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big rob

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  1. big rob

    *TWO* Warwick Dolphin Pro1 - Sold. Please Lock.

    So is the blue one now sold??
  2. big rob

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    You are indeed in a bad place, have you received or have sought professional help. I think you may need to consider this before you end up on a park bench gently rocking back and forth in your underpants. Just remember until you have tried all you will never know....... I hope you grow out of this phase and come to your senses before its too late. This might help....
  3. big rob

    Fender Flea Jazz Bass RW

    I have one and i love it, i'm not normally a Jazz man at all but somehow the Flea feels so different. For me i think its a combination of the road worn finish and the stacked knob controls, just so much better than the VVT for me. Get one you wont regret it.
  4. Warwicks look so much better in gloss
  5. MMMMMmmmmmm must resist
  6. Such a shame on the trades! i will Send you a PM....
  7. Sorry just read your post instead of just looking at the pictures Good luck with the sale, shame no trades
  8. Ooooooooo Stacked Knobs !!!!! Any trades?
  9. Hi all,

    Thinking of getting the new Fender flea Active, however i have yet to see one in the UK.

    Does anyone have one and if so what are your thoughts on it.



    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Not seen one myself either. They do look good IMO. And the "old" passive one is a great bass. Lightweight, lovely playable neck, great sound - so if it's anything like that :)
      If can't control your GAS, and end up getting one, let us know what you think

    2. big rob

      big rob

      I will Marc S, i have the passive one too, great bass.


    3. pete.young


      You might do better to start a thread in the Bass Guitars forum

  10. big rob

    I have an artist endorsement deal

    Thats great news and a nice pat on the back for all your efforts and an appreciation of your playing skill. Well done
  11. big rob

    Inspired to try

    I have the following and it seems our tastes maybe similar: 1: Mayones Victorious. Go to for slap 2: Status MKII headed bass. 3: Status Series 3 (same wood and blue wrap around as in your picture). My go to bass Kind Regards Rob
  12. big rob

    Inspired to try

    I have sent you a PM chap