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  1. OK, a big effect clearout here. There are a raft of pedals set up on a pedalboard with a powersupply. I'll hold on individual offer for pedals until at least Sunday 26th to give people a chance to buy it intact at a bit of a saving over what I am asking for them individually. Just makes it easier for a lazy sod like me! Prices are collected - Bolton area. I don't know postage costs yet - will work out on an on demand basis. Trades - not really looking for trades, I need to cover the cost of my Helix! That said a Dingwall NG2-5 in white might pique my interest if I have sold enough... On the pedalboard with cables to patch & enough power to drive the lot are: Super Symmetry £180 Aftershock £100 Two Notes le bass £180 D'addario Tuner £40 Soul food £40 TC Spectracomp £40 Pedaltrain classic 2 £60 Onespot CS12 £100 Bass clone £40 Hall of fame £60 All boxed, and the PSUs I would expect are pictured. All excellent to mint. There is velcro on the back of the ones on the board/ The Radar is a euro PSU, there's a shaver adapter in the box. Pod Line6 XT £70 CAB £180 Grace Felix £700 The POD has carry bag, PSU and manual. The bass pack is on it, I don't know how transferrable that is though. The CAB is complete, The Felix with manual.
  2. I can see the benefit for editing - might be useful to have a way to turn the touch screen off to reduce accidental edits.
  3. Many years ago I bought an amp off Paul, and stumbled across him wanting to buy the same type back - nice easy deal and a top bloke!
  4. Not sure now is the safest time to pre-order a high ticket device from Europe,
  5. Wonder if any basschatters are gigging in the area on the Saturday...
  6. I went for the red too. I also like the way the Mooer Toppers diffuse the LED on the footswitches
  7. I've booked a weekend ticket. Not sure if I'll actually do both days though. While some may say is £20 to go to a market, it would cost me more than £20 in fuel to go see Bass Direct. Would also be cool to say hi to a few basschatters if I get the chance. Paul.
  8. I ordered a lead from OBBM at the same time I ordered stuff from Amazon prime. He beat prime!
  9. If it helps anyone, I pulled the lists of models on the HX and popped them all in a spreadsheet so you can look through and filter on type. http://www.cattytown.me.uk/HelixModels.xlsx P.
  10. Full strength floor, but this is what have *just* been playing with. I expect the logic will still be the same. Upright setup is schertler stat-b on the bridge, and an AKG C411 as clicky (I may be reviewing that) that needs phantom. Bass and guitar patches are set to guitar in. Upright uses Aux for bridge and mic for clicky - phantom on. Upright patches have no amp/cab sims - gain and EQ. I used the looper to record at the front to play with EQ. Volume pedal patch on the clicky - normal set at 50%. I can use the expression pedal to mute or lift the clicky. Select upright patch - guitar in is muted. Select a bass guitar or guitar patch and upright is muted. I really can't see using all three on a single gig, but it gives all the features I wanted including HPF. I think my Felix may be hitting the for sale shortly... Paul.
  11. I reckon at the moment the pedals and amps I can move on I may even end up in pocket! Especially if a little more work means I can sell the Felix...
  12. Consider used? I picked up a used Helix floor to give it a proper try and with the expectation I can sell it on for pretty much what I paid if I don't like it. Impressions are that a few of my effects will be coming up for sale, and maybe an amp or two... P.
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