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  1. They vary a bit in size and tension, for example the Pyramid ones are huge,very floppy but sound completely old, the D'Addario set are almost regular size have a tighter feel and a bit more mid to the sound. The LaBella range is probably the most varied, and a good place to start. The one potential problem is that they all block the earth connection through the bridge that exists on most basses - so in some situations there can be an annoying earth buzz that doesn't stop when you touch the strings. I've had this on one or two places, and it is annoying of you are DI'd into the PA (and playing music with quiet bits!).
  2. There is a thread in the repairs section, listing amp techs...should be one that’s close...
  3. The two screws on the back are for pickup height adjustment. Bit like the Alembic system of two screws for height. On the back control plate there is also a small hole that gives access to a trim pot for setting the master balance level between the piezo and mag pickups, then the pre-set range can be fine tuned by the second balance pot on the front of the bass. Very well thought out, but the small trim pot needs replacing, as it does nothing at the moment. Actually, it sounds fine as it is, but it should be replaced to restore the intended level of set up. The bass is fully active, but has no eq - just balance pots between the mag pickups, piezo built into the bridge, and passive "roll off" tones for each. Its all about the sound of the player and the pickups.
  4. Still here - nearly went back to the USA, but CITES got in the way. Good news is the fingerboard is apparently pau ferrau/morado not rosewood.
  5. Bump time - Redface Bass 50 still available (cab and power amp sold)
  6. Pretty sure I owned that one for a few years (and put the EMGs in). Lovely bass 😎
  7. Was there a "pivot plate" of some kind on the back of the body?
  8. Sorry, sold yesterday! Only Bass350 still here now...
  9. Just run it from the effects send out put, into the line input on the Orchid box. It should have enough headroom, although I did drive one into clipping once, being heavy handed on a very loud gig 😳. The Orchid runs best on phantom power. Any doubts, drop Jon an email - he’s a very helpful chap.
  10. I guess Golihur are the other option, as long as you factor in the import costs and exchange rates 😳
  11. Hi Phil, Yes, it certainly could be - drop me a PM? Cheers BB
  12. Recently did a UK/Ireland bass trade with Drew - pleasure to deal with, despite my inadequacies with a tape measure! Recommended - great communication, just how it should be BB
  13. Thinking back...there were a few Rickenbakers around as well..which I found surprising, even then. They were very expensive in a place like Bristol, so I assume most had been acquired in that London rather than locally.
  14. The best gear I remember seeing, probably very late 70’s was a local guy who had a fretless Wal, with a Wallace head and EV 15” cab, and a Polytone combo for small gigs. Other than that it was all 70’s Fenders, some Ibanez and Aria and loads of Peavey and HH. The Sound City heads were quite popular, and not very old then either..and a lot of TV’s still had valves and were rented 😳
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