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  1. I really like the voicing option on the M6 and the M9. The compressor on the M9 is rather good. I think @Al Krow is right, I think the M3 is like the flat setting on the voicing. I have played on an an M3, briefly, and it felt like a Carbine.
  2. Lovely basses. I have too many from the period. But lovely.
  3. I think an B7K (maybe the AO) into the X7 is what I am looking for. But I need to try the X7 by itself first.
  4. The cabsim only affect the Post DI and headphones. Reply about this by Doug. This really does look most excellent. But with both an M900 and the B7K/AO pedals I cant justify getting a new one.
  5. Also waiting impatiently. Stores around here doesn’t seem a priority. Oh well, may just read about midi controls for it in the meantime. DMC Micro with HX Stomp
  6. I have a Tubemeister 18. I need to try this. I suppose I could take the pre-out into the effects loop on the bass amp.
  7. bjelkeman

    Darkglass X7

    Ok. Looking forward to read more.
  8. bjelkeman

    Darkglass X7

    Completely agree about the AO and the B7K. The sound I can get from my VMT Ultra is very different from the B7K and the AO. I flip flop between wether I am going to use the B7K and the VMTU depending on how low down the guitarists are invading the bass soundscape. The AO hasn’t quite found a home with me yet. I will try the X7 or the X7U as I really like the idea of compression on the low part but not the high parts. But until I try it in a band setting I can’t really tell.
  9. bjelkeman

    Darkglass X7

    The DG pedals are often demoed with the drive full on. Personally I really like them with just a bit of drive. I suspect the X7 can be good like that too.
  10. bjelkeman

    Darkglass X7

    Oh, there will be non-slap adverts.
  11. I saw Agent Fresco yesterday. I really enjoy their performances.
  12. I would say that if you are looking for a traditional rock or blues sound then you can achieve it with a Darkglass amp, but maybe it would be easier with something like a Mesa Subway. If you like a modern sound, especially if you like the Darkglass B3K or VMT pedals, the DG amps are great value. I really like mine, but I get that not everyone does.
  13. I normally use a B7K and now recently also a VMTU v2 and after trying out the VMTU-plug during a recording session, I am sold. The sound engineer was super happy too. €99 for the VMTU and B7KU is good value for money.
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