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Sire V7 5 String - SOLD PENDING

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Hey guys. 

I got this for a run with The Billy Joel Songbook Tour that needed a 5 String. The clutch in my car has gone so unfortunately this needs to go. 

These basses can have some pretty ropey factory fretwork so I had my guitar tech replace and level all the frets (An expensive job), it now plays better than any other V7 I've played, its also had an electrical service and a fresh set of Newtones. Its been in a flight case and looked after the whole time Ive had it.

Its a great example of these basses and Ive put a lot into it, but I seldom use a 5 string and needs must. 

Based in Liverpool but travel all over. I am happy to ship at buyers expense. 

Any questions please do get in touch. 





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1 hour ago, Conan said:

And this bass is now mine!:sun_bespectacled:

Enjoy Conan - I have the exact same one and love it.   I used to have GAS for various basses but mine is sorted thanks to my V7, although I would like a P7 to make a set.....

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I'm really impressed with it! Very playable and great sounding. The preamp is fantastic (if a little bass heavy...). First five string I've owned that feels comfortable and makes we want to try to master five strings. Time will tell on that one! :)

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I find I rarely use mine in active mode - sometimes I use the advantage of the pre-amp by having a bit of bass dialled in and then use it as a switchable bass boost for effect....

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    • By Woodinblack
      Reduced to £520, but feel free to discuss anyway
      Its my Ibanez Portamento 5 string fretless up for sale.
      I have made a decision to sell everything I am not gigging or at least using, and as much as I enjoy playing it when I pick it up, I don't pick it up often and I have never gigged it, my band doesn't give me much of an opportunity to play fretless stuff and it is too nice to leave idle.
      Note there is a £1 listing on ebay tomorrow so i will list it there too.
      So as the normal specs, it is a 5 string fretless with a neck that goes to about the 30th fret, 16.5mm normal SR string spacing, to pickups and a piezo in the bridge (I normally just use that). Individual volume to balance the pickups on the piezo on the back, that i have never touched. Volume, balance, bass, treble for the bartolini normal pickups, independent volume tone for the piezo.
      Good condition apart from a scratch on the neck, which there is a picture of
      Apart from a week when I put normal strings on it, it has always, and is currently fitted with D'addario chrome flats.
      Not sure of the weight, more than the 1605, less than the 5005
      Lovely bass, just not for me.
      Can pickup from Yeovil, or I can deliver for a reasonable distance, often go to Bristol / Bath / Exeter etc or can meet in the middle somewhere.
      Will ship if you want at cost with insurance.
      Not really interested in trades on this, as I am cutting down, although if you want to just swap with a 6 string SR Premium such as a 1x06, then I will be interested.

    • By Marc S
      Price Drop: Now £400
      In my eternal quest for the "perfect jazz", I'm selling this rather lovely (quite new) MIM Jazz bass, in near mint condition. 
      I'm selling to make room & funds my next purchase... (aren't we all? lol)
      It looks a real beauty, in stunning condition (one teeny tiny ding I can see - but can't get my phone to focus on). I think this one is a very recent model (MX1793063636 serial number) and has a Pau Ferro fretboard, which I like the look of.
      The last owner never gigged it, and didn't seem to play it much as far as I can see. The strings still sound brand new. Weight is around 4.3kg (I'll get an accurate weight soon)

      Normally, I'm not fussed on white scratchplates - so I bought a Tort one which was listed as being suitable to fit a MIM Jazz - all the screw holes seem to line up perfectly. On this bass, I think the white scratchplate looks rather nice, and quite classy - so I decided to leave it there. You can have the tort one if you prefer - I'll even chuck both in, so you can dither and ponder about swapping them yourself  

      I'm now throwing in a choice of either a Fender Red badge shaped hard case, or an old Roadworn brown G&G Fender bass case (I believe this was from an AVRI)
      No trades please.
      Collection from near Cardiff. Or we could possibly arrange to meet up - I hate posting basses, and would much prefer you tried it. I've got a vox battery headphone amp, and a Roland Micro bass amp to test without mains, if we meet at motorway services

      EDIT: Tea provided at my place, when you come to test drive.

    • By Enrico
      Hi All,
      I am putting up for sale/trade my Atelier Z M265 5-String in beautiful natural finish.
      I acquired this in a trade here on the forum in 2016 after I stupidly sold my Xotic. (See old post: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/286295-traded-atelier-z-jazz-bass-5-string/?tab=comments#comment-3066036)
      The bass came with a really nice upgrade too; a John East Preamp with sweepable mid controls. It allows you to dial in pretty much any tone you want (The upgrade alone is probably worth £300!) The bass specs are very similar to the Jerry Barnes model: http://w.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Jerry_Barnes_5.html
      The bass is located in North London and comes with very sturdy Atelier Z flightcase. Collection preferred but I can arrange courier at buyers expense.
      As far as trades go, I would really prefer to go back to the Xotic XJ1T 5 string or one of the newer Xotic XJ Pro 1 Models (preferably in Vintage White).
      Any questions, PM me!

    • By maximumbass21
      Bought the bass a couple of months ago from Andertons. Great basses for the money. I bought this as a replacement for my Fender 5 Elite but ended up buying it back as realised I made a mistake! 
      Bass comes with a Fender deluxe vintage style case (originally came with my old US Marcus Miller jazz V which I sold a while ago but held onto the case). 
      I am based in Gloucestershire. Collection preferred but can send with insured courier at buyer’s expense. 
      No trades, thanks.
      Body Material: Swamp Ash / North American Alder Body Shape: New Marcus Miller Jazz Type Body Color: Alder Body – 5 TS, 4 AWH, 4 BK, 4 TS | Ash Body – 4 NT, 4 TS, 4 WB, 5 NT Neck Material: 1 Piece Hard Maple Neck Shape: C-Shape Scale: 34" Fingerboard: Hard Maple Fingerboard Radius: 7’25” Frets: Medium Small, 20 Frets String Nut: 4string : Natural Bone 38mm width / 5string Natural Bone 46mm width Binding: 1 ply Ivory Inlay: Black Block Neck Joint: 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickups: Marcus Vintage Jazz Pickup Set Electronics: Marcus Heritage – 3 with Middle-Frequency Control Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive) Knob: Jazz Type Black Plastic Bridge: Real Vintage Standard Tunning Gear: Marcus Vintage-S Bridge Hardware Finish: Chrome Pickguard: Black