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  1. For sale is a Panda Audio Future Impact v3 Bass Synth. Bought the pedal in May 2020 and has only seen use at home. Never rehearsed or gigged with the pedal so is in excellent condition, as can be seen in the photos. These are very powerful, very versatile synth pedals. Based off of the original Akai Deep Impact pedal and famed for its use by Chris Wolstenholme of Muse. A tonne of info on the FI v3 here: http://pandamidi.com/bass-guitar-synth/ Bought new for €299, open to sensible offers. Cash on collection preferred from South East London.
  2. I'd honestly never noticed that, but I think you're almost definitely right about the PU frame! Especially as most photos of these basses (the few that I can find) all have black pickup mounts. The scratchplate I'm not so sure is painted. There seems to be a bit of dark discolouration around the edges of it but the top surface of the pickguard doesn't look painted at all. So it could be that the very edge of the guard has been painted a little but I really can't be sure. Hope this was a even a little helpful. Can add more photos if you need any more detailed images.
  3. For sale is my Squier Classic Vibe 50s style tele bass in Butterscotch/blonde finish, fitted with D'addario Nylon Tapewound strings. This model in this finish is now discontinued. Anyone who has played a Classic Vibe series bass will know that their quality, sound and playability far surpasses the price tag. The bass plays very smoothly, great chunky neck, action set fairly low and the pickup sounds lovely, warm and thumpy paired with the Tapewound strings. Electronics in good working order as is the truss rod and all other hardware. Bass is all original and pretty much 'as new' aside from a bit of discolouration of some of the hardware (as can be seen on the neck plate, machine-heads in the photos) none of which affects the playability or general workings of the bass. Bought a few years ago as a practice bass and has only really been used at home and in two rehearsals in total. Selling to free up some space in my little flat. This bass is really well made, plays and records as a fender/squier should. Cash on collection from SE4 (London) preferred as I've no box to ship the bass. Cheers!
  4. Might be a silly question, but is this still available?
  5. Lovely instrument that! Do you know what year it was made? And whereabouts are you based?
  6. I was trying to think of a good euphemism for it. It wasn't the idea of this hipster!
  7. It was a struggle to even find even a photo of another one, but one site has it down as the "Professional Twin-pickup" model... though I don't think they made these for a very long time. Lovely little bass, really like the feel of the neck on this one!
  8. For sale is my 1962** Hofner/Selmer 182/Professional solid body bass w/ original Diamond Logo Pickups. This is a really cool and unusual sounding bass. Neck pickup has all of the traditional 60s Hofner thump that we know and love and bridge pickup has all the bite and pokey midrange that you'd expect. Both can be blended nicely to give a warm and thumpy sound that sits really nicely in a mix. This is a great lightweight bass, perfect for anyone after something easier to play than a long-scale bass, and would be perfect as a secret weapon in a studio situation (particularly with a bit of foam behind the bridge pickup!) Serial number is in the early 700s so this is a particularly old and rare instrument. A previous owner has fitted a crescent-shaped rest to the body. Other than that, the hardware, pickups, controls etc all seem to be the ones originally bestowed upon it. Volume and tone pots have recently been cleaned and serviced by Andy at Sixty Sixty sounds on London's Denmark St. I suspect it's nothing a soldering iron and a touch of patience can't fix. Frets all appear to be in good condition and the bass is currently strung with light gauge round-wound strings. Cash on collection or balance transfer only from South-East London. Can also include the basic gig bag sold to me with the bass. Offers considered. ** According the Hofner list of serial numbers (http://www.hofner.com/media/wysiwyg//Serial_Numbers/selmer_numbers.pdf)
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