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  1. BassBod

    Quilter bass block great eq design

    How have I missed these? 😳. Another one to try...
  2. BassBod

    1988 Warwick Streamer Stage 1

    Dream bass! One day...
  3. Hi, Thanks for the interest! The cab is 8 ohms, 200w designed to sit under the BLX 130 combo, and get its full potential. No idea about exact weight, but it’s pretty heavy for its size, at least 35 lbs at a guess. Would cost a fair bit to ship, so probably not worth it. Unless someone has the matching combo?
  4. BassBod

    Headphone amps

    There are some situations where they are very useful - when you have small kids in the house, and a lot of songs to learn for dep gigs, and when you travel a lot for gigs..again, that hour in the hotel on headphones can really help later!!
  5. BassBod

    Headphone amps

    I'm guessing the Thomann price reflects new stock, so any that have been here for a while should be cheaper. It seems headphone amps are tricky things to get right, especially for low cost. The Cafe Walter designer has been working on his next version for a few years now, it seems the on board battery and re-charging circuitry makes it all a bit more involved and that's without any digital conversion magic added.
  6. BassBod

    Headphone amps

    I've had mine for about two years and really enjoyed it. I don't record much at home, but have used it for a few things and its really good quality (and of course you can put other preamps in front for a more coloured sound). Just for playing along to tracks its real fun, as it really does put your bass into the music, with no hiss or annoying background noise and no heavy battery use. I had a Cafe Walter before...was very good, but ate batteries (2x9v) and did hiss quite a bit.
  7. BassBod

    Headphone amps

    Just looked it up - Thomann have the PJB at £200 now, that's a lot more than it used to be..
  8. BassBod

    Headphone amps

    There is a new Ashdown headphone amp/interface out now, but again not that cheap - but it does do a lot. I use the PJB Bighead and think its great..makes learning songs much more fun and doesn't get in the way of the family.
  9. BassBod

    Martin acoustic 00C 16GTAE

    Yes, but it’s a lovely area to visit 😎. Ten minutes from Bath and all it’s temptations (Vintage&Rare..and a thousand plus restaurants and coffee houses!)
  10. Yes, it’s a distinct possibility..but more for the amp than the cab. If cash wasn’t an urgent need this would be staying here for a very long time. But, I have got some lovely old SWR stuff, and another GP11 preamp 😎
  11. Yes, it has the heft..even with an old school 1x10” 😜
  12. Yes, it’s a reluctant sale. I’ve used this a lot for quite a few years, but the car is slowly falling apart 😳. Nothing seems to sell except Fenders!
  13. Will put up some better photos when the sun shines again...