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  1. I really want this but have no idea why, also since Brexit buying from Europe is really off the cards due to the taxes. I for one hate what Brexit has done to the bass playing community as we tend not to do business with our European bass brothers and sisters anymore, even trading attracts the taxes. Damn you Brexit voters.
  2. cheers will give that a go first, strange its just the G string really.
  3. Hi All, Need some advice really, i can set up a fretted bass reasonably well, however in a trade i have just completed i picked up a vintage icon V74 and the notes are choking out only on the G string from the 12th fret upwards. Any ideas on what i need to do to cure this? I raised the bridge height on the saddle but that does not seems to be working. Kind regards Rob
  4. Hi all, are the old DOD FX62 chorus pedals rare these days? and how much do they go for?

  5. I love that bass, if i had the cash i would buy but times as they are.....
  6. Wow that is amazing, Would you take a lung and my left love spud for it?
  7. Nash basses, in my opinion butter than any fender lollar pick ups are amazing.
  8. It's still for sale guys, will consider other bass related trades or partial trades with cash my way.
  9. Come on this is the best 4x10 i have ever played, even better than my old trace 4x10 cabs i used to own and i never thought i would ever say that.
  10. Is there really no love for this bass, i am amazed. Could be open to trades, let me know what you have?
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