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  1. I jumped in at the deep end, trying to lower the action on an Ibanez piezo equipped guitar and achieved fantastic results, even with my somewhat rudimentary skills. The fantastic results were achieved by carefully filing the bottom of the saddle, refitting it, filing a bit more until the action was spot on. So pleased with myself until it was plugged in - disaster. The volume from the strings was now completely unmatched. I'd turned a decent enough guitar into a dog's dinner. I glued a strip of fine sandpaper to a spare bathroom tile and then gently resanded the underneath of the plastic saddle, checking the result against the untouched still glazed part of the tile, to ensure that the saddle would now be completely flat. Put it back in the slot in the bridge and now the volume was even across all the strings. A kind of good result I suppose, more by luck than judgement, the surface contact and pressure between the saddle and piezo pickup is so crucial. Glad yours worked out Stewblack and like you say we're all learning
  2. Thanks Andy I have zero knowledge of retail "3. The big brands need to shift units...so go with the big chains with ridiculous dealership demands. I think the last buy in for a Gibson dealership was £35k. Small chains cannot do this." How does the buy in for a dealership work ?
  3. Mr Al Krow My post started off as a jokey response to your idea that a retailer would swap out pickups at no expense to himself The scenario was that of a kid in a sweetshop which in my tired and emotional state I neglected to mention. Do not post when pisshed is my motto from now on
  4. I do have a positive experience of this. The retailer told me to make my own mind up, stop wasting his time and try living in the real world. My mum agreed. Hope this helps.
  5. Glad it is up and running. Looks like you have a sizable monitor, I'm using a standard size laptop and your second screenshot is in proportion to what I get on my machine. This caused me a bit of headscratching at first --- why won't it expand to fill the entire screen ? When you use it with a DAW however this makes perfect sense, as krispn states above. You can drag and drop patterns into the DAW to establish the song structure, whilst using EZ 2 as a VST instrument. Also while I'm blethering away, feel I may have overstated the midi controller angle a bit, AFAIK you cannot tweak sounds in a TB303 acid house or Rebirth way but there is still a lot of functionality available. Bet your neighbours are having the time of their lives
  6. Have you downloaded the Toontrack Product Manager ?
  7. Well in that case Al, EZ drummer 2 comes with meticulously recorded performances by real drummers that are used to provide the midi input to immaculately recorded real drums recorded in real studios. Check out the videos. You could choose a style that suits your song, choose an intro then verses choruses etc. change the complete kit, tweak it with studio effects, add tambourines, shakers even COWBELL or just leave it as it is, save it and quickly get on with the songwriting then return to tweakiness later ! You can learn a lot about mixing a kit from the er... mixer You don't even need a DAW it will download with a standalone version full of drummy goodness You will definitely understand drums more deeply... I most certainly did. Would a drum machine do any of this ? Download the demo and spend a few days with it
  8. Al, what is it that you want your drum patterns for ? Is it for songwriting purposes or to take along to a rehearsal if your drummer is unavailable ? Are you aiming for realistic drum patterns with realistic drum sounds or are you more interested in using a drum machine with lots of tweakability- tweakableness-knobtwiddly ness.??? Cos there is nothing wrong with that - huge amounts of fun. But that can all be achieved with software with the addition of a midi controller. You could tweak and trigger drum loops and edit sounds in real time and save all your creations ready for the next rehearsal or the next stage of the song. Are you using a DAW and if so which one ?
  9. Review of EZ drummer 2 here www.soundonsound.com/reviews/toontrack-ezdrummer-2 from our friends in Bar Hill, from 5 years ago. There are a mind boggling amount of expansions, different kits etc, now available five years after this review. Toontrack often sell bundles at a reduced price and have a plethora of their own videos available along with the usual Youtube stuff from others. I don't think anybody could fail to be impressed by the capabilities of this software, it is as flexible as you want it to be and sounds amazing. And if not there is always Superior Drummer ! There is an expansion pack of electronic drums if that floats your boat. Al, download a demo and see if it works for you. Will cost you Sweet craddock Adams. Did that get through the profanity filter... Er no it didn't
  10. A 51 Precision reissue appeared on the For Sale two hours ago, it has already had one comment that demonstrates the helpful spirit that is usually seen here on Basschat. Well done that person.
  11. Seen the number of strings on the guitar on the back cover ?
  12. You don't really need to take the neck off or remove the neck plate once you know there are no shims in the neck pocket. Your method is spot on with the relaxing of the strings and using a capo, two capos can be used as a belt and braces approach. Pull the strings through and underneath the capos as you detune them, so they don't unwind on the machineheads. Then loosen the two screws on the head stock side of the neckplate a bit, loosen the other two screws on the bridge side a little bit more until the neck will tip back and give access to the trussrod, adjust that as you see fit, then reverse the whole procedure and see if that does the trick. If you've not had a Jazz before it is normal for both pickups on full, to have less output than either pickup solo - particularly the neck pickup which can be reggaetastic. Nice bass not jealous at all
  13. I may well have misunderstood but did you dip the pots into the acid ? It's easy enough to pry off the back of the pots with a small screwdriver and replace them by bending the little tab thingies back into place. Also apparently when soldered up, the blobs of solder can be aged using a tiny paintbrush and some kind of acid, maybe the same stuff you already have. Great thread
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