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  1. That resonates with me, you're gonna take a hit on the cash and even if you trade it we be for an amp that WILL NOT SOUND AS GOOD (but be a bit easier to carry)
  2. Hey mate, can I take those? PM me details? Cheers. Chris
  3. The reality of selling on here is that you do, gear that's fully described and detailed tends to sell far more quickly than gear that's not 👍
  4. That's the quite sobering reality of buying new gear. Trading is often a better bet than selling in this situation.
  5. Can't remember the last time I used amps and cabs by the same manufacturer for any period of time (until recently, see below). Only two combinations that lasted were with Mesa M-Pulse head and powerhouse cabs, and Ampeg SVT-II and an SVT-15 cab. Otherwise I tended to find that most heads I liked sounded better through cabs made by other manufacturers. But having stopped gigging and doing the occasional pickup on electric and DB, I picked up a Euphonic Audio Doubler and Whizzy 12 and bloody hell, they are a million times better together than I thought would be the case. What I assumed would be a huge compromise for size and I/P options (two channels with mic and PUP inputs for DB plus phantom power) has turned out to be a very good buy for tone. Assumed it would be good for DB, had no idea it would be so damn good for electric. Punches like a heavyweight, moves around like a flyweight 👍
  6. You're not really giving it a great sell mate. This is one great amp. Tone wise it's to all intents a powerful B-15, whilst doing a lot of what an SVT can do without the back-breaking weight. To put it in context, with the right cab and EQ this will give a Mesa BB750 a run for its money, with IMO the edge on tone. There's a thread on here about what amp to replace an SVT. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. At £300 they're a bit of a hit, but I appear to have major GAS, and my current Lenzner guts are starting to feel their age?
  8. Damn, a truly wonderful guy, one of the few humans with whom I was able to communicate telepathically Beedster: Hey Martin....... MB1: You want me to reopen one of your For Sale threads don't you? Beedster: Thanks Martin He bought a rig from me a while back and there were complications involving, you guessed it, a courier, and we had a chat on the phone. What a bloody lovely guy, bloody lovely. Great sense of humour and a great attitude. Every time we PM'd since I could hear his voice and his accent as I read his words. Up there in the great gig (and even better gear forum) in the sky now mate. I'll raise a glass or two to you this evening, as will a lot of musicians in the UK and beyond who you touched with passion and humour. Sincere condolences to those you've left behind Chris
  9. Good for you mate, no view on the basses, but shout if ww can help. DB is of course the monarch of instruments
  10. Thanks for the comment re my two FLs folks. To add to the above I much prefer a good wooden FL neck to graphite, but if you need to play FL with low and reliable action, the latter is a winner every time, especially if you're moving around a lot and temperature/humidity are issues. TF is a great instrument but the retail price is ludicrous, you can build a bass of equal quality using off the shelf or custom components from the likes of Warmoth for far less money, the only downside being the resale value is rarely as high.
  11. Lovely, thanks, dare I ask how much you paid? Perhaps PM me if you'd prefer?
  12. Both very nice and cheap by the standards of similar quality basses at retail price. Need a hybrid of the two however
  13. Funny thing but the P/J thing has the same effect on me. I like JJ and I like P, so @walshy will (I hope) soon be building me a JPJ body so that I only need the one bass.
  14. Yes, and building our own is the way to go, my two FLs are the match of FCS but both cost IRO £500
  15. Our guitarist tried to pick up my SVT-II. He's shown me far more respect since
  16. It's Mesa, it's 80's, it's got tubes, it'll weigh much the same as a truck. Either works for me mate
  17. The thing about eBay is that once a few folks have placed bids and are starting to believe that they are getting a bargain, the price will go up very quickly and the seller will likely get more for it than had s/he listed it at a reasonable BIN (by reasonable BIN price I mean one at which the unit would have sold fairly quickly given it's condition). It's hard to tell sometimes whether the seller is innocently getting rid of some old and unused gear that's been lying around for years, or is cleverly setting up the sale knowing that there will be a bunfight among the bargain seekers (especially as the price started so low) and that s/he will get a lot more cash for it than is probably warranted (and that there is very low chance that the winner, even if they did bring along a US-UK transformer, would leave without buying it, still believing that the fix might be easy). My guess is the latter, so I'm staying away
  18. The pics don't scream 'well looked after and regularly serviced' either. Worth a punt, but an informed one
  19. My read of this is 'It doesn't work but the only way you're going to find that out is by bringing a US transformer'. I've seen a couple of similar listings over the years and always wondered how the seller found themselves with a 120v amplifier but no transformer? Could work fine (doubt it), could be an easy fix (point to point wiring), could be completely uneconomic to repair. Your guess is as good as mine mate
  20. And a truck Man, I'd take a punt on that
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