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  1. BassBod

    Rack Mounting a MkIV Trace Head ?

    From memory, the front preamp is a self contained shallow metal box, but the power amp and power transformer is not enclosed, just bolted to the back plate (one cable assembly links the two). Could be done, but some sort of top/bottom plates could be necessary.
  2. My favourite is "music power" - can't remember who used it, but utterly meaningless...unless you work in the marketing dept.
  3. BassBod

    TH500 idiots guide??

    There is no AGS off option on the TH500. The only reason I sold mine! It really is designed to flavour the sound away from “class D” to something warmer and “tubey” and it does that very well. I just prefer to have an off switch. My solution is a Retroglide 800 and Sansamp pedal....same idea 😎
  4. For me, the need for lighter more portable gear is partly age (not just health wise, but I’ve been shifting gear for a long time now, it gets dull!) but also the increasing hassle of getting a vehicle close to venues, loading out through drunk crowds etc. I’m self employed, work for a lot of different people, so I’m expected to be there on time, set up and ready...however much city traffic/motorway problems/parking restrictions get in the way. Lighter and smaller gear gets the job done a lot easier most of the time. If I was always arriving in a van with a band, I would use heavier stuff 😜
  5. It must be your inner bass player, reminding you that sound is always more important than logistics. It’s a life-long struggle 😳
  6. BassBod

    1x12 and 2x12 Options

    I’ve been using one or two TKS S112s for a few years now - still very happy with them. The performance/ portability/ cost combination is impressive. Not the deepest sounding cabs, but two provides plenty of sound. The surprise for me in just how good they are with the older generation of “small” amps. The TE AH150 or SWR Bass 350 etc all produce really nice noises, but are quite easy to cart about.
  7. Yes, the TE manual is very comprehensive. I remember years ago, with a Series VI and a Wal (!) it was a struggle to get a good stage sound in hurried sound checks, and it was made harder by not having many decent PA’s. The amp had to cover the room, so it usually seemed way too much on stage. These days, with an old(er) AH150 it seems much easier. Pick a bass that sounds good, turn off the pre-shape and use the graphic eq very sparingly, usually just a slight low boost and some upper mid cut. DI into PA if the room needs it. 😎
  8. BassBod

    Guts oh guts

    On my old bass (ply with solid top) I found that Spiro E and A, with Innovation black Rockabilly D and G worked surprisingly well. I’m still tempted to try it again..
  9. BassBod

    Phil Jones Big Head. Any good?

    Yes, I’ve run more “voiced ” preamps into it (Sansamp VT, Sadowsky) but I assume it would overload with a line level input unless you were able to keep it very low.
  10. Doesn't sound like the problem is nylon, but more string diameter - there are some black nylons like the D'Addario set that are almost "normal sizes". I use these on acoustic bass guitars (with acoustic guitar type under saddle piezo strips) and they work perfectly well.
  11. BassBod

    amp tech near Glastonbury/Wells

    You could try Jon Godsland at Orchid Electronics in Exeter....look him up and give him a call?
  12. BassBod

    Hiscox bass case

    They (Hiscox) have a tougher ProII spec for their acoustic guitar cases, which is essentially a thicker outer skin. Might be worth asking about that - I’ve never seen one. But, I have had a Hiscox get battered about on a couple of flights to the point where it barely closed (edges and hinges all knocked out of shape). Bass was fine 😎
  13. BassBod

    SWR Redhead 2x10 Combo (SOLD)

    Pretty certain that’s a later Super Redhead version, with switchable fan and higher power...
  14. Nice to meet you yesterday Raymondo, hope you got some sleep eventually! 😎