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  1. This is a great bass was mine at one time and is the same spec as the one Mark King played at the hammersmith gigs years ago. A bargain for a real status. Good luck.
  2. Any 4 string trades?
  3. I only have the below available for trade at the moment:
  4. So i need to downsize the collection of fine basses, but which ones to let go...........its so hard to decide......

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    2. big rob

      big rob

      So its going to be one of the following or both:

      Nightingale 4 string

      Fender flea 

      Or maybe i should trade them 😁

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      @big rob - I'd start with your least favourite, or least used one of those two....
      Or if they're equal in both respects, perhaps put them both up for sale, and see which goes first?
      If you sell one at a time, it may not seem such a "wrench"

    4. TheGreek


      I'm nearly interested in the Nightingale....No I'm not...well maybe if...stop it!!!

      I hate you!!

  5. Hello all, Recently had two new additions to the family a lovely custom shop Enfield Lionheart and a Fusion. If your considering a new bass give these a go they really are good.
  6. I would contact TC directly through there website, their customer service is great and they may even send you a new fan.
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