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  1. I've never owned one of these, but I have owned a lot of PJB gear and it is excellent stuff indeed! I'd have been all over this like a rash if I was still in my PJB phase! Still temped now, but the weight is not something I can persuade myself to deal with. Someone will get themselves a world class cab here...
  2. My corner of our practice space...
  3. I had one of these for a short period of time - they're really very good amps, absolutely dirt cheap for the money. All the headroom in the world, good tones, good easy to use EQ. £225 is super cheap for what this can do.
  4. I'll come by too! In terms of what I'd bring: Amp: GR Bass Dual 1400 Cab: GR Bass AT410+ Basses: Binky 10 string, USA Conklin 8 string, ACG 9 string, 3 x ACG 6 strings, Reiver 7 string (geeeetar) Effects: Helix LT Misc: Pinegrove straps, Richter straps etc.
  5. I've not seen one of these in this colour for sale in over a decade! I have an identical '79 one of these, owned it for 20 odd years. Absolutely great basses.
  6. It's a Shergold Marathon Baritone guitar. https://www.shergold.co.uk/simike79.html
  7. If you tried to approach them again and they didn't give much of a hoot then I'd definitely have the same attitude as you! I totally agree that its not worth chasing a business that doesn't appear to value your custom after a second chance. We had a great little shop just a few minutes away, unfortunately they closed down during COVID. They had excellent service and were are extremely helpful, shame more places aren't like they were... As a side note, PMT in Romford have shown some fantastic service on a few occasions, good to see a big business with great service.
  8. I think that way of looking at things will only lead to you missing out. People can have bad days, the salesperson you spoke to might not be representative of the rest of the business - my experience with Peach was very different. If you write off every business you have a bad experience with then you'll just end up limiting your own options. What about giving them a call/sending an email to explain the situation, they might be apologetic and want another chance at your business? Things can go wrong, it's how a business chooses to act when an issue has been brought to their attention that tells me whether the business is one I'd want to do business with or not. Just my two cents!
  9. Happy to. It's far easier to see one bass in one ad. It's far easier to see one bass in one ad. It's far easier to see one bass in one ad. It's far easier to see one bass in one ad. It's far easier to see one bass in one ad. 😁
  10. Yup, totally agree... separate out your ads! It is far easier to see one bass in one ad - if the make/model of your bass isn't in the title, no one looking for what you're selling will know you're selling it! The only reason for doing this I can think of is to pay a fee for one ad and use it to sell four basses!
  11. I've been to Peach a couple of times and not had any bad experience personally, perhaps I didn't have the misfortune of meeting the salesperson you did! They're open by appointment only to protect stock I think, they've had a few thefts in recent years including a £10k custom shop PRS so I don't begrudge them that - I would of course begrudge them poor service and a bad attitude as you've experienced. I hope that isn't a sign of how they now operate... On a slight side note, I did have a very nice chat with Mr Paul Reed Smith himself a few years ago at that Peach store, he's an incredible blues player!
  12. Sold an Epiphone Dot to Ash. Communication was great, payment was swift, what more can you ask for! Another credit to the BC community.
  13. If you delete/move that smiley emoji so that it's under your first picture, you'll then have a picture of your lovely Spector visible in the For Sales section list instead of the smiley!
  14. Another one to add is Anyone (album of the same name). Taylor Hawkins from Foos used to jam with Riz Story (lead singer/guitarist of Anyone) waaaaay back in the day before he drummed for Alanis Morissette. If I had to describe this band I'd say they are Psychedelic Prog Rock/Metal-esque...
  15. Yes they are! Caligula's Horse are of a similar vein, maybe a bit more polished. Haken are touring with Symphony X in Europe but sadly (even though Haken are from the UK) they won't be coming to the UK.
  16. In the two years or so of working from home, I've gone down a few musical rabbit holes and have 'discovered' a number of bands that are eye-openingly, incredibly good. A few of the best are below, with an album suggestion should you choose to listen to them (I've also put on of my favourite songs from each album in brackets if you just want a taste!) I would say if you do listen to any of the below, do try and listen to the full album as some don't begin with the best songs... Toehider - I Like It (Concerning Lix and Fairs) Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant (Salt) Haken - The Mountain (Atlas Stone) Artificial Language - The Observer (Unself Portrait) Moron Police - A Boat On The Sea (The Phantom Below) Vola - Applause From A Distant Crowd (Alien Shivers) Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams (Via) Symphony X - Underworld (Nevermore) All of these albums are absolutely outstanding for different reasons, but all do walk a similar line in terms of genre. If you have a bit of spare time, give some of these a listen, to me they represent exactly what I love about music (a hugely subjective statement), maybe you'll enjoy them too!
  17. This is a very good suggestion - I believe it's called a 'letter before action'. I did this with a somewhat notorious UK Bass builder after months of issues, it worked a treat as in reality they knew they didn't have a leg to stand on and were hoping to shine me on indefinitely thinking I'd let it slide. If you show (and mean) intent to take legal action they will cave pretty quick as they have no chance at winning the case, they could also be liable for legal costs too so it will cost them more than just paying you your owed money.
  18. Kalium are great, but with them being in the US they can be a little pricey. Newtone are UK based as just as good (I've used both a good few times).
  19. Looks like an SX Jazz bass to me. £180ish new without the damage. People that auction basses with 'Don't know anything about it' 99% of the time know EXACTLY what they're selling but they're hoping for someone to come along and pay well over the odds for it on the assumption its legit. Just another con.
  20. I'm not a fan of Ricks... BUT if I were to own one, it'd be exactly like yours! Absolutely the nicest colour combination Rick does in my opinion, and the shark fin inlays just make a Rick a Rick!
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