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  1. Absolutely - been there in the larger models, nice to see more uniformity across them.
  2. @jimbobothy I was just looking at the release notes - looks like the E for edited wasn't across the whole range - new on the stomp and FX
  3. The E next to a patch name means it has changed from the preset, either a manual tweak to an effect or amp setting, or a change of snapshot or an effect on/off. Load a patch it will go, adjust anything and it's back. Paul.
  4. Did the usual - turned it off and back on again and thr several seconds latency on the metering looks to have gone. P.
  5. Got it, went ok OK but had to look up how to get snapshots back on switches. Anyone looked at the metering? Looks like there's some latency... Paul.
  6. No idea what it's like with a fretless! The amp is out of the way in the garage and my fretless is out of the way in the loft! Hatfield makes it awkward to give it a try...
  7. Chris bought my TC HoF 2 - a pleasure to deal with - thanks. @chrishas
  8. I describe half my job as RTFM for those that couldn't be bothered.
  9. I had been looking forward to it, but I think it's the right call.
  10. The thing I am most interested in for 2.9 is what qualifies as soon?
  11. Sold a pedal to Peter - prompt payment, kept in touch, top bloke!
  12. If it helps anyone, I will be at the bass show in Manchester at the end of the month so can take things along there. Paul.
  13. Anywhere in the centre is likely to be expensive. What direction will you be coming from? A tram or train station with decent parking might be cheaper. eg if coming from the north, Radcliffe tram stop has a big, free car park and will cost £4.90 to get in - similar at Eccles (£4.30).
  14. Where are you? Could you make the bass show in Manchester at the end of March? Should be a fair bit you could try including Line6, Ashdown, Bergantino, Mark, Laney, GK.... Have you considered going for a modelling solution? pick a used Helix up for 800 ish, something like a crown XLS 1502 han be had new for £300 ish. Together not a lot of weight... Paul.
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