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  1. Bought a Boss LS 2 pedal from Mark very nice chap and an easy pleasant transaction thanks Mark
  2. Free limited time download Native Instruments Raum Did not install immediately, but the following day appeared in Native Access as noted in some of the comments on Youtube.
  3. Love the cut n paste job on Anderton's description of these two "beauties". 45 thousand pounds and that is the best they could come up with? Go on then we are all ears !
  4. BrunoBass If you are thinking of buying a Jazz bass with 70's spacing and trawling through photos on Ebay etc. An easy way to check is the bridge pickup lines up exactly with the tone control on a Jazz with Vol/Vol/Tone configuration I think Fender and/or Squier have released 70's reissues which have 60's spacing, causing even more confusion. Fender confusion (sorry ..... apologies)
  5. Yes that would work. You might have to go online to get an Ab harmonica ? A high street music shop might not stock the more unusual keys, maybe worth a phone call first
  6. The first chord of any song does not necessarily mean that the song is in that key, although a lot of the time that is probably true. If your Americana song is similar to a blues or most country songs, then most of the time, the chord that the song starts with could well be the same as the key of the song. Twelve bar blues and and all that. But you could start a song with a bar of E major move to another bar of D major then carry on to A major for instance and carry on with a progression in the key of A major. So you are now playing a song in the key of A major even though the first chord was an E major There are no rules about this. If it sounds good it is good. I think generally in a Blues or Americana band the harmonica player will transpose the harp up a fourth. If the band for instance are playing a blues in C, the harmonica player could choose an F harp If the key is A play a D harp, if it's in G then a C harp etc This is so the harmonica player can more easily bend the notes by drawing them down or up to pitch giving a bluesy sound as you describe above, it is the way harmonicas work in this style of music Eb is not gonna help if you play with a band Tuning down to D might be a better idea -- you could then use a standard G harp all the best
  7. For F##ks sake move them away from the radiator !!!!! and welcome Sherak
  8. Are you saying the TH350 provides 450+ watts but is poorly designed by Aguilar ? Does it not have internal fans like the TH500 ? Not being argumentative just don't understand your point
  9. Somewhere in the cupboard under my stairs is an iron. Shall we say £7.50 posted? Unused mint condition, still in box. No velcro not used on board
  10. I work in the courier industry -- this kind of thing is totally unacceptable. However I would suggest that the fault does not always lie with the drivers, but the pressure they are under from local management, which has filtered down from the next layer up the management chain, right up to and including the bean counters. The Magic Bean counters. With their Magic Wands, zero knowledge of practicalities, zero knowledge of the industry, their own pay determined by bonuses. And so it continues - Upper management knows it is bollox -Local management know it is bollox- drivers know etc. In the end you have a parcel left on a doorstep because the driver is working to an unrealistic schedule, but the bean counters have achieved their target. And are enjoying their bonus, at your expense. Meanwhile the driver starts another days work Don't blame the messenger
  11. Did you check the delivery on the DPD website? Who had signed for it? "franzbassist" (joking obviously, but your name obtained from the label) and a squiggle ?? If that is the case then it is a fraudulent delivery. Did you complain to DPD ?? Most people don't, they've received their items intact and still on their doorstep, luckily before some toerag has nicked it The drivers are under a huge amount of pressure to deliver X amount of parcels. In Y amount of time The management doesn't give an effing tOss as long as the depot is clear. Complain about this to DPD and ask them if it is acceptable for such a high value item to be left on a doorstep without a signature from the customer
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