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Captain Rumble

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  1. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [quote name='hen barn' timestamp='1506237057' post='3377161'] Who one the gold bridge in the raffle as I need one?? [/quote] Remarkably similar to this no doubt [attachment=254667:20170928_180255.jpg]
  2. Ex-Barefaced users?

    had a 1 x 15 compact it was great for its size and weight, acquired an S12t which I used for several years and it was ideal for what I was doing at that time, Then I got to use a Vanderclay 2 x 12 and immediately moved the Barefaced on and no regrets. Ya pays yer money and takes yer choice
  3. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [b]Raffle Items:[/b] 01. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Gotoh FB30 bass machine heads. Never used - timmo[/size][/font][/color] 02. Bass stand (A frame) - silverfoxnik 03. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]Chowny Fuzzster Pedal - chowneybass[/size][/font][/color] 04. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Joyo OD pedal and pot-luck CD bundles - TrevorR[/font][/color] 05. Line 6 Sonic Port - iPod/iPhone/iPad interface - obbm 06. 8U Desk Top Rack Frame - obbm 07. 6u gator case 08. 09. 10. Please add any items you would like to donate to the Raffle here. Thanks
  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. chris_b ::: Feedback

    Bought Chris's Thunderfunk from him, nice amp, nice guy be happy to deal with him again, cheers Chris
  6. tone cap

    Talk to Kiogon
  7. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]01. Hamster -[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]02. Silverfoxnik - BC Rich Eagle, Squier P Bass, Ander Vanderend JB5, Eden Traveller WT400 amp & Genz 2x12 cab[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]03. Steve Browning - some Precisions, Boogie M-Pulse 600 and Boogie Subway 15 cabs, Mesa Walkabout 15.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]04. obbm - 2 x Spector Short scales.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]05. Pawel G - Squier JV Precision and maybe others[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]06. Stingray5 - MusicMan and Tune basses; Trace Elliot and/or Eden amplification; Boss GT-6B.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]07. Markstuk - Dingwall Z3, Lakland BG 5, BF Big Twin, Thunderfunk TF750a.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]08. Cetera - Spector NS2, Spector Euro, Hamer Impact, Wal fretless, one or two more to be decided, big Pedalboard (!), GK800RB, GenzBenz Neox 212T[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]09. Johnthebassist - '69 Jazz Bass, GenzBenz Shuttle 9, Barefaced S12T, gang of smelly pedals[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]10.Timmo[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]11. Barneyg42[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]12.Walman - FPPR Status S1 - well it wouldn't be a SEBB without Barney's old bass now mine, however this year for the first time it won't have a for sale sticker on it [/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]13.Rumblefish- Reverend Rumblefish,Wal Bass,Mesa M600,Berg CN212.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]14. Happy Jack }[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif].........................} with a love that'll see you through[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]15. Bluejay........}[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]16. bassace - double bass, Felix Preamp, Puma 500 amp and Genzler 10-2 cab.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]17. ChunkyMunky - Zon Sonus Custom 5, Yamaha BB425x, Genz Benz Shuttle 12.0 etc..[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]18. MacDaddy[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]19. louisthebass[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]20. TrevorR - 2 Wals, an Aria SB700, a Markbass LMII and 2x10 plus some pedals...[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]21. jhk - yamaha TRB6P, MM stingray 5 fretless, GB Spitfire Fiver, Eden cabs plus Eden wt600 and EBS[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]22. Seer73 - 2 or 3 lefty basses + amp of some sort - TBD as having GAS issues at the minute[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]23 - Thestick - Wal , Ken smith , Jeff finch, Aguilar amp[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]24 - Chris_b[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]25 - Pete.Young - Yamaha BBNE2, Duesenberg Star, pimped Bass Collection SB465, LMII, EBS Neo 2x12[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]26 -Grangur - BF One10 and Warwicks Streamer SS1 4-string, Streamer LX 4 Fretless, Jazzman FNA 5 , Corvette 4, Corvette Bubinga 5 [/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]27. Captain Rumble - Vanderklay MNT212, Thunderfunk, Xotic jazz[/font][/color]
  8. My amp needs to forgive me.

    [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1500877710' post='3340684'] You have to hoover out the inside of your amp? Really? I've never done that. [/quote] I can vouch for that having just cleaned the inside of the Thunderfunk I bought of Chris recently Just to qualify, it really wasn't that bad but I always check the inside of any amp I buy just so I know exactly what I have
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    [color=#000000]Wishbone Ash - Sorrel[/color]
  10. Speaker choke (inductor)

    not an expert but I think you want a low pass filter which in its simplest form is a resister in series and a cap in parallel. Google "low pass filter calculator" might help you as a rough idea what does what an example would be 10kohm resister and 4700 pf should start to roll of about 4khz. Lots of guess work here hopefully someone knowledgeable will be along soon
  11. Jazz Bass rewiring

    [quote name='FinnDave' timestamp='1498330799' post='3323928'] I'd suggest talking to Ki0gon on here, he made a series/parallel system for one of my Jazz basses and it transformed the range of sounds available. [/quote] Ki0gon is the man
  12. Barefaced S12T SOLD along with the Tonehammer

    and replied
  13. Barefaced S12T SOLD along with the Tonehammer

    It does and works as it should
  14. South East Bass Bash No.10, Surrey, Saturday 24th September 2016

    Is jubilee school not available anymore ? its location in Addlestone was ideal for transport from all over southeast
  15. what hard case

    Can anyone recommend a hard case for an Exotic XJ - IT4 I have tried the Hiscox and it dont fit