowing boomy sound... Thought it might be a neat solution perhaps!
  7. The GK 212 is the NEO and the 4x10 is the RBH series (nearly twice the weight). Sorry, forgot to mention that!
  8. I have a Gallien Krueger MB500 Amp head arriving soon. (500 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 350 Watt @ 8 Ohm). I want to buy a cab to match and have an option of a new GK 2x12 (600w 8ohms) or a used GK 4x10 (800w 4ohms model). I can only try the 4x10 but would have to buy blind on the 2x12 as there are none nearby to try. They are both the same price at approx £550 - I play jazz bass only/funk style, lots of slap - I only play mostly smaller gigs so volume not too much of an issue. The occasional larger gig is usually handled by a sound engineer and I then go through the PA too. - I previously had a Markbass CMD102P (2 x 10) which always sounded muddy to my ears and never cut through well. This is for sale BTW 😉 - I like the idea of a 2x12 for smaller gigs, then another 2x12 in the future for larger gigs maybe (will this give a clearer sound, or just louder?_ Any advice appreciated.
  9. I would take it if you can get it anywhere closer towards Norfolk! Not sure if you are ever anywhere closer, bit if so drop me a PM.
  10. Hi all. Only just worked out that I can remove my amp from my Markbass combo to take it to the studio (where they already have a decent cab in place). Only thing is, there is no top to it! Will I be ok using/trasporting it like this or should I fabricate some kind of portable wooden case for it?
  11. Agree that the sound/mix wasn't great. Couldn't really hear Nile's guitar that well and when I could it didn't sound great. What I DID notice was Jerry's bass sound! I would die to get my jazz bass sounding that good in a mix. A quick peek at his setup and he uses a Aguilar DB 751 with two DB 410 cabinets with D’Addario Pro Steels apparently. The amp alone is £2500 so I won't be trying one of these anywhere soon! It sounded like a punchy stingray when playing fingerstyle, then jazz crazy when slapping. Such a deep and punchy sound.
  12. These are £157 new. FREE post in the UK. Used in my SUB bass for a while. Fits into a SUB bass control plate fine (you will need to fit a side exit jack which is easy to do). Does NOT come with battery connector or jack. Taken from the JE website. The MMSR 4 Knob 3 Band has been designed with characteristics very similar to the original MM Stingray© 2 Band EQ, in order to retain the same interaction between the MM pickup and the electronics, crucial in creating the original pre EB sound colours. A Mid Sweep, is included along with original MM style Bass and Treble. When the Mid boost/cut is centred, its effect is neutral and the EQ is purely late 70s MM style.
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