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  1. C'est la vie Anyway, as many people will tell you here, this is an amazing cab in just left the factory condition that I'd like to move on quite quickly so I'm happy to talk cash offers. Cheers Chris
  2. Beedster

    Barefaced Machinist

    Sorry to hear about the crap you're going through. Your description of my responses on here is accurate in every sense and I apologise to the folks on here for that. I was a Sir Richard Head III, 100%, no mitigation. I'm also sorry that the gear we discussed for your charity didn't work out, although having checked I've no idea what the story is there. Anyway, if you need to move on gear, do not see this forum as a stinky poo show just because on occasion an individual member acts like a Sir Richard Head III, there are some extraordinary people here, who will support, advise and humour as appropriate. Ped, my apologies. BC members, my apologies. Alex, my apologies with the condition that I really do wish i hadn't ripped my finger open and carried the residual anger about it for about a year. No, scrap that, my apologies. I think there are moments in time when you realise you need to perhaps take a good look at yourself, so please trust me when i say I am. Anyway, back to the pedal Chris
  3. We did a festival years ago, and the live radio broadcast moved to a discussion of the bands to date during our set. There were apparently two complaints phoned in, one from the singer’s brother, the other from his mum
  4. Ah, the Friday Rock Show, seems a million years ago
  5. I have to make do with the sense of satisfaction I get hearing bands I once auditioned for on the radio
  6. Wood, as every bass player knows, is a very unpredictable substance! I made the same mistake cutting down a dying tree in our garden; what seemed a small branch came down like a ton of lead and pinned me to the ground. Comical, yes, dangerous, hell yes
  7. Hi Alex I'm not sure that anything I said contradicts the above, but clearly you see my initial account as different. No problem. I do think that in the context of the above, both members who've posted in this thread having checked the same unit on their cab have said that they've likewise noted is at a potential risk, and several other see it as poor design and/or finishing. I'm pretty sure other owners will identify this as being the case also; had I titled this thread 'Check your BF cab for sharp metal" it might already be running to 100 posts? I'll leave it here Alex, I won't say any more in this thread. You've acknowledged yourself that you could have dealt better with it at the time, but I should probably have made it much clearer then how angry I was, although in the grand scheme of things at that time I had other things to deal with that were more pressing. But this doesn't change the fact that to my mind the poor design/QC issue remains. As I said above, if the BC community think I'm being an overly sensitive whinger, so be it. If the consensus is that there is poor design/QC, then perhaps it's an opportunity for BC to improve the quality of their products and customer service. Chris
  8. I hope I made it clear that I was not interested in legal action at the time and most certainly not now. However, regarding your comment about valve amps, you'll note that the manufacturers of some valve amps do have warnings about volume and and weight in both the manuals and sometimes on the gear itself (Mesa for example) Your comment that there is a design flaw that needs looking at is my sentiment.
  9. Hi Frank, I'm selling for quite a few reasons to be honest, money's a bit tight, no gigs obviously and no rehearsals since February. Yes, Alex and I have had something of a public disagreement and perhaps I'm less well disposed to BF on that basis, but ultimately despite the fact that this cab is extremely good in audio and usability terms (sounds great and is a one hand lift), I think that much like my amplification, I prefer using something a bit older and heavier. I doubt I'll replace this until COVID is well out of the way - during which time a few hundred extra quid in the bank will be helpful - and when I do it'll probably be an old Mesa Road Ready or Powerhouse series cab, I just feel at home with that gear in a way that I never really have with lightweight. My therapist is as confused as am I
  10. Beedster

    Alnus Bass

    Sandberg relics really rub me up the wrong way in that respect
  11. I suspect you’ve missed the key point, the bass is 100% genuine, it’s just in Nashville, not Tenerife
  12. Which is of course what he should have done for me this time last year
  13. Agreed, I hope they also replace those on existing cabs that might be risky
  14. Beedster

    Alnus Bass

    Must be a lot harder than you’d think to relic a bass given the complete mess so many manufacturers, including Fender Custom Shop, make of it
  15. I'm the same, but it's a luxury that could be too much for many as you suggest. I went to an event that Mrs Beedster promoted a while back, lights go down, and I could not believe how many people immediately took off their masks, and some even moved to sit closer to other people. It's hell for promoters because despite the lengths they go to to ensure the safety of performers and audience alike, so many people simply don't give a flying flip
  16. Ah man, I was just about to have my tea as well
  17. To be honest, that was the advice I was given at the time. Do I want to instruct an aggressive PI lawyer over this? No, it was minor, despite the fact I would have won damages. Should BF have said "Chris, now this has happened, we will review our selection of corner pieces and QC". Yes.
  18. I think they're all going to be there or thereabouts Warren, I was unlucky for sure, but that's what manufacturing QC is for. I shouldn't pay £1,149 for a cab that stops me playing bass You can see in the photo os the second post where I rounded off the corner after the cut occurred. The corner beforehand was more like that at the bottom of the port (2nd photo first post) which was more a sharp square, but also sticking out several mm, hence the issue. OK, as per Japan Axe's comment, perhaps it would have been sensible to check, but should I have needed to with an £1,100 cab?
  19. Thanks JA My initial email to BF was to suggest that they note this as a possible QC issue, that is, QC had failed, but Alex indicated he was already aware of the protruding edge issue as per the OP. As was the case with yours, one of mine was OK, overlapping by a few mm. The other - the one I was unfortunate enough to push my finger against - was not only more than a few mm out but also much sharper. You're spot on re the balancing required, Alex said he'd sold cabs for 10 years with these exposed corner pieces, and I was the only person who'd cut my finger open. Is the risk high? No, Could it happen again? Yes. Should he care? Yes. He said in a thread on here the other day that BF is not all about money, well then why didn't he bother to spend a few extra quid to prevent this problem from happening. Let's face it, it's not the first time that the issue of cheap components and finishing has been raised with this very expensive brand, although possibly the first that resulted in injury. Re law, our drummer was furious and wanted to put me in touch with his solicitor about it (although I already have a PI solicitor from a bike accident a few years back). Perhaps I should simply have done that, the whole band saw it happen after all.
  20. No, I said there I’d post in a new thread, hence this
  21. I was also going to suggest Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac, albeit without the shuffle, which is pretty much the same (line and player)
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