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  1. Guy in the crowd shouted 'bass solo' a couple of years back and the singer appeared to think it was a good idea. I didn't BTW Auditioned on DB at a studio in London for a singer/songwriter and her producer a few years back. We're doing this lovely mellow song that required little more than some root notes and the occasional foray towards the rosiny end and the guy suddenly shouts "BASS SOLO". Thinking on my feet I didn't play anything different to the previous verse and chorus but I lent forward, dug in and gave it a facial expression and posture suggestive of intense and deep musicianship. They seemed quite impressed πŸ˜‰
  2. Welcome, I don't think I've ever played a bad Yamaha instrument, Sax, electric bass, electric upright bass (when's the SLB-300 gonna be in stock.....), acoustic guitar. Hope they're as good to work for as they are at making instruments πŸ‘
  3. Just talking in another thread about bass solos in otherwise conventional songs. I don't think I've ever heard one I liked but would love to hear some really bad ones πŸ˜€
  4. Yep, just because you can do something doesn't mean you need to or should do that thing, bass or drum solos spring to mind πŸ˜€
  5. In fact you can have it if you need one, I listed it for sale here before realising that I could double my live inputs, but I now have an 8-channel UAD which is more than enough for me πŸ‘
  6. Judging by callouses on my fingers I never use mine when playing bass πŸ‘
  7. I added 8 channels using my Digidesign 002 essentially as a submixer via ADAT into my UAD, so much easier than I thought it would be πŸ‘
  8. I don't even have to hear Danko playing, simply watching him play the bass makes me feel better, so much joy and so much talent
  9. On reflection rhythm guitarists were often the biggest challenge…..
  10. Defined an era for me, beautiful song πŸ‘
  11. May have a couple of electric bass gigs in the pipeline so happy to talk trade/PX with a Precision πŸ‘
  12. May have a couple of electric bass gigs in the pipeline so happy to talk trade/PX with a Precision πŸ‘
  13. May have a couple of electric bass gigs in the pipeline so happy to talk trade/PX with a Precision πŸ‘
  14. Remember seeing Black Uhuru in the early '80's IIRC at Notting Hill, I could feel my viscera resonating with the bass. Glorious sound and feeling, absolutely glorious
  15. As the title suggests, this should probably be in feedback, but it's too nice and life affirming a story so here goes..... I sold a couple of items to one of our long-standing elder statesmen @Oldman a while back. We haggled over prices a little and money went back and forth. Eventually we agreed things and I mentioned to him that I was taking my young 'uns Ella and Katie into town to spend the cash he'd sent. All done Today a card arrived addressed to me. The girls had their birthdays recently and I assumed that it was a late card and that I knew who it was from, so I passed it to them and said "This is for you girls". They both ripped apart the envelop and showed me two gift vouchers with their names on and I said "Is it from .....?" to which they replied "It's got something to do with an old man Daddy". We read the card together and given we were having a bit of a crap morning (it's a very first world problem we're currently dealing with BTW but nonetheless a crap morning), as a family we all sat down and said 'Wow, that has made our month" The internet's a funny place, we build sometimes good and sometimes problematic relationships with people we've never met (I've done both), but all too often it's at arm's length and lacks real emotional clout. Brian @Oldman, thank you so much for this, it made us smile and reaffirmed our faith that the world is a great place, and reminded my daughters that kindness is a really important thing πŸ‘ Chris
  16. Big part of playing reggae bass for me has been the other musicians, the way the bass sits in time is as much about them, especially the drummist but also the guitars, keys etc. I doubt my ability to play reggae has changed much band to band over the years, but the degree to which is feels like an authentic reggae bass vibe certainly has πŸ‘
  17. interesting.......... πŸ€” Who's on bass?
  18. Happy to take offers on this, great little machine just surplus to requirement now, very little use - nearly all of it running Pro Tools and UAD software and the very occasional foray into some video editing - all at less than 50% current retail price (at Β£1099 it's still the most costly of the current batch of Mac Minis)
  19. For no particular reason - although possibly that I loved Gabriel's first solo album - I felt the same. What surprised me yesterday was that the tracks I heard felt like they were recorded a lot earlier than was the case. It actually took me a while for the 'It's Collins' voice' moment to happen. Having said the above, I still count Follow You Follow Me as one of my favourite all time songs, a bit out of character for me!
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