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  1. I use a pick probably 50% of the time, mostly for faster parts, I tap maybe 30% of the time and go for the usual finger style 20%. These Dunlop 1mm picks are my personal favourite, good and grippy, nice and firm but not crazy thick, a top all-rounder!
  2. Some definitely are, but their A range basses and some of their higher end acoustics are quite excellent. These basses in particular are Ibanez Premium level easily. I had one with Aguilar pickups and an OBP-3 and it was better than a lot of vastly more expensive basses I've owned.
  3. I've owned two or three of these over the years, they really do punch well above their weight. Fantastic build quality and a really usable pre-amp.
  4. This might be of use to some people... I use these straps and they are the best I've used by a good margin. https://www.pinegroveleather.com/special-offers-shop
  5. Hi all, I've had to have a good think about this... But the conclusion is I just don't 'need' this cab (I have a GR AT410+) and I could do with the funds to pay off a final installment on a new custom build. These cabs retail at between £700 and £800 online, this one is IMMACULATE and absolutely brand new. I've owned it for a few weeks and have used it once at home for about an hour. I still have all of the original GR packaging so I can ship it securely and insured for another £25. The cab is 500w at 8 ohm, it has two 8" speakers and an adjustable tweeter. It weighs a meager 8kg and sounds exceptionally good with a huge clear punch. There's been a lot of talk about these cabs, and really they are a game changer in terms of weight and quality. I absolutely love my GR AT410+ cab and won't be moving that on, this one is only for sale as I can't see me using it any time soon and I could do with the funds for the final payment of a custom build. £500 collected from Wickford, Essex or £525 posted within UK in all the original shipping packaging.
  6. I concur with the feet... they need to be flatter and fatter and more stable. When I moved my AT410+ the other day it felt like the feet would sheer off if I pushed it across the floor. I was debating getting some wider, flatter feet, like the ones you get on a decent rack case or amp head, and gluing them in place. That is really my only gripe with these cabs, otherwise I love the sound they provide and of course the lightweight side is a huge benefit.
  7. Hi all, My guitarist is wanting to shift his Hercules GS432B triple guitar/bass stand. Used at home only, so pretty top condition. Retail is about £70 on these, so he's after £35 posted within the UK or say £28 collected from either Benfleet (his place) or Wickford (my place). Any questions, just ask!
  8. Already on my way to buy some pink foam shrimp!
  9. Similarly unhelpful comment: If this was a 6 string and I had £6499 more (found a pound this morning) I'd be all over this!
  10. Someone is selling a stonefield 6.5" micro cab in the amps/cabs section... that'd do.
  11. Couldn't you have put some washers between the rack ears and the power amp so the holes in the ears line up with the holes in the rack? Might be more secure that way!
  12. The one rig I think I miss more than any other just because of the undeniable coolness was an OBC410 with an OBC115 and a AD200B head. Great cabs.
  13. I've asked you before to stop hiding in my bathroom...
  14. Gus Guitars did build a guitar for Prince as it goes...
  15. Is this your bedtime reading material?
  16. Just waiting for someone to post a picture of an actual chrome dildo... we all know they exist under the rule of 'If you can think it, the Internet can supply it'.
  17. I see them as chrome balloons, like the ones you make balloon animals out of.
  18. Kalium might... I never use flats on anything so not too sure!
  19. If you got Neil at Newtone Strings to make a BEADG set for it, then I'm certain it will be fine with a B.
  20. You've shattered my universe...
  21. A bass bass. Actual taxidermied bass in a bass... some kind of inception type bass bass.
  22. RUN!!! The fun police are here!! 🚔 🚓 👮‍♀️ 🚨 👮‍♂️
  23. My old 97 Fiesta could fit 2 Markbass Classic 410 cabs, a 4U rack, a double gig bag with an 8 string and a 6 string bass in it and a diago Tourman pedal board. Oh, and me! Bit of a squeeze but the boot closed!
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