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  1. Hi there, I have fat 50-100 La Bella flats on one Club and the classic german Pyramid 40-100 on the other. It makes quite a difference, the La Bellas are louder, but beyond the12th fret the tone dies immediatly, it´s just a plop up there. Anyway, I like the feel of these strings on these basses. The Pyramids are more even and have a lighter touch, but don´t sound as fat.
  2. GBP 1350 / EUR 1500 I´m selling my 65 Beatle Bass as I also have my two Hofner 500/2s which have the exact same sound as the Beatle. The pots are dated 1965 which matches the features like raised logo, large control plate, bound neck. The bass has been played and gigged a lot, it shows with all it´s dings and dongs and finish wear. The pickguard is missing so it looks like McCartney´s bass. The electrics are in good shape, the pickups have a very healthy output, everything works, no noisy pots or switches. The trussrod works fine. The early Hofners all have one week point, it´s the connection between body and neck. The usual neck reset has already been done on this bass by a profesional luthier here in Germany. The bass comes with a new hard case, so shipping is no problem.
  3. Hi there, yes I still have it. Where are you located? Thanks, Niels
  4. EUR 100 / GBP 87 I love these speakers and can´t work without them. I tried about all modern versions and compared them and always came back to the old ones. I think this is the late 70´s version. I have two pairs, one speaker just gave up after it fell down from it´s stand, so I´m using the other pair and sell the left over single speaker of the first pair. Some people use it as a mono reference and put it in the middle, so even a single Auratone makes sense. Obviously used condition, still looks ok and works fine.
  5. EUR 380 / GBP 330 My old 441, classic german mike in good original condition. Everything works incl. the 5 position bass cut rotator switch and the additonal high pass mini switch. There´s a small dent at the bottom side of the metal casket, please check the pic. The original plastic clamp is broken, a part is missing. I still used it and put a small strip of gaffa around it to fix the mike to the clip. Or you can buy a new one. Comes with the worn original case.
  6. I love these basses, and this color with maple neck looks just gorgeous! What´s the serial on this bass? I can´t make it out from the pics. My Tokai Strat SS50 has a 7 digit serial starting with 9. I was told that in the late 70´s the first digit is the last digit of the year, this definitely indicates 1979 which matches the features of my guitar. I also found this info about Tokai Les Pauls: 1978 = 80xxxxx... 1978 Reborn inkies are part of the same serial # sequences as 1978 stamped models (unlike 1980-81 inkies). 1979 = 90xxxxx 1980 = 00xxxxx ... 2nd digit is 0 on stamped serials and 1 on inkies, 1981 = 10xxxxx ... 2nd digit is 0 on stamped serials and 1 on inkies, 1982 = 201xxxx 1983 = 301xxxx 1984 = 40xxxxx 1985 = 50xxxxx 1986 = 60xxxxx 1987 = 70xxxxx ... tLS-60 model only, listed in European catalog only 1988 = 80xxxxx ....tLS-60 model only, listed in European catalog only 1989 = 89xxxxx 1990 = 90xxxxx
  7. EUR 390 / GBP 340 I´m selling my black Höfner Club bass because I finally found an old one from the 60´s. I prefer the 500/2 Club basses over the 500/1 Beatles bass. The sound really is the same on both versions. But because of the different body shape the Club is way more comfortable to play, there´s not the awkward bending of the right wrist that I find annoying on the smaller Beatles bass. The Höfner HCT series is the mid priced series with chinese made instruments fitted with original german pickups, same as they use in their handmade german versions of this bass. The sound is fat and rich and resonant with loads of low end, and also quite versatile because of the two pickups. It definitely has the classic McCartney thumb, but also many other colors and responds nicely to various playing techniques. I didn´t like the "Höfner Contemporary Series" print on the cover of the trussrod, so I simply polished it off because it was just a thin white print. Everything else is original and unmolested. The bass has been played only at home and never gigged, so it´s in very good used condition. The bass weighs in at 2,9 kg. I don´t have a case, but I´m good with packing, international shipping is no problem.
  8. EUR 130 / GBP 111 This is the favourite wah pedal from John Frusciante. It has a switch with which you can choose between Bass and Guitar setting, and it also has a pot to dial in the depth of the wah effect. Very good sounding pedal, still better than the Ibanez reissue version.
  9. Hi there, thanks for the offer, but I´m not interested in trades at the moment.
  10. Reminds me a bit of Mike Watts EB, but the neck PU on his is just a metal dummy plate to cover the hole. And he used a Schaller bridge to be able to adjust the string spacing.
  11. Yes... not everyone likes this finish, but it´s a fine example of the taste and vibe of the 70´s! 🧔
  12. EUR 2600 or the equivalent in GBP which is 2220 today. This is the most beautiful vintage Stingray I have ever seen. I even liked it better than my 79 inca silver one, so that had to go first last year. I bought this from the first owner. As a professional bass player he used it as his main working horse for many years. He swore he bought it new in a shop in Berlin, and it had always been black. I heard about stories that MM did the same as Fender in the early years, they overpainted bodies. To make sure I asked for help with the guys from Talkbass, please check my thread over there: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/pre-eb-stingray-ever-seen-a-black-over-inca-silver-one.1333715/ A guy named James bought some of the late 70's records that were sold from Leo's office. He was able to confirm that this bass was indeed sold with black finish. "I will look it up.. B0064XX was always meant to be black, but it had finish issues. It came back twice for finish defects. I am thinking a silver body was rejected from another bass, sent back through and painted black. They didn't pay any attention to keeping bodies with necks. So it just received a freshly black painted body. It appears the new body was attached November 1, 1977. It could have been a body from another warranty bass. Or a rejected silver that never made it to final assembly, put through paint again. They ended up on fresh builds too. From all the evidence I have the painted bodies inventory was not split into used/refins and brand new fresh. They were all lumped together. This explains why we sometimes see significantly older dates on some builds. A refin went through and went on a new build too." I especially like the tone and the battered looks on this bass. It shows wear in all the right places, the black finish has beautiful cracks. The first owner moved the strap pin to the heel of the neck, so there´s an extra hole. Apart from that the bass seems to be all original. The CTS pots are dated 1976. The bass pot was broken and needed to be replaced, I will include the broken pot. The neck plays fast and comfortable, the trussrod works fine. The frets are about 70%. This bass has one of the nicest necks I ever played. I just don´t have need for an active stingray sound these days, so the bass needs a new home. The bass weighs in at 4,7kg which is average for a pre-EB Stingray with ash body. I have currently Fender flatwounds on this bass, so it´s able to produde the exact Bernard Edwards tone! It comes in it´s original battered case. I´m not open for trades at the moment... only looking for an old Hofner Club bass. I´m in Berlin, international shipping is no problem.
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