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  1. BassBod

    Rack Case Quandry

    It’s an old system, originally for scientific /lab research, not rocknroll. My SWR’s make it more of an issue. They used aluminium cases for heat transfer, but it is more likely to get stressed by drops and tough handling - slight bends can be re-shaped, but only so many times. Also they punched the rack bolt holes to fit a 2u amp into a 3u space - to allow for air cooling. This makes a larger than normal gap at the bottom between amp and case. There really does need to be something (dense foam or wood) in that gap, especially with the heavier amps.
  2. BassBod

    Rack Case Quandry

    Oh yes, black paint is essential 😎
  3. BassBod

    Rack Case Quandry

    A simple wood block can be fixed under the back of the amp - I’ve used a skirting board off cut, Velcro’d onto the bottom of the case. Stops too much movement and stress to the front of the amp. My SWR power amp fell out of a van...
  4. BassBod

    NBD - Alembic content!

    I paid something like £750 for it, eventually traded it for a lightly used Sadowsky...that I should’ve kept 😳. I think the Bass Centre commissioned quite a few Epics in the mid 90’s, which is why there are a few in circulation at sensible prices in the UK. Nice basses 😎
  5. BassBod

    NBD - Alembic content!

    Looks like the one I had (traded on here several years ago). Lovely bass, if a bit weighty 😎
  6. BassBod

    NBD - Alembic content!

    My memory of the Epic was get the right strings on it (DR Sunbeams for me) then get your sound with the pickup balance, then fine tune with on board eq. It really was very simple! Used mine in lots of different settings and it always worked for me. Didn’t always look right, but sounded great 😎
  7. BassBod

    NBD - Alembic content!

    Lovely basses. It’s the clarity that you either love or don’t. There isn’t really an Alembic sound, it’s just the strings, and filters if you want them. Look out for an SF2 rack preamp - essentially the filters in a Series II Bass but in a 1u rack. Very expensive new, but they do sometimes come up used, and a lot cheaper.
  8. BassBod

    Fender Roscoe Beck IV 1350€

    Quick question - why were the pickups changed?
  9. BassBod

    Ashdown fan club

    Actually, I recently sent the amp in to them for a fan modification - it came back in the same bag (and same cardboard box) it went in. I’ll get another bag, eventually..probably the Gator version. Seems to be the right cost/quality balance. Been using one of their rack bags for ages, much better than others I’ve used before.
  10. BassBod

    Ashdown fan club

    I bought one for my Retroglide, but the zipper on the cable pocket broke far too easily and quickly for the fairly light use it’s had. Not exactly impressed with that.
  11. BassBod

    Rick Turner Electroline 5 string

    The master volume pot has developed some scratchiness, either needs another clean or replacing (cleaned a few years ago) so price now reduced to £550 😳
  12. BassBod

    Earth strap jazz bass

    I’ve used thin brass sheet, cut to run under the bridge pickup, then wired to ground on one of the pots.
  13. BassBod

    Smallest original Trace cab

    Yes, I was selling it (on behalf of the estate of a friend) but decided to keep it. Works nicely with the old AH150. Sounds great, but it’s very heavy for it’s small size.
  14. BassBod

    Smallest original Trace cab

    One of these...
  15. BassBod

    Stinger 2 band EQ ? East MMSR ?

    Two other options would be the Sadowksy circuit, and the related Aguilar OPB1. Neither are exactly copies of the Stingray design, but very much inspired by (the Aguilar being a later re-engineer by Alex Aguilar, who designed the Sadowsky). I’ve got both in external box versions, and they are very good...but the on board versions are pretty expensive, especially once fitted.