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  1. Cambridge .. Marshall 4 x 10, SWR Triad,faulty Euphonic Audio iamp800

    Now all gone thanks Sharkfinger
  2. Due to serious illness in the family I need to quickly clear some space. Need to be gone by Saturday or latest Sunday evening and due to circumstances you may have to be a bit flexible about collection, hope that's OK. [size=5]Marshall Jubilee 4 x 10 400 watt bass cab[/size] 8 ohms, model 1540, 1987ish, black tolex, well used, Marshall logo missing. Works fine. Never let me down. [size=5]SWR Triad 1 [/size] 1 x 15, 1 x 10, 1 tweeter, from memory these are 300 watts and 4 ohms. manufactured in Sylmar, California. The speaker grill has got pushed in a bit will probably need a liitle bit of attention, all speakers and crossover working though. Might be a useful project for someone and if you sort the grill out should be fine. Lastly....[size=5] Euphonic Audio iAmp 800[/size] class D powerful amp will go down to 2ohms, in proper iamp bag. Virtually immaculate.... but is faulty and will need fixing. please Google this stuff cos I haven't got time to do photos if anybody wants any of these pm me all free to a good home I'd rather somebody on here could make some use of these items I don't want to dump them in Milton tip !!
  3. Tom Petty dead?

    What a loss, an all around good guy, fought for artists rights, had his own share of demons to deal with - and he did. 40 years of touring finished last week and then he could have spent more time with his granddaughter so many great songs so many of them celebrating true human spirit and defiance against the stuff life chucks at us all https://youtu.be/JMzW42zZVN0
  4. Parcelforce

    Have you checked the tracking details ? As you have not seen the address on the label, why are you assuming that Parcelforce are at fault here? Has the guitar been posted from outside the UK ? Often an item posted from outside the UK will not include the postcode and will miss out details such as the road/street/town you live in !! It can often be just a language barrier thing 57 High Street Hertfordshire for example might seem to be an acceptable address posted from Germany or wherever, but that is not your correct address I wouldn't worry about the label coming off cos if that had happened Parcelforce would not be able to contact you at all Parcelforce have your guitar , they are trying to ensure that you receive it, and it does not get stolen, or get lost What is wrong with that ??
  5. Fender Jazz MIJ - odd brass earthing strip?

    I've got an ongoing bitsa Jazz project that will be completed soon er soonish. The body has the brass plates that sit under the pickups, but no earth strip from the bridge. There is no hole to poke a wire through. As I've already got some self adhesive copper grounding sheet from Stewmac, would making an earth strip from this material ( and soldering it to the brass plates ) be a good idea ??
  6. Learning bass guitar after 40's

    I love this site -- all the helpful advice you can get on here, and it almost never descends into the trolling/oneupmanship/ YOUR MUM rubbish that ruins so much of this new fangled internet thing. Only thing I'd add Prunes, that I found made a huge difference to practicing on your own, is to use a metronome or possibly (even better in my opinion) some kind of drum software and make that a part of your practice routine. You can get some good stuff for next to nothing or free. And don't worry about getting faster faster faster. Get the timing solid and feel the smile appear on your face. Good luck
  7. Favourite solo on a hit record?

    The late great James Honeyman-Scott [url="https://youtu.be/ZbC8JltxSq8"]https://youtu.be/ZbC8JltxSq8[/url] And an immaculate lesson from Anyone Can Play Guitar [url="https://youtu.be/PRvXTbuVm4s"]https://youtu.be/PRvXTbuVm4s[/url] Eight bars of genius
  8. Would you ever perform starkers like Nick Oliveri used to

    Yes, but I'm a right old slapper
  9. Which Squier PJ's have a 38mm nut?

    Just measured my Indonesian Squier Precision Bass Standard, it's a pewter grey finish (originally a PJ but now just a P), measures 38mm/1.5inch across nut. Discontinued several years back, tuners work well but feel a bit on the cheap side, really nice jazz neck though and bargains are out there. Think this was an early Vintage Modified model ??
  10. Quick fix to reduce that brand new string metallic "twang"??

    Genius! Never heard of this trick before bet it works a treat
  11. blown tweeter in aguilar cab

    Don't know if this will help but I have an ancient SWR Triad - the tweeter ( maybe a Fostex/Foster ? ) never worked. Looks similar to the one in the Aguilar, I was about to buy a new diaphragm for it, there are Youtube videos [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=PF3HU9u4ZAE"]https://www.youtube....e&v=PF3HU9u4ZAE[/url] showing how easy these are to replace, and I did take it apart to see if there were any obvious issues. All looked good. So while it was out of the cab I tried running a headphone lead out of the laptop into the horn and it appeared to be working. Tried this with the other speakers same result all good. Had a look at the crossover circuit and there was a bodged up cold soldered joint somebody had done as a quick repair. Resoldered this and all now works fine. If I had a multimeter and knew how to use it, that would be the best way to proceed. Short version of the above try a low level headphone output into the cabs input if the 12 inch speakers work (hopefully) all is good with them. if nothing from the horn take it out and repeat the headphone lead test thing across the two terminals if you get nothing then the diaphragm is faulty and it is dead easy to replace. if the horn works then it could well be a fault in the crossover I think I just got lucky with a very visible fault and you need proper advice from Stevie-- if it turns out to be a crossover fault. Fingers crossed your new diaphragm will solve the problem.
  12. SOLD Yamaha BB604 - 2003

    These are really well made and extremely versatile. The controls that need to be are centre detented, so its easy to get back to square one, so to speak. The slightly misnamed mid cut switch can also be used to boost mids over quite a large eq range, so you could have two very different sounds at the flick of a switch. And that's without the good tone shaping available from the rest of the controls. It can also do a good Fendery P or J sound, so if you like it nice and simple that's there as well. Very light bass. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Just a bit of fun. Feel free to change the caption.

    "Yes, your feet are encased in concrete" "You played Cantaloupe Island on a BC Rich" "Swim with the fishes Blue Boy"
  14. Luv of Dub

    from a No Treble interview with Aston Family Man Barrett [url="http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2014/06/26/legend-an-interview-with-aston-family-man-barrett/"]http://www.notreble....ly-man-barrett/[/url] What kind of gear do you use? A lot of readers wanted to know about your strings, too. My favorite kind of bass is the Fender Jazz. Fender always makes a set of special flatwound strings for me that I picked out from a 5-string set, but I use a 4-string. I said, “build these four for me,” and every year they send me a six-pack of them. What a sound he gets and what a player
  15. Think I may have blown one of my studio monitors.?

    What monitors are they ? What bass is it? Did you plug the bass guitar into one active monitor ? It's fine to check the speaker itself as in the method in the Yoube video, but don't put a 9 volt battery into the input of a powered monitor. You need to tell us a bit more than " bass into monitor". An active bass into a powered monitor could well blow the speaker. Sounds likely that's what has happened