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  1. There is, Shipley https://www.shiply.com/ who I have used a lot and with whom I've never had a problem. You have to be on your toes to get the best deal as drivers will bid en-masse, but I've found it a great way of moving things that I either wouldn't trust to Parcelforce, or Parcelforce wouldn't take anyway. A good example is a studio desk I bought from Hampshire, 3.5 x 2.0m, weighed a tonne also, cost around £80 to be delivered and the guys happily bought it through the house and into my garden studio.
  2. Businesses do lose a lot, they just send in such high numbers that it represents a small loss and in many/most it's probably covered by wider business insurance anyway.
  3. I can. No insurer, looking at the track record of couriers generally, would cover them
  4. As with all insurers (and couriers), it's not about how cheap they are, it's about how they behave when you make a claim. Frankly I don't imagine an insurer forking out £250 for a £4 premium every time a courier damages/loses something. I hope I'm wrong
  5. All the best for the move Nik, hope to catch up with you up there (you never know, if it takes you any longer to list 'The Thing' I might be able to justify a trip up......). Given your ability, your experience and your personality it won't take you very long to find a few bands and a network of like-minded people Of course, if you played DB it would take even less time 😁
  6. I see your Gunnarsson and raise you a Danko
  7. If the busker calls the 'bum' aggressive he needs to get a life frankly. That's just a guy down on his luck And frankly, I'd have paid the busker several bucks to stop playing
  8. I think there's a very good reason that all decent quality graphite/carbon necked basses are expensive. If the part is made by a reputable builder, perhaps this is OK, but I doubt it is. If people's experience of buying 'replica' carbon framed 'Italian' bikes from China (aka Chinarello), whilst the manufacturers made/stole high precision moulds, the quality of the materials used left many people with broken bikes and in some cases quite serious injuries as the result. Graphite/carbon has the advantage of reducing the variation and unpredictability of materials such as wood and metal, but it requires high quality manufacturing and materials to do so. Take a good look at the weave on a Modulus neck or a Colnago or Pinarello bike, and then check out the weave on a cheap bass neck or Chinarello, perhaps equivalent to the difference between a newly cut off-cut and a selected, well-prepared and seasoned piece of quartersawn maple
  9. Indeed, I hate lazy sellers
  10. I liked it, and it gave me a new perspective on ITAT
  11. LPM + mint = Lovely board as well
  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooo.............. I thought the first post was a joke, but now I look I can see it. Wow, just wow
  13. I don't have a clue who that is.....
  14. Great player, doesn’t take himself seriously, I’d aspire to being either
  15. You can wait, but Tom Waits for no man
  16. Realised recently I'm going to need some more mic inputs to record live drums, and was rather delighted to find that I can use the optical out from this desk and therefore configure it as an expansion unit for my UAD Apollo. So this desk is now going to become my drum mixer, which given I've had it for an eternity, makes me very happy
  17. I wish they'd block the FS sections here
  18. And they’re probably registered for tax in Bermuda
  19. Multiply the interest on your 500 by several million per week and you can see why they’ve done it. Doesn’t make it right, and plenty of folks will choose to opt out on that basis. I have
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