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1975 Ibanez 2369B W P/J Precision now for EUR 600 SOLD!


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EUR 600 / GBP 515

This is Ibanez´ own interpretation of a Precision Bass. The most obvious differences to a Fender P are the pickups. This is from a time when Fender wasn´t offering any P/Js. Also the position of the pickups is different, the split coil is closer to the neck, and the J pickup is also closer to the bridge than one would expect. The bass does have a deeper growl than the normal P bass, and the middle position with both pickups sounds a bit different to the standard P/J sound.

Only the very first ones of these had white block inlays, more common are the later black blocks. The bass doesn´t have a serial, the headstock says IBANEZ only. It´s exactly the version that comes up first in the 1975 Ibanez catalogue, before they introduced serials and switched to the Silver Series instruments.

The nut width is 40mm, the neck is very comfortable to play. The back of the neck is in perfect condition, there are no marks at all. The frets are in good condition too.

I read somewhere that the bodies of the early ones were made from mahogany. On the few spots where the dents on the finish are deep enough to expose the wood it actually looks darker than the usual ash or alder, so I guess it really is mahogany.

Everything is original and unmolested. The body has some smaller dents, the white finish has aged to a nice vintage white. The neck ist straight, the trussrod works, the pickups are strong. The electrics are fine, no scratchy pots.

The weight is 4,2 kg.

I´m in Berlin, international shipping is no problem.














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lower price
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7 minutes ago, King Tut said:

I had one of these. Mahogany body but black blocks. It was stunning and I really regret selling it. Had loads of low end which I'm guessing was down to the mahogany. Good luck with the sale!

Indeed, that was a very nice bass. One of those where the tone seems to come from the wood as well as the PUPs

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Very nice, you don't see many of these, particulaly the pearl block inlay ones.

Interesting geek fact - these were apparently developed in collaboration with Free/Faces bassist Tetsu Yamauchi, they're often referred to as the Tetsu model.



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18 minutes ago, therealting said:

The P pickup is closer to the neck than a Fender, or are my eyes wonky?

That is true; the P pickup is closer to the neck and the J pickup is closer to the bridge. 

That makes the sound different than a Fender.

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Exactly, I mentioned this in my listing. Both pickups have more space between them, the positions are different to a Fender P.

That´s what makes this bass so interesting, it´s not just an exact Fender clone but more of an experiment to get more or different tones out of the P/J concept. And they did that in 1975!

I didn´t know the Tetsu model info, thanks for the geek stuff, Bassassin! 🙂


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Nice bass! I do believe this is a 1972 model however. In 1975 they already had serial numbers on the back plate. 

<edit> just read your post that it was from before they put serial numbers on. I should learn to read first 😉 


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