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  1. EUR 1750 / GBP 1465 I´m selling one of my two old Club basses, I also have one from 1966 with exactly the same features as this one. The Club Bass has exactly the same sound as the 500/1 Beatles version, but is way more comfortable to play because you can rest the right arm on the larger body. The bass is in all original unmolested condition. It has been played a lot, the first owner left some thumbnail marks on the body area above the pickups, please check the pics. Everything works, the electrics are fine, the pickups have a very healthy output, the trussrod works. The codes on the pots date this to 1965. The strings are old german Pyramid flats, they give the fat McCartney thumb these basses are famous for. The bass comes with a new solid case, so shipping is no problem. I´m located in Berlin.
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the info, yes you are right, I heard about that before.
  3. EUR 500 / GBP 430 I just bought this bass as a backup for my 71 Mustang, only to find out that it has a 34" long scale neck! I already have an old Fender P with maple neck so I will let this pass on. Same period, same factory, same build quality as the more common Squier JV-series instruments. On the heel of the neck is a handwritten date from 1984, I forgot to take a pic when I took off the neck. I googled the serial: SQ50770 Built: 1983-1984 Made In Japan by FujiGen The tiny PU has a lot of punch. The sound is very much like a P-bass, with a little more bite to it. The Mustang style PU is located about 14mm nearer to the bridge, I guess that´s the reason for this. The neck is great, it has a comfortable feel to it, with a 41 nut it is easy to handle. No fretwear. Everything works including the trussrod, no noisy pots. It´s a light bass, the weight is 3,8kg. I´m in Berlin, international shipping is no problem.
  4. Good alternative to gut strings. Handmade in Poland. Low tension, many slapper like these. Used, but not much.
  5. EUR 1300 / GBP 1125 I´m selling my 88 Stingray, the color is the rare transparent teal green. This one is from the transition era, the bass still has some pre-Ernie Ball features. The trussrod nut is at the headstock, and it has the old large bridge with the individual dampers. The rubber on these have fallen off but can eaysily be replaced with some black foam. The bass has seen a lot of playing, there´s the typical scratching and buckle wear on the back, but the greenish finish is still on at all these spots. The maple neck feels very nice, it feels similar to my former 77 pre EB stingray. The 3EQ electronic sounds big and smooth, the mids and highs are not as harsh as on many later MM models. The jumbo frets have some wear but not much, the bass weighs 4,2kg which is pretty good for a Stingray from this period. Everything works including the trussrod. The electronics are fine, no noisy pots. The bass is all original except the nut which is black, it might be a graphite one, and the new black pickguard. The original clear pickguard was broken so it had to be replaced. I´m in Berlin, international shipping is no problem.
  6. EUR 500 / GBP 441 I´m selling my very rare Mu-Tron 3x. It´s just like the original Musitronics Mu-Tron envelope filter pedal… Only Better. The Mu-Tron 3X is the closest you’ll find to the original Mu-Tron, because at its heart, it is. This is one of a few that Mike Beigel autographed which makes it even more rare. The item is in perfect condition and comes with a 220V power supply.
  7. A new pickguard for the Fender Mustang bass, still has the protective plastic on top. The colour is aged white, parchment.
  8. Washburn Status S-1000, pretty rare as a lefty. Overall good condition, some scratches mainly on the back, but nothing serious. The back of the neck is in perfect condition, the frets are almost 100%, the bass has not been played a lot. Some aging on the bridge, and one knob is missing. Everything works, the active electronics are fine, the trussrod works as it should. I´m in Berlin, shipping is no problem.
  9. Are the pickguard and bridge pickup frame painted white? It looks like that there´s black plastic under the white finish at some scratches. The PU frame really looks like it was covered with white paint.
  10. EUR 300 / GBP 280 You probably know what this is: The Remake of the classic Musitronics Mutron Octave Divider by the inventor himself, Mike Beigel. Beigel was the brains behind the original Musitronics Corporation, the NASA of ’70s stompbox makers. It still has the original box and booklet and comes with the US power supply and an additional 220V one for Europe. The item looks practically new, there´s only a tiny mark on the front right edge. Apart from that I cant´find any signs of use. The tone is amazing, I never had a better Octaver. Many different voices possible, it goes way beyond your usual Octaver, and also the original Mutron. The Green Ringer circuit allows dialing in distortion to the octave sound. This effect does everything the original did and more. And it has true bypass.
  11. Hi there, I have fat 50-100 La Bella flats on one Club and the classic german Pyramid 40-100 on the other. It makes quite a difference, the La Bellas are louder, but beyond the12th fret the tone dies immediatly, it´s just a plop up there. Anyway, I like the feel of these strings on these basses. The Pyramids are more even and have a lighter touch, but don´t sound as fat.
  12. GBP 1250 / EUR 1350 I´m selling my 65 Beatle Bass as I also have my two Hofner 500/2s which have the exact same sound as the Beatle. The pots are dated 1965 which matches the features like raised logo, large control plate, bound neck. The bass has been played and gigged a lot, it shows with all it´s dings and dongs and finish wear. The pickguard is missing so it looks like McCartney´s bass. The electrics are in good shape, the pickups have a very healthy output, everything works, no noisy pots or switches. The trussrod works fine. The early Hofners all have one week point, it´s the connection between body and neck. The usual neck reset has already been done on this bass by a profesional luthier here in Germany. The bass comes with a new hard case, so shipping is no problem.
  13. Hi there, yes I still have it. Where are you located? Thanks, Niels
  14. EUR 100 / GBP 87 I love these speakers and can´t work without them. I tried about all modern versions and compared them and always came back to the old ones. I think this is the late 70´s version. I have two pairs, one speaker just gave up after it fell down from it´s stand, so I´m using the other pair and sell the left over single speaker of the first pair. Some people use it as a mono reference and put it in the middle, so even a single Auratone makes sense. Obviously used condition, still looks ok and works fine.
  15. EUR 380 / GBP 330 My old 441, classic german mike in good original condition. Everything works incl. the 5 position bass cut rotator switch and the additonal high pass mini switch. There´s a small dent at the bottom side of the metal casket, please check the pic. The original plastic clamp is broken, a part is missing. I still used it and put a small strip of gaffa around it to fix the mike to the clip. Or you can buy a new one. Comes with the worn original case.
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