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  1. Oxfordshire for the bass case if possible please, if you have one drop me a line 


    1. paul j h

      paul j h

      Hi I have a Kinsman hiscox a like £40 I am in Gloucestershire if you are interested

  2. Looking to buy a cheap hard bass case for shipping.


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    2. bassbiscuits


      Not sure if this helps, but i made one last week to post a bass within the UK.

      Get two strong cardboard bike boxes from Halfords, and an hour or so with a Stanley knife and some gaffer tape.

      Cut one of the boxes into an oversized guitar case, and cut the other box into sheets/smaller pieces to reinforce the back, front, ends and create a cradle for the neck/headstock. Pack the rest with crunched up newspaper or bubblewrap, and you'll have a free, very light, very strong container for shipping.


    3. hiram.k.hackenbacker
    4. Burns-bass


      Gear4Music was fine for me when I did this. The buyer paid for a case to be delivered to me and then I used the box to send it to him with the bass inside. Worked out really well actually, with the seller happy with everything!

  3. These are great basses i have two four strings, lucky this does not have 4 or i would be counting the pennies for this one too 🙂 GLWTS
  4. Any trades i have something you might like its different
  5. £1000 for an Alpha, if i did not own 2 already this would be on its way to me. These bases are something else they just make you play better and i have played allot of top end basses. Come of guys grab a bargain.
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