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  1. Sorry already sold. Pedals on the list are still available
  2. All for sale , price in € shipping included Triton Lab LAZY CAT MKII - 90€ SOLD SolidGold FX IMPERIAL 140€ 130€ SOLD SolidGold FX BETA MKI 120€ 120€ SOLD Wolfaardt TUBE BASS PREAMP 280€ Blackbox COBALT 130€
  3. Sorry for late answer , I was out town and thanx to Dad3353 for filling in !! Anyway the XLR cable to connect to power amp and to bridge it it's included.
  4. Will accept partial trade with Line6 Helix Floor with bag (eventually ) and Line6 G70.
  5. I am playing only in-ear monitor lately so the "beast" need To go. Recently cleaned up and change the speaker out with speakon. The preamp do not need presentation and the pwr amp pump out 240w/8 ohm bridged...very loud. I am asking 1200€ shipped.
  6. gran bel suono Daniele...tu, non solo il basso !!
  7. Might be interested...I do have a BB3000A incoming and the tuners were replaced...owner told they were gold...but the bridge look really like your tuners Keep you posted. ..rapidly
  8. Beautiful...what's the strings spacing ? 34" ?
  9. Really nice pedals at Triton lab , I have the Black Cat MkII...GLWTS !!
  10. No need presentation , if you are here you know already what I am selling . It's funky and fat , very fat ( maybe too fat for me ) . In " as new " condition , with box and paper. Will consider trade with SOLIDGOLD FX ( Funk lite , Imperial , 76 , ) MOJO HAND FX ( Colossus , One Ton Bee ) RED WITCH ( Zeus , Factotum ) Selling price is 150€ shipping included
  11. You know wha t??...I'll keep it..it sounds great !!
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