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Sire V7 5 String - SOLD PENDING

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Hey guys. 

I got this for a run with The Billy Joel Songbook Tour that needed a 5 String. The clutch in my car has gone so unfortunately this needs to go. 

These basses can have some pretty ropey factory fretwork so I had my guitar tech replace and level all the frets (An expensive job), it now plays better than any other V7 I've played, its also had an electrical service and a fresh set of Newtones. Its been in a flight case and looked after the whole time Ive had it.

Its a great example of these basses and Ive put a lot into it, but I seldom use a 5 string and needs must. 

Based in Liverpool but travel all over. I am happy to ship at buyers expense. 

Any questions please do get in touch. 





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1 hour ago, Conan said:

And this bass is now mine!:sun_bespectacled:

Enjoy Conan - I have the exact same one and love it.   I used to have GAS for various basses but mine is sorted thanks to my V7, although I would like a P7 to make a set.....

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I'm really impressed with it! Very playable and great sounding. The preamp is fantastic (if a little bass heavy...). First five string I've owned that feels comfortable and makes we want to try to master five strings. Time will tell on that one! :)

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I find I rarely use mine in active mode - sometimes I use the advantage of the pre-amp by having a bit of bass dialled in and then use it as a switchable bass boost for effect....

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    • By Gary Williams
      I bought this back in December 2018 so only 2-3 months old.
      Fantastic basses and so much for so little money. Great slap tone too.
      I thought it'd be useful to have a cheaper bass that I didn't have to worry about at gigs but so far, I have used it on one rehearsal and one gig and since then it has sat idle as I tend to choose one of my more expensive basses....
      Ideally I don't really want to post this item as I have had my fingers burnt a few times now with guitars being damaged while being shipped.
      I am based in West Sussex but prepared to meet up at a mutually convenient place to hand over to the new owner.
      NO TRADES please
      I'll let the pictures do the talking.
      Any questions, just ask.

    • By sblueplanet
      Eden Portable Bass Rig
      Eden WTX 264 amp head, rated at 250w. Comes with mains and bespoke carry case.
      Eden 1x12 cabinet, rated 300w @ 4ohm. Includes Roqsolid fitted cover. Excellent condition. Home use only. Collection required.
      Final price drop £390

    • By d_g
      Overwater Classic J5 in Olympic White.
      NOW SOLD
      J Retro Preamp
      Kent Armstrong Pickups
      35" Scale
      Matching Headstock
      Elixir Strings
      This is an early model with the old Overwater logo and made my Chris May himself in around 2003. Full service from Overwater last year including brand new J-Retro. The inlays are actually stickers (very easy to remove if you prefer), there are pearl dots underneath. This bass has a fair amount of wear and a bit of checking to the finish - the white has aged slightly to a really nice yellow. 
      Would rather a sale but also interested in trades (cash either way) for a very lightweight 34" scale J5 - interested in Sadowsky, Sandberg etc.
      Prefer pickup from North London (N11) or I can deliver it on my travels for fuel money. Also happy to post at buyers cost. For any trades I would want to meet in person to try the bass.



    • By AntWPF
      ^^^^IGNORE THAT PRICE^^^^^^
      PRICE DROP: £1200
      A reluctant sale of one of the most beautiful basses I have owned:
      Serial number:
      D 143113 08 Article number:
      0415050001BZZEBOWW   produced:
      -> 2008-04-08 Description:
      CO Infinity SN TCS, 5-string
      Natural Oil finish
      Zebrano body
      Ovangkol neck
      Black hardware  
      Made in Germany   Marks and dings are as pictured, the marks on the fingers board were harder to capture, however in it's previous ownership somebody has been doing some string bending, the playing is not effected at all and might I add this is a wonderfully well built and great sounding bass. I bought this from Bass Centre in 2010 and it has been played and loved.   The only issue it has is with the volume knob; when it is set to 0%(Full Anti-Clockwise Turn) it seems to think it is at about 40% volume, then it increases normally until it eventually hits 100%, as it continues to turn it then cuts out, then starts at 0% and finally finishing on the 40% at full turn clockwise.I've never had a knob do this however I imagine it needs a totally new push pull knob. Hopefully that made sense, the volume knob is still usable, it has even been gigged like this a few times. I might fix it however I am completely tied up in my work for the new charity I am launching relating to Musicians and Mental Health, really can't give too much away on that just yet, I will though throughout this forum when I can and where I am of course allowed.

      Thank you for looking.
    • By Mikkel-S
      Feeler as im not really sure about letting this go... Its by far one of the best fretless basses I have played and lucky enough to have owned.. (and I have owned a few over the years 😅)  I am the second owner - the first and original owner ordered this as a special order "Jaco tribute". But with the "twist": an awesome Coral Pink color with "Closet Classic" relic job as he didnt like the concept of making basses looking "fake" old. So, its basically a Jaco Tribute with a super cool funky color! 
      Epoxy coated rosewood board, quatersawn maple neck.. Feels out of this world good! 
      Select alder body
      Custom wound pickups 
      Case and all case candy present
      The instrument has been very well taken care of! The finish, in the right lighting, has some amazing crackling going on. 
      Very resonant and organic sound. Playability is perfect. 
      With a bit of neck roll off it has that instant Jaco vibe - with both pickups 100% it has a lovely blossoming and dark sound that just mixes so well with a band! 
      The color is very hard to photograph.. But I did my best
      Trades / part trades with a good Precision, Mustang or an US Lakland 4
      Bass is located in Denmark. Will ship via UPS. Contact for quote. 
      2750€ / approx 2350£