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blisters on my fingers

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  1. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    from Guitarworld www.guitarworld.com/gear/brad-paisley-discusses-his-signature-fender-road-worn-telecaster The Brad Paisley Road Worn Telecaster’s most unusual feature may be its body construction, consisting of a lightweight Paulownia core sandwiched between thin layers of spruce on the body’s top and back. Don't know if that helps. Probably not !!
  2. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    Thanks Converse
  3. Substitute

  4. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    Yes, I think you are spot on there. Liberon think their Tung oil is a better product for exposed oak than their own brand Teak oil. Which is not quite the same as Teak oil bad/Tung oil good. Thanks for the link.
  5. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    Thanks Phil, Jimothey and Grangur Soon after my original post and your much appreciated and speedy replies, disaster struck, the friend (actually a friend of a friend) could not now spare the time to make the grave marker because some big contract had been signed, his lead time would now be 3-6 months. Unfortunately this meant that the marker would not be ready for my late partners' birthday (which is tomorrow) as I'm sure you can imagine this was incredibly hard to comprehend, but there you go. And yes he did know the importance of the time frame. Time was now running out and my lovely eldest daughter managed to find a company that could make the grave marker and guarantee delivery. This company were absolutely spot on in their communications and produced and delivered the marker just as promised. I was going to treat the oak with Teak oil as suggested, and bought a tin of Liberon Teak Oil to do just that. On the back of the tin it states " Teak oil is not suitable for use on exterior oak. Liberon Pure Tung Oil is recommended for this purpose" I have no idea why they don't recommend teak oil ? Everybody seems to think it's the er mutt's er nuts. I went with their suggestion and instead used Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil because time was short. It has worked a treat. Managed to get about eight coats on this week and water now runs off like it would on glass. Phil - the marker will be sitting at about 45 degrees and if possible I'll try to get some kind of air gap underneath it using some stones or whatever we can find tomorrow. You have all helped at a difficult time. Thanks
  6. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    Thanks Jimothy and Grangur Will follow your advice - it was the rotting and splitting that I was trying to avoid. cheers
  7. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    thanks jimothey would brushing a few coats of teak oil over a few days be the right way to go
  8. Advice on oak treatment for grave marker

    We are having an oak grave marker made by a friend and I would appreciate any advice anybody could offer. The marker will be A3 sized, about 2 to 3 inches thick, the inscription will be routed into the oak surface. It is a woodland burial site and only natural protective oils can be used i.e. no plastic or epoxy resin. The marker needs to be in place towards the end of January. Some of the markers at the burial site have become almost illegible which does seem very sad. I know a natural oak marker will not last forever and it is acceptable to then provide a replacement. But that also seems a bit sad if it could be avoided with the right treatment now. Any advice you have to offer on the best way to protect the oak (something that could be done at home) maybe linseed oil or whatever, would be appreciated.
  9. Charity Singles - Anyone Done one?

    I would put a link to Shine and St Mary's charitable donations pages on here, on this site. There are a lot of good people on here that I'm sure would love to contribute. All the best to you and your wife and your new addition.
  10. Cambridge .. Marshall 4 x 10, SWR Triad,faulty Euphonic Audio iamp800

    Now all gone thanks Sharkfinger
  11. Due to serious illness in the family I need to quickly clear some space. Need to be gone by Saturday or latest Sunday evening and due to circumstances you may have to be a bit flexible about collection, hope that's OK. [size=5]Marshall Jubilee 4 x 10 400 watt bass cab[/size] 8 ohms, model 1540, 1987ish, black tolex, well used, Marshall logo missing. Works fine. Never let me down. [size=5]SWR Triad 1 [/size] 1 x 15, 1 x 10, 1 tweeter, from memory these are 300 watts and 4 ohms. manufactured in Sylmar, California. The speaker grill has got pushed in a bit will probably need a liitle bit of attention, all speakers and crossover working though. Might be a useful project for someone and if you sort the grill out should be fine. Lastly....[size=5] Euphonic Audio iAmp 800[/size] class D powerful amp will go down to 2ohms, in proper iamp bag. Virtually immaculate.... but is faulty and will need fixing. please Google this stuff cos I haven't got time to do photos if anybody wants any of these pm me all free to a good home I'd rather somebody on here could make some use of these items I don't want to dump them in Milton tip !!
  12. Tom Petty dead?

    What a loss, an all around good guy, fought for artists rights, had his own share of demons to deal with - and he did. 40 years of touring finished last week and then he could have spent more time with his granddaughter so many great songs so many of them celebrating true human spirit and defiance against the stuff life chucks at us all https://youtu.be/JMzW42zZVN0
  13. Parcelforce

    Have you checked the tracking details ? As you have not seen the address on the label, why are you assuming that Parcelforce are at fault here? Has the guitar been posted from outside the UK ? Often an item posted from outside the UK will not include the postcode and will miss out details such as the road/street/town you live in !! It can often be just a language barrier thing 57 High Street Hertfordshire for example might seem to be an acceptable address posted from Germany or wherever, but that is not your correct address I wouldn't worry about the label coming off cos if that had happened Parcelforce would not be able to contact you at all Parcelforce have your guitar , they are trying to ensure that you receive it, and it does not get stolen, or get lost What is wrong with that ??
  14. Fender Jazz MIJ - odd brass earthing strip?

    I've got an ongoing bitsa Jazz project that will be completed soon er soonish. The body has the brass plates that sit under the pickups, but no earth strip from the bridge. There is no hole to poke a wire through. As I've already got some self adhesive copper grounding sheet from Stewmac, would making an earth strip from this material ( and soldering it to the brass plates ) be a good idea ??
  15. Learning bass guitar after 40's

    I love this site -- all the helpful advice you can get on here, and it almost never descends into the trolling/oneupmanship/ YOUR MUM rubbish that ruins so much of this new fangled internet thing. Only thing I'd add Prunes, that I found made a huge difference to practicing on your own, is to use a metronome or possibly (even better in my opinion) some kind of drum software and make that a part of your practice routine. You can get some good stuff for next to nothing or free. And don't worry about getting faster faster faster. Get the timing solid and feel the smile appear on your face. Good luck