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  1. Review from 2012 on the Soundonsound site.... https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/zoom-h2n The mid/side feature along with the free software ( if it is still available, I haven't checked ) was invaluable for recording rehearsals. Leave the H2N recording for the entire rehearsal, everbody forgets it's recording, nobody gets stressy with 'Take One, Take Two' etc. When you get home, pop out the SD card put it into your computer, edit out the chitchat, adjust the stereo image. Marvel at your bands godlike genius 😀 (My band split soon after that but in all honesty Zoom cannot be held responsible)
  2. Zoom H2next might be worth checking out ? You beat me to it Newfoundfreedom !
  3. Might be an idea to use a word that actually exists, before you berate the nonsense of lesser mortals 'arguments'.
  4. I once had a glass of lemonade in a Temperance bar. No Whisky. No Bourbon. No IPA.
  5. Don't know what you lot are moaning about 😀
  6. Hi Pearly Kings and Queens !!!! Mike McCready here ! Any of you guys in England recommend a decent amp/guitar tech in the Amsterdam area? My geetar has developed some fret buzziness and my amplifier is making weeeeeird noises ........... wtf !!......... Easy fix for a qualified master luthier/amp tech here in the Netherlands, hey, lets reach out to each other? Yeah ? Help a Bro out here???? You all know we are a VERY VERY socially aware band 'n' it would be so cool if we could play some kinda benefit gig for orphans/refugees/displaced persons etc.. etc..whatever it was we last discussed with the image management team. Cool guys. And Gals obvs!!! As always we must think of those less fortunate than our own selves. Can one of you kind folks lend me a Tubescreamer???
  7. Welcome Jvanoort Would'nt worry too much about misbehaving on here, your opinions are just as valid and welcome as any other member of this forum. However, what the hell is a melodian??????? 😁
  8. Thanks for posting stewblack....... fascinating stuff Bit confused by our Brucie at this point in the interview....... "I figured it out by the seat of my pants. So for a long time, my career was only ‘riff-based’ pentatonic scales. I had a kind of epiphany where I realized that if you play ‘four frets and three frets’ that’s a major, you play ‘three frets and four frets’ that’s a minor, then ‘three frets and three frets’ that’s a diminished, and ‘four frets and four frets’ that’s an augmented." Know how major, minor, diminshed etc. scales and chords are constructed but I just don't get what Bruce is saying? Help me reach my epiphany ! No jokes about Epiphones purleeeeez 🤪
  9. I thought this was common on VVT Jazz basses, both pickups on full you get a slightly mid scooped sound with what is, or which sounds like, slightly less volume. Pretty sure I've read on here or similar forums that some players think this scooped sound is a desirable feature of a Jazz bass. Suppose it depends on how you define 'notable', if the volume is dropping like a car off a cliff then something else is er... wrong 😀 Also with my Jazz you would probably only notice at gig volume
  10. Be interested to know the guitarists history with any other bands he has been involved with, has he always had this lazy selfish attitude ? What happened to those previous bands ? How long has he been involved in your local gigging scene, for instance? Is he really so good on guitar that he thinks he just doesn't need to learn songs prior to a rehearsal? It sounds like the behaviour of a flaky narcissist. ME ME ME ME. Feck everybody else.
  11. Ring of Blu tack Toothpaste cap Plus £1.49 for the Eight Ace
  12. Great post bass_dinger Must dust off my mandolin and try again. Loud little buggers aren't they??
  13. I'm really humbled by this forum at times by the help and advice most of the members are willing to share Thanks Lowdown for your assistance Bass Station now fully functional I'm a happy monkey and you are a star !!
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