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  1. The first time I tried them, they were awful, and I lasted less than a week. A few years of struggling later, and an important change in the fashion for glasses, step up of the level I bought and they are awesome. I would need to carry 2-3 pairs of glasses without them, be constantly swapping between them, and struggling in sunshine. My prescription is strong - about +5.5, then reading is plus 1.5. I now go for the REALLY good lenses (high refractive index so thin and light) and photochromic so a pair of glasses is north of £700. It's worth it as the first thing I do in the morning is reach for my glasses, and the last thing at night is take them off. I really am useless without them. The big thing is getting used to looking through the right bit, which does mean moving your head more. The bit about fashion? when I first tried them lenses were quite small. Now lenses are a lot bigger which gives more space for the zones.
  2. Almost on my doorstep - I'll probably be passing through tomorrow.
  3. To be fair, I have not really been pushing it that much. I saw it the other day and realised I still had it! It's also (even in the world of bass) a bit niche! Paul.
  4. Er, Bump. Had almost forgotten this was here. Will listen to offers.
  5. I love a Bassman! To get in, power down and leave for a while. Then leave it a bit longer... The back panel (if still there should be obvious on how to remove. The chassis (at least on the 135s) is held in b the longish bolts through the "runner plates" on the top. Paul.
  6. Another member! I have two empty pedalboards. I started. I grew. I bought a Helix floor and sold most pedals for more than the Helix cost! P.
  7. From memory all the valve amps I have had have not had a fan.
  8. I'm wondering if there's call for a tube bass bash once we can get together - there are people with amps here I'd love to have a few minutes with, and I have a Bassman 135 that I suspect some may like to try. I'm a little north of Manchester, and if anyone is interested i'd be happy for them to pop round and have a look at it (it's NOT for sale 🙂 ) but it may help someone pondering a longer distance transaction, once we are allowed to meet even in small numbers. Paul.
  9. Just had an email - October 2021. I just hope it survives.
  10. Website now says postponed until further notice 😞 i can afford to lose the ticket price so I'll not be looking fr a refund as i may just help have a better chance of it surviving
  11. Do we have any idea if this is likely to actually happen? What are the changes to the lineup? Paul.
  12. Status of items updates, subject updated to reflect what's left - not much! Thanks to all those that have bought something.
  13. TBH I am not 100% certain, and I am not sure what the transferability is if you attach it to an account. I suspect the big difference is the colour, but wouldn't bet anything on it. I'll try to have a look what amps are in there...
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