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  1. Hi Phil, Yes, it certainly could be - drop me a PM? Cheers BB
  2. Recently did a UK/Ireland bass trade with Drew - pleasure to deal with, despite my inadequacies with a tape measure! Recommended - great communication, just how it should be BB
  3. Thinking back...there were a few Rickenbakers around as well..which I found surprising, even then. They were very expensive in a place like Bristol, so I assume most had been acquired in that London rather than locally.
  4. The best gear I remember seeing, probably very late 70’s was a local guy who had a fretless Wal, with a Wallace head and EV 15” cab, and a Polytone combo for small gigs. Other than that it was all 70’s Fenders, some Ibanez and Aria and loads of Peavey and HH. The Sound City heads were quite popular, and not very old then either..and a lot of TV’s still had valves and were rented 😳
  5. Yes, it is very nice..small but a bit chunky by current measures. Interesting to consider this was pretty much the ultimate small light and portable cab for most of the 80’s and 90’s. I still use it for some gigs, but I’m going to be doing a lot less soon, so it’s just a case of clearing out for the future.
  6. Good chance its just dirt on contacts. With the amp unplugged form the mains, put some switch cleaner on a jack plug and push in/out a few times - do this on the input sockets (including the one you don't use) as well as the effects loop send and return. Also the speaker jack (if it isn't a Speakon). Check all your cables...especially the speaker cable.
  7. Would’ve loved to hear Jaco on a Steinberger, I read that he did own one...but never seen any evidence that he gigged it.
  8. I think it’s a MkIV and was sold as a 150w amp, but regardless of the numbers it’s a seriously loud combo...I don’t see much advantage in adding more external speakers when the internal 10” drivers can produce plenty of volume. Edit - the speaker socket holes/grommets are there because they used the same metal back plate for the contemporary AH150 amp head. I’m pretty sure the combo was 150w into its own speakers as a combined 4ohm load. That may not be the case with the new speakers. The XLR input socket is not wired as balanced, so it’s more of an alternative - TE just thought it was a much better connection than a telephone jack. There was a bit of an early 80’s trend to put XLR outputs on bass guitars (inspired by the Alembic 5pin) but it didn’t take off. Lovely amp 😎 Edit - the ECI is an earth continuity indicator - only lights up if the amp doesn’t sense an effective mains Earth. Quite useful...and it normally flashes for a few seconds after you turn off.
  9. Reduced to £700 collected....tea or coffee included..
  10. If it’s only the underside of the saddles, that should work fine, as long as the height adjustment grubs screws are still working. Ebay is probably a good place to start, or a call to Hohner. I think the same bridge is used on a few different versions (Spirit etc) so shouldn’t be too hard to find.
  11. There was a 12” SWR Workingmans cab on a FBook bass sales page a few days ago..really cheap. Good design (slightly wedge shaped) but just the cab. Will have a look and see if it’s still going. Also there are some new Ashdown Studio combos coming soon. The specs look good, but it might be a few weeks before they are available. Edit - cab sold
  12. Plenty of interest...but its still here people!
  13. I think the JJ has a bit more drive in the front end, but you probably couldn’t tell much difference unless you had both amps in front of you 😳
  14. The SWR workingman stuff was very good, especially from the earlier days. Not light by modern standards, but I did several years with the original 12” combo. A sansamp or other preamp box helped a lot to warm it up. Used ones these days tend to look pretty knackered as the RatFur carpet gets worn if there isn’t a cover on the amp. A quick going over with a nylon washing up brush can help restore the carpet, but how much it cleans up depends on the treatment it’s had. Worth looking out for 😎
  15. 😎 course not! I remember hearing my first Weather Report LP’s and being surprised that Jaco never slapped, and didn’t sound like Stanley Clarke 😳. It was a long time ago, and information and media travelled very slowly..unless there was a serious sell being co-ordinated by a record company. I don’t think I heard Jaco’s first solo album until about 1984...but I’d been looking for a copy since at least 1981..
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