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  1. Excellent buyer. Very good comms, hassle free transaction. Highly recommended! Many thanks!
  2. They are indeed seriously good pickups, but I’m getting on a bit now and I find myself reverting to just a few classic instruments. I had these on a Cort A5 and they blew the stock pickups away. But, as a part of my life laundry, the A5 got sold (with it’s original p/ups refitted) along with several of my less frequently used instruments, hence these pickups are now surplus to my requirements. I now have only 1 5-string bass, a Sadowsky USA Jazz Bass which I’ve had since 1995. Anyway, thanks for looking! Cheers, Dave B
  3. Hi Paul. Yes they are. They're equivalent in size to Bartolini Soap Bar pickups. FYI https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/5-string-soapbar-bass-pickups/products/big-single-5 Cheers, Dave B
  4. Hi Itzing. No trades I'm afraid. I'm tryng to slim down my collection. Unless you have a 1960 - 61 stack knob Jazz Bass you want to swap! (Just kidding!).
  5. THIS BASS IS AS NEW, NEVER GIGGED. LAST PRICE DROP......... For sale, my mint condition Hofner Verythin Long Scale Bass. Never gigged, in pristine condition, dark cherryburst finish. Plays great and balances very well for this type of bass. Strung with D'Addario Chrome flats. Very big, Thunderbird-ish tone. 2 humbucking pickups, volume and tone control for each. Bought new only a couple of years ago. Reason for sale - I am a pro bass player, near retirement, and my gear/instrument collection has got out of hand so I've decided to offload anything that doesn't get used regularly. This bass deserves to be played, and should not be languishing in my guitar cupboard. I'd rather not ship this bass, but will if absolutely necessary. (UK only. Cost to be assessed). Could deliver or rendezvous within 15 miles of Southend, Essex. List price £695. WIll accept £500 or near offer. No case. Cheers, Dave B
  6. PRICE DROP TO £145. That’s as low as I’ll go. These retail at £285 per pair. This is a bargain! If They don’t sell soon I’m gonna keep ‘em FS - Lindy Fralin Split Jazz Bass 4 string pickup set. Stock wound. Very little use, so in good all round condition. Reason for sale, I'm a pro bass player having a clear out. I'll be happy to post, UK only. Thanks. Some blurb FYI... Lindy's ingenious split coil design involves two side by side RW/RP (reverse wound,, reverse magnetic polarity) coils under each stock black plastic cover. You get the much of the growling tone of a fine '60s vintage Jazz Bass without the hum and noise. Great choice for studio players. Drops right into your old or new USA Jazz Bass and even most imports. Simple single conductor/one ground output wiring; no tricky wiring or lousy sounding active electronics are needed.
  7. FS - Nordstrand Big Single 5 String Pickup set, Bartolini dimensions, 18mm spacing. Hardly used. Excellent sound. Reason for sale, I'm a pro bass player having a clear out. I'll be happy to post, UK only. Thanks. Nordstrand's (somewhat strange!) blurb... History: The Nordic craftsman that inhabit our shop discovered these pickups one day in the lab when they accidentally combined a threateningly large coil with Nordstrand ’ s famous angled pole design. The result was nuclear: our shop still hasn't quite recovered from the vibrational fallout, but we can proudly say that as a result of this combination we have developed a product that contains radioactive vigor. Given these pickup ’ s mammoth presence and tremendous ability to facilitate fuzz, they have become a Nordstrand shop favorite. Length: 4.27” (108.46 mm) Width: 1.27” (32.36 mm)
  8. Hello again. The Musicman Stingray 5 I have for sale weighs in at 4.2kg, or about 9lbs 6oz. It's in perfect condition. Hope this helps! Cheers, DB
  9. Hi there. I’m afraid I’m away from home until Saturday. I’ll send you weight details then. I can say that it’s not particularly heavy. Cheers, DB
  10. Just sold a Jazz Bass body to Justin. A most pleasant and painless transaction, thanks! Highly recommended! Thanks J!
  11. Back at you Justin. A most pleasant transaction, thanks! Highly recommended!
  12. For Sale, Musicman Stingray 5, 3 colour sunburst with rosewood fingerboard. Excellent condition all round, with original Musicman case. It's had very little use so doesn't have any significant wear or buckle rash. Final price drop, 'cos I really need the space!!! Reason for sale - I am a pro bass player, and my collection of basses and gear has got out of hand, so I'm offloading lots of stuff. Would prefer buyer collection, but could deliver within 15 miles of Southend, Essex for £10. If postage required I will get quotes and charge only what the delivery costs. Thanks for looking. (Note; also on sale elsewhere, so listing could be withdrawn at any time).
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