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  1. seller ....... J Harrison...... name rings a bell
  2. I am now a supporting member My chest is puffed out with pride and my nose is inclined upwards Thanks everybody esp. Ped and the rest of the crew for this fab site
  3. Can one of you lovelies explain how to become a supporting member ? I no longer appear in the Recently Browsing thingie just below here, since the site revamp, but i can still contribute utter garbage in a thread, much to everybody's delight ☹️ Are you trying to tell me something? Or do I not exist 💔
  4. Found this method of temporarily fixing a dodgy nut worked well.
  5. Looks like the second version of the Ibanez Blazer with the P bass style pickup on this video. Anybody got a transcription of There It Is ? Pretty please xxx 😚
  6. Anybody know if it is possible to wire two 9V batteries together to get 18v. Don't want to buy another power supply if there is a suitable bodge !
  7. There are five days left on this so called auction which started at £400. Here it is again... eBay item number:164836123964 Can't wait to see at what figure the bidder below * drops out and the other magic shill boy does likewise. At which point some lucky eBayer will stand a very good chance of winning a totally unique bitsa. * private listing - bidder identity protected £820.00 28 Apr 2021 at 11:30:09am BST After all - using a private listing is a completely acceptable way of setting a minimum price and it's so much fun. Why would you not involve your friends? Or maybe both boys(completely unknown to each other - of course) have been just a tadge greedy and it will end up for auction yet again. Anybody asked how much it weighs ? Or if it stinks?
  8. A Mexican neck with matching screw holes to fit that body was sold on Ebay on March 27th for £191.91. eBay item number: 164764549981 Same seller and still visible in his 100% !! feedback. ????
  9. Bought an EHX Soul Food from Steve, very quick delivery, very friendly Basschatter. Thanks Steve
  10. Bought a Palmer Pocket Bass from Alex in mint condition with boxes and instructions - Alex looks after his gear and deserves his great reputation on this site, as shown in all the preceding feedback. Thanks
  11. I'll take the Palmer Bass Pocket Amp if it is still available Can you PM me thanks
  12. Free Drum Enhancer VST https://cymatics.fm/pages/diablo-lite Unusually this installed on Live 9 seamlessly Somehow I managed to not bu gger this up !
  13. Thanks for posting this Ricky What a lovely family having so much fun playing music together
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