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  1. Shipped from france , no box for the AFTERSHOCK.
  2. I guess splitting might be more reasonable. i'll post individual prices in € very soon...;like..NOW ..and they are shipping included. 1 RJM MINI EFFECTS GIZMO - 220€ SOLD 2 SA SOLEMAN MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER - 180€ SOLD 3 SA MANTA - 110€ SOLD 4 SA ORBITAL - 95€ 5 SA NEMESIS DELAY - 210€ SOLD 6 SA HUB V1 - 60€ SOLD 7 SA HOT HAND 3 - 85€ 8 SA PROG EQ - 90€ ON HOLD 9 SA AFTERSHOCK - 110€ SOLD !! 10 SA DUAL EXPRESSION - 85€ SOLD !! Mr BLACK FWONK BETA TRADED 12 TEMPLE AUDIO TRIO 28 BOARD - 220€ Pictures are upside down..sorry about that !!
  3. Hi everybody Following a new project I am selling my whole pedalboard which is composed by 1 RJM MINI EFFECTS SOLD 2 SA SOLEMAN MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER SOLD 3 SA MANTA SOLD !! 4 SA ORBITAL 5 SA NEMESIS DELAY SOLD 6 SA HUB V1 SOLD !! 7 SA HOT HAND 3 8 SA PROG EQ ON HOLD 9 SA AFTERSHOCK SOLD 10 SA DUAL EXPRESSION SOLD 11 Mr BLACK FWONK BETA TRADED 12 TEMPLE AUDIO TRIO 28 BOARD + BAG + Extra Mounting bracket + AC Mains Micro Module ( One of the holes in the board was cut a little to let an AC chord pass - details in pictures ) included are 13 custom patch cables and 2 custom MIDI cable 30cm )
  4. Got a very interesting trade proposition which needs some time to be confirmed...so withdrawn for a little time...
  5. Up for sale. excellent conditions for a 20 years old "player" . some mark ( look at pictures ) All original low action and 4.1 kg which I'd say make it a pretty light 5 strings Sold with his fender deluxe gig bag I am going back to 4 strings so trade accepted with light JB or PJ . [attachment=257287:1.jpg] [attachment=257288:2.jpg] [attachment=257289:3.jpg] [attachment=257290:4.jpg] [attachment=257291:5.jpg] [attachment=257292:6.jpg] [attachment=257293:7.jpg]
  6. Here's the deal...I might have found a nice trade...I am thiniking about it...but there is a bass in this forum who's calling me...so if in the next 5 days i do have an offer of 875£ for the elwood I will take it !!
  7. Bump for the beautiful 5 strings ...
  8. Bump of a missed trade ! Reasonable offers might be accepted I have something in sight !!
  9. Ok thanx , heavy for me. GLWTS !!
  10. Some trade offers...still available !! BUMP
  11. Hi everybody For sale this beautiful and really great sounding Elwood 5a L. i've bought it here some months ago because I needed a 5 string for a last summe tour which never happened;Bass was barely played ( 4 or 5 gigs with it ) so it's in as new condition. For sale because I am going back to 4 strings . Alder body with flame maple top. 3.7 kg , pups were originally Bass Culture but I've had Adrian at Public peace replace them with Haeussel ( 100£ upgrade) , preamp is a 2 bands delano. Dunlop strap lock installed. Come with his Gigbag. Insured shipping is included in price. Not really looking for trades , except for a nice and light JB or Jazzus 4 strings and some money my way. [attachment=256129:20170502_115416.jpg] [attachment=256130:20170502_115427.jpg] [attachment=256131:20170502_115435.jpg] [attachment=256132:20170502_115457.jpg]
  12. [quote name='hamfist' timestamp='1499718796' post='3333166'] nut is a narrow 43mm - I loved that when I tried one out ! [/quote] aand the weight ?
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