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  1. well you don't have to turn them on if you dont wont too.
  2. This bass is perfect, i have seen her in the flesh and it is nothing short of spectacular, I would have purchased this but i only play 4 strings. To the person above go for it great bass and great seller.
  3. You are indeed in a bad place, have you received or have sought professional help. I think you may need to consider this before you end up on a park bench gently rocking back and forth in your underpants. Just remember until you have tried all you will never know....... I hope you grow out of this phase and come to your senses before its too late. This might help....
  4. I have one and i love it, i'm not normally a Jazz man at all but somehow the Flea feels so different. For me i think its a combination of the road worn finish and the stacked knob controls, just so much better than the VVT for me. Get one you wont regret it.
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