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  1. This sounds like a problem that everybody that owns an electric bass/guitar /mandolin! etc. will eventually encounter. The typical output jack is an ancient design that works very well until it err... starts to fail !! As a first step to fix your problem and before you start changing any components I would try this ... Remove all the screws on the outer edge of the scratchplate (not the pickup screws).. Loosen the strings or even take them off the tuners, be careful if you want to put the same strings back on Carefully lift up the scratchplate Now look at the output jack The long springy part with a "V" shape should make good contact with the tip of the jackplug when plugged in Try bending that springy part of the output jack in towards the centre of the output jack so it has a stronger physical contact with your guitar lead. Try inserting the lead and see if it now has a more positive connection That will probably cure it Might be worth cleaning the tip of the V shaped bit with some sandpaper or something similar to remove any corrosion
  2. Only have Chordpulse installed now so can't help much with the 4 Chord Songs freebie version Sounds like you have found it has a limited chord selection for you ? Give the full Chordpulse free 14 day trial a whirl .... got nothing to lose?
  3. Have a look at www.chordpulse.com Which is $29 after a 14 day trial They also offer a simpler free cut down version called 4 Chord Songs which may be useful The sounds are a bit cheesy but in the full version (possibly also in the free version) the midi patterns can be exported to a DAW so you could then use your own sounds and replace the drums as you wish Found it ideal for a quick practise, speed up, slow down and it is so easy to change key
  4. Bought a ThorpyFX Fat General from Paul Bomb proof packaging and super quick delivery thanks Paul
  5. Can only echo what RichardH is saying (was it you mate that had a pub sign hanging from your house)? before you moved ? If so I bought one of these cabs from Richard and you will not be disappointed. Great cabs and an easy load into your hatchback/hummer/ cruise liner. These cabs sound fab And you might get compliments from the guitarists, for once. Like we care 🤣
  6. Good to hear from you Mr Blue Welcome back Missed you on here
  7. I think this also applies to tung oil soaked rags. Maybe other oils are similarly risky ? Also if anybody is mad enough to be sanding floorboards in this heat, the same danger exists, i.e. don't leave bags of sanded wood waste inside the house overnight, put them outside. Anyone understand why this stuff spontaneously combusts ?
  8. Wouldn't a set of allen keys or hex keys be just as good ?
  9. Hen party drowns out Cambridge band in ongoing volume debacle. Hen party heft. It's definitely a thing. Or it was 😥
  10. Enjoyed playing some gigs at the Green Man in Royston ( North Hertfordshire don't you know!!) before all of this ... could get a bit lively !! Welcome TobyC
  11. "Unions still get paid, if the workers they represent go on strike and don't." Er what ? like to try that again using some words that make sense ? Semaphore maybe? "Meanwhile......EVERY eBay Trader that still uses RM is switching to a crappier/cheaper courier as we speak...." Well that is frightening news for any employees of Royal Mail but at least they will know that there are crappier/cheaper couriers available to take the vitriol from the informed masses. I am speaking in jest of course no offence
  12. It may well be a commonly used figure of speech etc. I've never ever heard of it before... "Sighthill depot in edinburgh is vast. It could easily hide 2 dozen trailers." Did you actually mean this.... "Sighthill depot in edinburgh is vast. It could easily hold 2 dozen trailers." Yes of course there are some vast Royal Mail premises, they have to be vast to to do the job that in normal times, most of us, are unaware of. I'm not having a personal go at you jacko at all, but the suggestion ( not from you jacko) from the quote at the top of the thread, that Royal Mail are hiding dozens of unsorted trailers in most of their premises, is offensive to all Royal Mail staff that are trying to do their best in these circumstances. It is untrue, unhelpful and has an agenda of its own.
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