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  1. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    Thanks all for the help. Despite being a thread about being loud I completely hate loud noises and use some pretty serious ear defence even for moderate volume levels.
  2. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    @VTypeV4 @Phil Starr Thanks! So how would I calculate it with two two10 cabs? @wateroftyne Sounds really great, love the sound clips you posted in the other thread. Let's see if Leszek is happy to send over a demo model ... Wish me luck!
  3. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    What's the maths behind those numbers? (I'm intrigued not being critical)
  4. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    Yeah, the WA sounds great but the few times I've played all valve the feel has been notably different. The transients seem much more apparent in a way I've not experienced with solid state gear. The WB-100 looks like a good option, the lack of controls is a definite plus for me, I'd be happy with just volume and gain! @wateroftyne What does that little switch on the right hand side do?
  5. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    I'd love to try one out, I'd thought about their other one, the R-400 or something?, but not seen this one. Bit sheepish about buying one without trying it though.
  6. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    If I can get away with 100w that'd be great, something like the ctm-100 or a v4b, I don't know how much I like the idea of carrying an SVT around!!!
  7. joescartwright

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    Hi all, I've been using a mesa walkabout for quite a while now and keep thinking of changing over to something all valve. I picked up one of the tiddly Ashdown 15 watt valve heads and really like the immediacy it has compared to solid state stuff that I'm used to, it's not the fullest sounding amp I've played, which seems to be the main criticism of this particular amp, but for home use it's great. So... if paired with a small but efficient cab like a barefaced two10, how many watts would be likely to keep up with your standard functions bands without being massively distorted? Compressed and a bit saturated is lovely but I'm not looking for something that's always gainy if that is helpful. I play all passive basses, mostly with flats, and don't use much in the way off effects other than the occasional fuzzy or overdriven sound. Any advice would be much appreciated Joe
  8. joescartwright

    Playing without an amp

    I was thinking that a pogo stick attachment might be more eye catching. Gotta set yourself apart from the competition right?
  9. joescartwright

    Playing without an amp

    It’s for a roaming band, acoustic guitar, percussion/snare/cajon, vocals and me so it’s not like there is a massive amount to compete with. The environment can can be challenging at times though as it’s rarely in a space designed for music, often outside or in a space with a fair bit of background noise etc.
  10. joescartwright

    Playing without an amp

    So I've been asked to play in a band with no amp or PA support. I have a stentor hybrid upright bass which is fine for me as a beginner but is certainly not that loud, any tips for maximising volume acoustically? String recommendations/better bass/suck it up and practice more and stop moaning etc. Cheers, Joe.
  11. joescartwright

    Barefaced two10

    Got one you don't want? I'll 'av it! Cloth grill preferable but it's not a deal breaker. Cheers, Joe.
  12. joescartwright

    Fender JV PB62-98

    It’s a pretty long shot but I’m on the lookout for one of these babies. Not too fussed about colour but I’m only interest in the pb62-98 not the pb62-70 or squier models. Get in touch if you have one! Cheers, Joe
  13. joescartwright

    A clip on tuner that works?

    Unitune looks like a winner to me, I'll give it a try. Thanks all!
  14. joescartwright

    A clip on tuner that works?

    Anyone found a really reliable clip on tuner? I've tried a few but have always found them sketchy in a live situation. It'd just be nice to have one less thing in the signal chain. Cheers! Joe.
  15. joescartwright

    Sold—-Fender Nate Mendel p bass

    Hey buddy, where are you based?