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  1. BassBod

    Should all bass amps have a bass filter?

    Yep - my old SWR amps just about got away with it, but with increasing power comes more risk. Keep it very low, variable etc but it’s just a good idea (especially with double bass and piezo pickups).
  2. BassBod

    Dual preamp

    Yep, that’s the one I was thinking of 😎
  3. BassBod

    Dual preamp

    Warwick make one...looks like an old Sony hifi 😜
  4. BassBod

    Recommend me a pair of headphones

    I rate the PJB’s as well. Very comfy, great sound..but not the toughest of designs. They are also sold a lot cheaper as Edifier H850’s. My other favourites are the MEars by Meters/Ashdown. Fantastic sound, about £40.
  5. BassBod

    Ashdown Original Combos???

    What stood out for me was the combo wasn’t sitting on the floor, but stacked on top of other amps, but it still had some authority to it’s sound. I’d usually expect any small combo to sound a bit thin if it wasn’t on the ground. I use small amps/cabs a lot - they are always on the ground 😜
  6. BassBod

    Ashdown Original Combos???

    I briefly heard the 1x12” version in PMT Brizzle - I was impressed, plenty of depth but also nice and clear. It’s on my watch out for list 😜
  7. BassBod

    NAD - Joined the Aguilar bandwagon

    I liked mine, but the “drive” side of it defeated me. It seemed to me like a Sansamp that I could never unplug! I love Sansamps, but I use them sparingly, and know where the off switch is. I think experimenting with your bass/cab is the only way. But I also thinks it’s fair to say none of the micro amps will do the full “heft” of an older amp like the Eden. Now, I’ll go sit in the corner...😳
  8. BassBod

    Shergold Modulator fretless Bass...

    Nice...very tempted, but very poor 😳.
  9. Bags is bags...everyone has theirs 😎
  10. Yep, I’m there Sunday eve with Kevin Brown..😎
  11. BassBod

    Jack Bruce

    Best gig I ever saw JB fronting Norman Beaker’s band, with a few extras...Band on the Wall, Dec 1984. I spent the next few years hunting out his solo work, which was almost impossible outside of secondhand shops 😳. Stigwood really stiffed him!
  12. BassBod

    Low output from Trace Elliot DI

    Another easy fix is just carry a small passive (transformer) DI box and run from the line out or effects send jack. Radial Stage Bug SB-2 is my current option, £40 from the For Sales on here. Saved me from Behringer boxes more than a few times 😳
  13. BassBod

    Low output from Trace Elliot DI

    It’s probably fine. A DI usually runs into a mic preamp on the desk, which is designed to accept a very low level signal, and then be boosted up at the desk. Unfortunately there isn’t really an industry standard for DI outs from amps, so there are many that put out a much hotter signal (why some amps have options for output level at the DI, and many desks have pads to reduce hot signals or switch between mic and line levels). I’d guess the engineer hadn’t come across a mic level output in a long time..and was expecting a much hotter signal. I’ve been using an old AH150 a lot over the last couple of years - it’s got an old style transformer DI, mic level. No issues, except once where I was told it was noisy and quiet. Put a passive DI on the effects send and it was fine..but my guess was the engineer found the mic/line selector button while I set up the new DI 😜 and kept quiet..
  14. BassBod

    NAD SWR content

    One day I’ll put them all in the same room...
  15. BassBod

    NAD SWR content

    It’s a good problem to have 😎