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  1. big rob

    Inspired to try

    I have the following and it seems our tastes maybe similar: 1: Mayones Victorious. Go to for slap 2: Status MKII headed bass. 3: Status Series 3 (same wood and blue wrap around as in your picture). My go to bass Kind Regards Rob
  2. big rob

    Inspired to try

    I have sent you a PM chap
  3. If that had 4 strings it would be mine by now
  4. I might be interested in your RS210. I will PM you.
  5. big rob

    Modulus Flea Bass / Funk Unlimited SOLD

    Shame no trades on this, will be back if my Status S2 sells.
  6. big rob

    NOW SOLD Status Series 2 Headless 4 string

    Good luck with the sale chap
  7. big rob

    NOW SOLD Status Series 2 Headless 4 string

    That looks like my old bass, is it? Lovely bass if it is and plays lovely. Good luck with the sale
  8. big rob

    Custom sei bass 5 string

    I think that's the nicest fret board i have ever seen, Not for me as strictly a 4 string player. Good luck with the sale chap. Regards Rob
  9. Need a Jazz bass loaded control plate, someone must have one, must be chrome. 

    1. franzbassist


      This needs to go in the items wanted section.

  10. Hi All,

    Have a Sire V7 on the way but i need a preamp as it is missing the original. 

    Would like a Sire one but if not i will go passive and hopefully stack knob like the 62. 

    Let me know what you have lying around.

    Thanks in advance for the help .


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    2. timhiggins


      You could buy a v3 put that preamp in the v7 and keep the v3 as passive instrument

      its the same preamp in all sires.


    3. big rob

      big rob

      Seems an expensive way to buy a pre amp 

    4. timhiggins


      Not when you consider a John east Marcus Miller pre is almost the same price as a whole v3 


  11. big rob

    *2* Warwick Dolphin Pro1

    That Blue one is very nice, i had a black one from 89 and was the bees knees, Paint was so thick you could not see the serial number. Wish i had something to trade at the moment that met your requirements. Good luck Rob
  12. big rob

    Bergantino HS210 cab and cover - £300!!

    Have PM'd you
  13. Had no idea you felt so strongly about it.............sorry had to be done 

    1. SpondonBassed



      If you are going to troll out a textile based play on words on the front page of Basschat just because of Jono's dislike of felt covered cabs you need to be prepared for the consequences.

      Where IS the best place to get felt?


      The back seat of a car does it for me.