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Sire V7 5 String - SOLD PENDING

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Hey guys. 

I got this for a run with The Billy Joel Songbook Tour that needed a 5 String. The clutch in my car has gone so unfortunately this needs to go. 

These basses can have some pretty ropey factory fretwork so I had my guitar tech replace and level all the frets (An expensive job), it now plays better than any other V7 I've played, its also had an electrical service and a fresh set of Newtones. Its been in a flight case and looked after the whole time Ive had it.

Its a great example of these basses and Ive put a lot into it, but I seldom use a 5 string and needs must. 

Based in Liverpool but travel all over. I am happy to ship at buyers expense. 

Any questions please do get in touch. 





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And this bass is now mine!:sun_bespectacled:

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1 hour ago, Conan said:

And this bass is now mine!:sun_bespectacled:

Enjoy Conan - I have the exact same one and love it.   I used to have GAS for various basses but mine is sorted thanks to my V7, although I would like a P7 to make a set.....

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I'm really impressed with it! Very playable and great sounding. The preamp is fantastic (if a little bass heavy...). First five string I've owned that feels comfortable and makes we want to try to master five strings. Time will tell on that one! :)

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I find I rarely use mine in active mode - sometimes I use the advantage of the pre-amp by having a bit of bass dialled in and then use it as a switchable bass boost for effect....

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    • By spyder
      This is my Patrick Eggle Milan 5 Pro Bass with case. 
      Made in the UK in 1994. 
      This bass sounds 90% as good as my Warrior so I've decided to put it up for sale or trade. 

      Original Kent Armstrong pickups.K
      Kent Armstrong 2 band active EQ. 
      Controls are Volume / Blend / Bass / Treble. 
      2 mini switches, one for each pickup. Select between Parallel coils / single coil / Series Coils. 
      Refinished in fantastic bright green colour. 
      Strings are NEW Elrick 50-130. 
      4.1kg on my kitchen scales. 
      Low action, around 2mm at the 17th fret. 
      Has a few scratches and marks from gigging. 
      The coil tap switches add so many bass sounds you can find your ideal very easy. 
      Comes with original gig bag. 
      Prefer collection so that the bass is not damaged.
      Postage is £20 UK and £50 EU.


    • By TorVic
      *Price Drop:  1245 GBP / 1425 euros (+ shipping costs within mainland UK / EU)*
      De Origin Deluxe 4 in excellent condition (Original price: 2850 euros / ~2500GBP)

      * Alder body
      * Quilted Maple top
      * Maple neck
      * Birdseye Maple fingerboard (24 frets) 
      * Norstrand Big Singles
      * Aguilar OBP-3 9V 
      * Weight: ~3.7kgs
      The two additional switches were added by the previous owner but do not perform any function at the moment - they could be used to configure parallel/series switching between the pickups and a on/off switch.
      Original pics: https://www.degierguitars.com/por…/origin-quilted-sunburst/…

      My photos: 

    • By ead
      For sale is this rather lovely, yet surplus to requirements jazz bass pickguard.  Not sure of the manufacturer or even how to describe it colour-wise.  It is very striking though.
      £18 posted to UK mainland.

    • By podvodoy
      For sale lefty handmade in Poland Mayones jabba custom 5 string
      Need money to invest into new instruments, so these have to go ASAP. 
      Price drop £1300  ONO
      Specs as follows: 
      BUILT IN:
      - LEFTHAND (Leworęczna)    
      - bolt-on    
      - Maple    
      SCALE :
      -34.25" (870mm) 
      - MAPLE  
      - Custom inlay 3-7  + black block inlays 9-12-15-17-19-21-24
      - EMA / EBONY MACASSAR (top)    
      - ASH 
      - Nordstrand / NP5 Precision style NP5-BLK (Neck)    
      - Nordstrand / MM5.2 Music Man style MM5.2 (Bridge)    
      - AGUILAR / OBP-3    
      - VOLUME (active/passive), BALANCE, MIDDLE, TEMBLE/BASS
      - SWITCHCRAFT C12B    
      - WSC / JB 74-CR    
      - SCHALLER / Schaller BM 4+1-CR    
      - CR (Chrome) 

      Carefully played, in full working condition, minor signs of wear. Set to very low action for fine tapping. 
      Comes with Hard Case (Musicman).  
      Bass is in London, paypal of cash. 

    • By Carl G
      A lovely bass but I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. Ebanol fretboard is hardly marked - I replaced the rounds for flatwounds. Not willing to post but I can meet up at a reasonable distance from Papworth or you can try it out at my place.

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